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I'm not THAT bad.
This game looks like it has a lot of potential for speedrunning.  I might see how hard it would be by speedrunning through a couple levels. Is anyone else interested in doing a run of this?
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I'm not THAT bad.
Sorry for the double post, I don't think any one noticed this topic though.. I'm gonna go practice a couple to levels just to see what it's like. *WILL EDIT*

EDIT: I got 42.20 for Level 1, anyone else wanna post some times or does this game just suck, I like it Tongue
Well, I'm interested in watching any Tony Hawk Speedrun although I don't know this particular game Smiley Good luck with it.
I'm not THAT bad.
I never said I was doing a speedrun...

but i just want to see some other times, see how I did. If I'm ahead by a bit I will continue on.

(This game requires a lot of route planning T_T)

EDIT: 37.56 for first level using Ammon with black ice board.
THUG2 \,,/
i dont have downhill jam... but i think i do run in project 8.
Face Indeed.
I'd love to see a run on this game,  there's loads of shortcuts I can't get to and I find the game so hard to control. it'd be awesome to see it done well.
I got this game for Christmas, and it is still in the cellophane on my shelf.
I'm not THAT bad.
I'm glad I never said I was doing a run on this, cause it is HARD. But if anyone else is they could use this topic.

btw I got like 33 with the best board and infinite boosts cheats with ootbagh but that doesn't count  Tongue
I have no solution, but i admire the problem.
Would you mind uploading a video? I haven't played this game yet, but as it's a Tony Hawk, it could be interesting.
I'm not THAT bad.
I will when I get my DVD recorder... Soon....

IMO it would be the best tony hawk game to speedrun, because most of it is racing.

But it would require SO MUCH PLANNING. Anyone who has the game or beaten it would know what I mean.
THUG2 \,,/
I like to see this run if someone is going to do this Smiley
evil does it
I like to see this run if someone is going to do this Smiley

Me too  Grin
[glb]i beat the game  with a lot of gold crowns and usually green and red jewels on my gold crowns  i skipped a few missions. i did it all with tony.
does anyone wana post some times? do it with armondo, any board you want, but just post some race times. id like to know just how good i am at this game
I'm not THAT bad.
More times? Ok then. I'll post some more tommorow.
i picked up 2:18.08 on alps top to bottom, anyone beat that?
I know we're bumping a SUPER old thread, but we're considering running this game for the next AGDQ.  We started routing this game last year, but we got burnt out after doing a New Game 100% run which took four hours.  The Any% category is much simpler, and we've already finished a run in 1:44:13 with more practicing that could bring the time down a lot.  We already beat the current world record in a few of the later splits.

We spent a BUNCH of time routing this, finding the optimal levels to do to minimize time and maximize rank points/second, so we just need to practice a little more and I think we'll have a run in under 1:35:xx.  We'll have to do a few more runs to figure out just how low we can go consistently.

A few things we've discovered:
* We bought the PS2 version just to test it out and the load times are ATROCIOUS.  There are more skaters and even different missions, but the Wii version is definitely the optimal one for running no matter what.
* There are some skips that we discovered by following the developer ghosts (which you unlock by getting a gold on a level).  Some big ones are in Edinburgh (one in the catacombs at 17:50 in the run, and one earlier in the level that we didn't get in this run), in Hong Kong (at 15:45 in the run), in San Fransisco (which we didn't get in this run), and in the Alps (at 1:41:05 in the run).
* There are four potential run categories for this game (sorted by quickness):
** New Game+ (Any%)
** New Game (Any%)
** New Game+ (All Golds/100%)
** New Game (All Golds/100%)
There are only slight differences in routing between New Game and New Game+ because you have to unlock boards in NG but you already have them (as well as Armondo which is the fastest character) in NG+, but in general the routing is mostly the same.
To add what you said earlier ZOM, I just beat you, and the routing was pretty much the same, only I think you did a top to bottom in tier 8 or 9 when you didn't have to.