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As the topic says, I'm looking for a Nintendo video cable for N64 and GC (and yes, I know it's the same for SNES) with both S-Video and composite video output. Optimally, I want one where I can hook the S-Video into one device and the yellow RCA in another and both will get video. idk how that works specifically but I read something about it on the SDAKB. Figured I'd check if anyone has one they can part with for cheap.

Also, thought I can at least do a price check for a Gamecube Game Boy Player. I'm in PAL world, and I hear there's some startup disc that's region locked, but I do have a Freeloader for the GC so idk.
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My Nintendo S-Video cable works the way you are expecting. There is no switch on the cable to display on one or the other, they both work simultaneously. Should you not be able to find a cheaper alternative, I found a few links that could help:

Mad Katz Universal S-Video cable for all current gen systems. $14.99, currently unavailable online, however local stores may carry.

Amazon Wii S-Video Cable. $13.34, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Currently in stock.

Ebay Wii S-Video Cable. $6.29, free shipping. Currently in stock.
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Wii cables are different then SNES/N64/GCN cables.  So you can't get that expecting it to work on the other.
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MaturedSinner: 2012-06-06 10:49:49 am
My apologies then, I somehow thought Wii and GC cables were interchangeable. However, my experience with S-Video is that both composite and S-Video should work together.

A quick search also brought up an Ebay GC S-Video Cable. $5.99, in stock, free standard shipping.
Free shipping, yeah... if you're in America. To Sweden, it's $6.99 USPS shipping. Which is kind of bleh.
Though I haven't tested them, I hear that the third-party S-video cables are junk. I would also be worried about signal quality while using two outputs (if it works at all). I would ask around and see if anyone has testimonials that can help you out. The (older) official cable does not have a composite output.
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Tranquilite: 2012-06-08 01:19:54 pm
One thing that I have learned about 3rd party nintendo S-video cables is that some of them are retarded and have one of the luma/chroma pins also soldered onto the composite pin, causing diagonal lines going across the screen when using svideo. The last time I ordered svideo cables, I bought three pelican brand cables from the same seller, and one of them was in slightly different packaging (still the same brand) and had crappy svideo.

However, assuming they actually do the cable right, the signal quality would be just fine using both outputs at the same time, because all the nintendo consoles always output separate signals for svideo and composite simultaneously.
The only thing is, I don't know how much power the consoles put into the video-out ports; though they can display either it's possible that displaying both would result in the same signal loss as an unpowered splitter.
I'm fairly certain that there is no signal loss, or at least I haven't noticed any when I have tried it out myself.
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Quote from KennyMan666:
Free shipping, yeah... if you're in America. To Sweden, it's $6.99 USPS shipping. Which is kind of bleh.

7 bucks for shipping is pretty fair, that's about 50 SEK. You'll never be able to get anything from USA if you consider 7 dollars shipping too high.
Yeah, I guess. It still feels a little dumb when the price for shipping is higher than the price for the item. But it does total to less than 100 SEK so it's probably my best option anyway.
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i've been recording for years with this kind of cable and the footage is as good as using an official cable. i'm 99% sure there's no video quality loss.

i wasn't aware that there's crappy versions of these cables though. i got lucky then since my cables don't have any problems.