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Wave Race 64 (Any %) (Single Segment)

Verifier Responses

A/V good, no cheating detected

This is clearly top tier play.  I can't think of any improvements from missing buoys or the like, and the execution is superb.  Over the course of the entire run there is only one really ugly mistake (which only cost about five seconds), and only a few moments of sloppiness otherwise.  Now precision in this game is not nearly as easy as in most racing games thanks in large part to, you guessed it, the waves.  The handling is also at best a bit floaty (puns aside, it really is an apt description).  The fastest craft (which the runner uses, default name D. Mariner) also has terrible handling, and on loose handling settings it is very easy to lose traction and speed when turning.  And yet the runner makes sticking to good racing lines while maintaining speed look easy.

Beware Fat Racer.


It's funny really.  Sometimes when we think of all our favorite games from the N64, Wave Race probably would go unnoticed.  I guess that's one reason why no one up to this point has submited a run for Wave Race 64 on the site.  Still, wouldn't it be awesome to see a 3rd game in this series on the Wii U?  I don't know how the 2nd game faired, but I have to admit that Wave Race was a pretty cool game.  Anyway to the run itself.

So our runner decides to basically DESTROY the whole game as he does every single race in the game in under an hour.  Ironically enough, me and my friends never really used the Fat Racer whenever we played.  Besides being bigger than the other racers, his handling (as per what Verifier 1 said) wasn't really good in comparison.  Of course, the trade off is that he is the fastest of the four, but it can make things tricky when the waves start bouncing alot.

The good heavily outweighs the bad, such as in the 5th race of the first circuit where the runner crashes against the ship.  Still, the runner doesn't let that slow him down at all as he basically owns each race he is in.  Another concern was in the 4th race of the 2nd circuit where it looked like the runner got bullied by the other racers and was thrown off track for a few seconds.  In the final race of the 3rd circuit, he bounces off one of the buoys which cost a few seconds. Finally there was "that one" moment in Race 6 of the 3rd circuit where this is a very good reason to wear a helmet at all times.  Remember kids, Speed Kills those who don't wear their helmet.  Regardless, that only lasted a few seconds, and I couldn't help but laugh when that happened.  "BOOM!"

There's no reason to break down each race, so I'll just point out my favorites: Kudos on the 2rd race of the first three circuits where the runner basically goes out of bounds and finishes the run right afterwards and the violent takedown of the female racer in the 2nd race of the second & 3rd circuit.  Also it is nice to know that if you have a lead that is over 20 seconds, the announcer basically gives up trying to say just how far ahead you are.

Goes without saying that this is an easy 受け入れる.


If I had to translate the notes just to understand what was being said, I might as well write it my verification in Japanese.  Thanks Google Translate.

You know, Im really not a fan of racing game or sport games, reject. *notices other related games already on SDA*...

I dont think we should allow any 64 games onto SDA unless they are broken... So reject. *sees SDA 64 page*...

The fat racers is never the fastest, reject *sees Super Mario Cart*...

FINE! I give in. Accept already...

Audio and video are good.

No cheating was detected.

Estimated Time: 0:53:40

The run was pretty solid except for a few mistakes, the crash in Twilight City being the worst, which only cost about 10 seconds altogether. The rest of the run follows the fastest route of each stage with the fat racer in a pretty solid manner.

Decision: Accept

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to 'FireHawkRise!'
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Congrats FireHawkRise, watched your stream doing WR attempts many times.
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Great work. I am looking forward to Mahrlas challenge in the future. :-)
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i fuckin love this game. I am hyped to check this run out.