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ok im srry, im watching AGDQ 2020 right now, and ive been wondering if there was ay way the community would allow a new definition to the 100% catagory of zelda runs. a 100% run no glitches, no skips, no oob. im talking a complete run of zelda games the way the developer figured someone would play and beat the game. i would gladly do a run on any zelda game myself and do all these things, watch every cutscene, get every item, beat every dungeon, every boss. done it most of my life and i love all the zelda games, so i would have no issue doig these kid of rus, and sit there for the things that speedruers would try to cut out of the runs. personally seen every scene in legend of zelda ocarina of time, i still love to watch them even tho ive seen them a few hundred times. will never get tired of playing the game developer intended. and its not that i couldnt learn some of these tricks, in fact i kno a couple myself already, i just think it would b more talent to b able to beat the game as quick as possible without skipping. finding ways to skip is a form of skill, but i like the old school methods the best myself
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The generic rules on this topic are described here:

The rules are not set in stone and there is always the possibility to discuss game-specific categories that don't fit into the framework of the generic rules. However, the type of run you describe would not be accepted on SDA (at least not to the full extent you're asking for). It has been discussed in the past and it's a bit too far away from the site's mindset.

But if it's something you enjoy, go for it! I think it's going to be pretty challenging for you to decide on an unambiguous rule set though, even though the general idea is clear enough.
simple, no skips, no OOB, no glitches. back walking is allowed. bomb hovering, HESSing, owl skips, cutscene skips, quick sink (cant remember the official name), Door of Time skip is not allowed. if the developer meant for u to do it that way, that will b the way it is ran. and i was only asking on this subject, as i would like to one day try to get it into rotation on GDA marathon, but prolly would never happen. i have other games in mind, but at least 2 or three r co-op runs, and there is no one around me that plays these games i wish to run with someone
but basically, going around beating all dungeons, all bosses, all heart containers, all heart pieces, all items, all songs, all skulltulas, Epona (yes i kno she isnt technically required for 100%, but she is in the game), all upgrades.

and honestly been thinking of including every chest in the game as well, no matter the contents
The main problem is those kinds of categories run into the question of what's in, what's out. Does the game have a % counter or statistics after you've beaten it?

Apparently ktwo knows this has come up before. Did you mean for this particular game series ktwo?