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Unreal (Any %) (Segmented) (Easy)

Verifier Responses

Quote from ShadowWraith:
This is a game close to my heart. Let me start out by saying that I accept this run as an improvement to the run we have on the site. It's very well executed and makes use of numerous improvements in route and strategies.

That said, there are a couple issues I have with the run.

- In Terraniux Underground, you can kill the first Mercenary sooner than is done in this run through use of a rocket jump onto the rafters as the lift is coming down. I remember linking you this video in the thread on the forums, so I'm not sure why you chose not to use it. It saves between 3-5 seconds.

- In Na Pali Haven, after you go up the lift that leads to the button that opens the underwater tunnel entrance (At about 20:25 in the run) you can trigger it again to go back down it before you push the button. You'll have enough time after doing so to jump down the lift shaft and avoid having to wait for it to move. You can also liftjump to the button which saves time. About 2-3 seconds lost there, I'd estimate. If the flare you used to block the lift lasts too long, block it with primary flak instead. (Are the two eightball packs and the 20 health pack you grab up there mandatory? That would explain why you didn't do this if you knew about it. It seems like you would've been fine without the health and I think you'd have time to grab both eightball packs.)

It says a lot about this run that the largest oversights I noticed in it add up to less than 10 seconds. That said, I noticed you chose to use the default Unreal skins instead of the expansion Return to Na Pali skins which are included with the Unreal Gold release. Default skins have 5% Air control while the expansion skins have 35% air control, which helps a lot for smoother forwards movement. You also neglected a lot of dodges for movement in the later stages of the game which add up to a non-trivial number of seconds there.

I'll go into the level by level comments now.

- Very smooth Vortex Rikers. No obvious areas for improvement.
- NyLeve's Falls was also really smooth. Same as above.
- Rrajigar Mines was good, however there's no reason to go around the pillar just before the exit doorway. You can go between it and the wall.
- Depths of Rrajigar was good. No comments.
- Sacred Passage was solid. No comments here either.
- Chizra was also good. I'm glad you managed to manipulate the Slith into keeping the door at the end open for you.
- Didn't kill the third Skaarj scout on the Ceremonial Chambers with one ASMD combo. Lost about a second. I'm also pretty sure that just before that you can ASMD wall jump to save some time on the save/load penalty getting out of the water pit.
- Might be possible to ASMD jump off the lift pillars as you jump up to where the Titan arena is in Dark Arena.
- Harobed Village was pretty incredible. I can't see any improvements for it.
- I mentioned my issue with Terraniux Underground previously. Also, the Slith in the slime pool on this level only takes 3 rockets, not 4. 0.5-1 seconds or so lost.
- The new route on Terraniux is very good. I had no idea you could skip that much.
- Noork's Elbow was perfect.
- Temple of Vandora was pretty standard. Titan fight went pretty well too.
- The Trench is also pretty much perfect, aside from missing the last bounce on the frogjump. 1-2 seconds lost.
- Deck 4 was excellent. No comments, except it might be possible to shoot before the Skaarj scouts just before the end hit the ground. Prediction is nice.
- Decks 3 and 2 are pretty much perfect, though if you were using the expansion skins you could've boot jumped a little earlier.
- Deck 1 was also excellent. No comments here either.
- That Titan boost on SpireVillage... wow. I'm super impressed. The jump boot route change is really nice too.
- Sunspire is good. I can't believe I didn't think of that route myself. So simple. X_X
- Gateway to Na Pali is good. No comments.
- Na Pali Haven is good aside from the one thing I pointed out before.
- Outpost 3J has a lot of missed dodging opportunities. This is the first level I really noticed this in. Between 21:52 and 22:04 in particular could have used more 4 dodges for movement.
- Is it faster to grenade the Stone Titan to death on Velora Pass? I always thought it took reduced damage from explosions, which is why I use flak shells. I also noticed that you started taking advantage of fast-weapon-switch binds on this level. About time. :p
- Unfortunately the first segment of Bluff Eversmoking has crackly audio. I've encounted this before too, it sucks but thankfully it's not overly annoying and it doesn't last long. Very nice route changes here too.
- I had no idea that shield belt existed on Dasa Mountain Pass. X_X Level is clean as hell too.
- Dasa Cellars is clean too. No obvious improvements here, but the level is kind of rigid like that. Surprised that Devilfish didn't die from being flakked in the face. Also impressed you managed to manipulate all of the Krall into spawning from the same spawnpoint.
- Serpent Canyon was weird. Is that route really faster? I would've figured swimming straight and using the small bit of walkable terrain halfway through the tunnel to boost off of would be faster.
- The new Nali Castle route is great. I had no idea you could destroy that window! Props to you for finding that.
- DemonLord's Lair was pretty standard.
- Demon Crater is fairly standard too, though I think if you ASMD boosted over the obstruction in hte middle of the last room you could've saved a boot jump charge and not had to ASMD jump at the start of Mothership Lab.
- No comments for Mothership Basement.
- No comments for Motherwhip Lab.
- The new route for Mothership Core is pretty clever. I wish I'd thought of that. :p
- Hah! You found a BSP hole in Skaarj Generator! I love it.
- Illumination is barely a level, and boo, you didn't look at the pretty explosion. Sad
- The Darkening is good as routes go. You killed the Ice Skaarj pretty quickly too, but iirc a full set of grenades kills him as well. Saves more amplifier charge for the queen fight.
- No comments for the Source Antechamber.
- I'm pretty sure the minigun altfire has a higher DPS than the flak cannon altfire, and you have a full set of ammo for it too. Nice manipulation in getting her to stay still too. Also you could've boosted once more at the end just before the exit, I think.

