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I'm a Ps2 runner
Yes Smiley
Quote from Superfrizzio:
Yes Smiley

Great. xD
Nice! Considering you've gone faster than the original 45:45 PC run on this glitch-free version, congrats!
I'm a Ps2 runner
Thanks a lot! :>
Quote from AdHoc:
Nice! Considering you've gone faster than the original 45:45 PC run on this glitch-free version, congrats!

The 45 min run wasn't the original run of Half-Life.

There was a 51:09 run before by Dopefish and a 55 min one.
I believe there might have been even more.
Sure... Let's say it was the most recognized and popular, and for a long time.
Not a walrus
The original run is whoever beat the game first.
No shit?
Quote from eXeC:
And yes, I'm the one who is working on a Single-Segment run of HL2. I'm using the old version because ABH is too risky for a SS, and also I'll have flying. I am running with scripts though. Scriptless would be very hard for a noob like me Smiley
Also, as S. said, I might lose motivation at some point (like I do on almost every project I make xd) and stop working on the run, so don't get hyped too much.

I've actually been working on a single-segment run of old HL2 as well, though I'm doing it without scripts. Honestly, it's not really that bad in my opinion. You can still use flying without scripts, but you have to be more picky about what objects you use, and in general it's a lot harder to fly for a long time, so it's more limited. Climbing with objects is a lot harder, and most of the work I've done so far in my run is figuring out methods for climbing more consistently without scripts. I've made some pretty good progress on that front, and I've been able to do a lot of the stuff from the old HL2DQ run consistently without scripts by modifying the strategies a bit.

But I'm actually kind of burned out right now and haven't done much work on the run in a while. Maybe we could collaborate at some point though. I've been pretty busy lately but this summer I'm sure I'll be able to work on the run.

At any rate I don't have much of an idea of how fast the run will be, since it's very much in early stages, figuring out tricks and so on. I'm sure it'll be under 2 hours, but I don't know by how much.
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Superfrizzio: 2012-10-04 02:23:13 pm
I'm a Ps2 runner
Half-Life (Ps2): Hazard Course speedrun done in 5:11 by SuperFrizzio

22 segments

The Hazard Course on Ps2 is different from the PC version, for example on Ps2 you can't die and there are more maps and invisible walls
The differences video:

The trick at 2:27 is the Angle-Jump Glitch, discovered by me:

Enjoy and feel free to comment! Smiley
With the new run posted on the main page, what happened to the old 31 minute half life run? Why is this slower one replacing that?
Runs with scripts got put here due to SDA disallowing scripts after the runs had been made and put up on the site.

My current best Half-Life SS Hard No scripts time is roughly 3 minutes faster than my current SDA time. I might settle with this time since sub 37 is cool and sub 36 seems out of reach.
Do you by any chance have the improved run up for viewing?
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coolkid: 2012-10-22 11:23:27 pm
Not yet. My dear friend might try to capture and encode the demo soon™ though.

Edit: You can watch the run here (ignore the StatID for now as the run hasn't been verified yet.)
I'm a Ps2 runner
Impressive run! I really liked the Barney skip with grenades in Office Complex Smiley
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Superfrizzio: 2012-11-04 09:51:05 am
I'm a Ps2 runner
Half-Life (Ps2) Single-Segment speedrun on Hard in 57:20 by SuperFrizzio

Time with loadings: 1:05:41
Time without loadings: 57:20

The Ps2 version is very different from the PC version, I did a video that show the differences (

I will upload a video with my camera that shows me playing big parts of HL without dying or saving as a prove that what I did it's a SS

Enjoy! Smiley
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Badass, superfrizzio!  I own the PS2 version too, and actually my friend and I did a speedrun of the Decay levels (though these days I can only find the first 7 levels of it ... no idea what happened to the others).  Anyway, I look forward to watching both of these. 

Any chance you'd take a stab at running the Decay levels with someone?
I'm a Ps2 runner
I don't like too much Decay because you can't save and you must do every level in one segment . For now I'm only interested at speedrunning Xen Attack, my favourite level.
Can you post your speedrun?
The Playstation 2 King - SuperFrizzio
I'm a Ps2 runner
Thanks Smiley
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It's right hereSmiley
Svart Lyser Tronen
Putting some runs here that SDA people might not have seen.

Life's End

Case Closed

The Xeno Project

Half-Life no-damage run

Half-Life no-HEV run
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Pootrain: 2012-12-15 03:58:53 pm
train kept rollin
Thanks quadrazid, I didnt know about the no damage run.

What does having no HEV do? Just cant take as much damage?
You cannot pickup any armor at all without a suit.
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Thanks for the new vids quadrazid!  I hadn't seen Xeno Project or Life's End yet.  And while I've seen a 12:41 of Case Closed, yours is obviously quite a bit better.  Nice work. 

Looking forward to watching the low %-esque ones