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Superfrizzio: 2012-12-29 09:15:28 am
Superfrizzio: 2012-12-29 09:15:01 am
Superfrizzio: 2012-12-29 07:55:55 am
I'm a Ps2 runner
Half-Life (Ps2) Alien Mode speedrun in 41:12

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z1mb0bw4y: 2012-12-30 02:19:08 am
Gets the cake.
DangerousWorld, a Half-Life 2: Episode 2 Mod, in 10:34 by Sourceruns members Nick "z1mb0bw4y" Roth and Emil "D4rw1N" Smedius.

I'm a Half-Life runner ;)
Due to my inactivity at SDA, this thread is now in control by quadrazid. Hopefully, he will do a much better job keeping it up to date than I have the last years. Peace!
Thanks Zhouy!

How's the new scriptless HL² run doin'?
Gets the cake.
Quote from AdHoc:
Thanks Zhouy!

How's the new scriptless HL² run doin'?

If you mean the one that Sourceruns is working on, it's scripted, not scriptless. If there's a scriptless run going on, that's good to hear, and hopefully it gets finished soon! =D
Ah well, I was mistaken. Ta!
I liek cookies
We're coming close to finishing the Airboat segments in our HL2 Re-Run, already a minute saved, and now we're going out to spacious maps which will be huge timesavers in the run.
Gets the cake.
To provide another update, we've made HUGE progress over the past week, and we're now all the way at the start of Ravenholm.
Not much hype here for this, but I AM PSYCHED.

Don't forget us here guys, once you're done!

Bon courage !
I liek cookies
Of course we won't forget about SDA!
Even if we do, quadrazid is always there to remind us Smiley

I made a little IL run of coast_08 on Easy, old HL2 version while you're waiting for DWaHMoV (the codename of re-run)

Nice! What's the improvement of this particular segment over the previous one?
It's a skipped level in a speedrun.
Noted. I'll compare it to HL²DQ
Quote from eXeC:
I made a little IL run of coast_08 on Easy, old HL2 version while you're waiting for DWaHMoV (the codename of re-run)

And there is my run of coast_08, on the most recent engine and Hard difficulty:
I'm a Ps2 runner
Half-Life (Ps2) 100% speedrun (Killing all enemies) in 1:20:01

The rules:

1: Every single hostile must be killed without the use of cheats.
2: you must trigger all infinite respawns, and then kill only the first monster in every spawn.
3: even if cockroaches are really ugly, they dont count as monsters. The same thing applies to leeches since it would be very hard to verify if they're all dead.

438 segments, enjoy!
Interesting. How do you make absolutely sure you know about every single enemy? Did you have to make a full list of enemies for every level?
I'm a Ps2 runner
I carefully controlled every map, then I planned the best route for every segment.
Svart Lyser Tronen
Major update in the first post.
Rye bread, beer and snus
May I ask why in the blue hell you didn't tell about that SS run anywhere?? It wasn't anywhere on the Sourceruns site and it wasn't anywhere here. That honestly was something that needs its own thread. Coolkid, that was f'n amazing.
Svart Lyser Tronen
It was posted in this thread 6 months ago.
Thanks Hepe! I don't find the run to be that amazing myself but it will have to do for now until someone beats it Smiley
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pachakamakk: 2013-06-10 01:57:04 pm
Hi! I'm actually re-learning HL1 and I would like to know if anybody would be up for some races/train sessions? I won't be able to play every day but at least I can play for some hours. If anyone is interested, just PM me or add me on skype (pachakamakk). My PB used to be like 56:xx but now it's more like 1h20 so i'm kinda rusty but at least I know the route thumbsup !
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coolkid: 2013-06-10 02:03:50 pm
PM me on the speedrunslive IRC if you/anyone wants to race HL1.
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pachakamakk: 2013-06-10 04:52:55 pm
pachakamakk: 2013-06-10 04:39:53 pm
Any idea of where i could get a proper half life 1 game under the version? It's surprisingly hard to find...

Nevermind found finally a valid upgrade :D! BUT STILL WITH SPEEDCAP? I think i'm just going to suicide.