Anyway, as I said before, definite accept. I'm super impressed by this run and it definitely fits on SDA.

Quote from ShadowDraft:
A/V: IQ is good. Didn't watch other encodes.

No cheating detected.

Since ShadowWraith has already listed a few hiccups I'll just go ahead and [b]accept[b/] aswell. This run is a solid improvement over the old one.

Quote from RedArremer:
Whenever I watch those 90s/early 2000s shooters, I can't help and feel nostalgic. Smiley I grew up with Unreal, among other games like this, so I'm very happy to verify this!

I am always impressed by precise rocket jumps like in this run (even in segmented runs), because they are just such a joy for me to watch. They make me utterly giddy! Cheesy

The fact this run is absolutely fantastic only adds up to it. This is definitely a run that should be on SDA! Smiley

LotBlind's Glorification Verification of Unreal

A/V Check, cheating check.

The "actual" number of segments is not as high as it sounds because a lot of them are just to enable a save/load glitch. The run has very few obvious mistakes although some routing optimizations were suggested in the verification thread.

My internal monologue watching this run was a very unprofessional "What? ... That's so smart! ... You did what?". It's a rousing demonstration of the full visceral punch FPS running is capable of delivering. Let me stop here before things get out of hand.


There are some minor mistakes here and there, wall bumps and being stuck on enemies for a moment, but can't see anything major, and run if fun to watch so there you go.

A/V is good, no cheating.

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to 'Allantois'!
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The Unreal Authority.
Thanks for the comments everyone. One thing I hope to do before this is posted is redo the napali and Outpost 3J level. I agree with SW and feel that 3j is a bit too rough.

Is that possible for me to those segments over and incorporate before this is posted to the site?

My goals for those levels are:
-better rocket jump to the first switch on napali
-use the elevator cycle per ShaddoWraith's comments on napali
-generally try to get better dodge/smoother play on 3j
-boost to the top of the hangar on 3j to save a few secs vs taking the elevator
-get all the items and health squared away by Velora so that I don't have less of anything than when I combine it with the existing segments. This might require redoing Velora as well.
Not a walrus
As long as you don't end up with a 'worse' ending than the segment you're replacing, yes. Basically that means the segment break can't have your health/ammo amounts increase in any way. Decreasing is fine.
Why was this cancelled?
Cancelled by the runner according to the item. Doesn't specify why.