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SS run

Verifier Responses

Here's my verification comments:
Audio/Video quality: Audio quality OK, a/v sync OK. The video is in 24fps instead of 30 or 60, which is quite weird for PC game, but I'm not an video expert so I don't know. It is lagging a little bit sometimes, but it's not a big deal. Other than that video is OK. Also the run is in WMV format.

Cheating: no cheating

Long comments:
New Jersey: few small movement mistakes at the beginning, pause during "Beat Eric score" mission, I don't know why. "Eric's challenge" is slower than "Get in tight with the street warriors", I got 0:45 in like 3 tries so picking the right mission would save like 20 seconds if done well. In "Impress Muska" runner does 30k combo, while only 10k is required to complete mission, the same mistake is done many many times during the run. Very very sloppy during "Get the scrapmetal" mission. The rest of the level is done nicely, only with tiny mistakes.

Manhattan: runner accidentally hit "yes" instead of "no", lost only a seconds, but mistakes like that look nasty, other than that first part of level done OK. Again runner scores way too high in "Kill 5 famous spots" mission. "Gap the burning taxi" can be done much faster, first jump over the taxi once and then do all the tricks in the same combo instead of jumping over the taxi four times. Unnecessary pausing during "Help Stacy's relative", lost some time on very easy mission. Rest of the level OK.

Tampa: runner doesn't use view goals menu and skates to goal, I really don't know why, lost 5 seconds on such a stupid thing. Sloppy during "Help the private eye", I don't know why runner didn't just get off the board and caveman grind onto the car. Also "Help the pirvate eye" is the definitely slowest mission in the chapter and I have no idea why the runner decided to do it. Failing in "Remove all the stickers" and losing the whole minute should be the reason for instant rejection of the run (the author himself wrote in his comments that this run is really bad, lol). If I would do such a mistake in a run I would stop almost immediately and tried again. Other than that, bad driving near the end of "Revenge". During "Street contest" runner gets 99 notes while 80 is more than enough to get third place required to beat the mission, lost about 10 seconds. Same in "Vert contest". Rest of the level is OK. I think during the 2 minutes of waiting it may be better to do some stat challenges instead of flatland tricking, but I'm not sure if they're usefull in the run on easy difficulty.

San Diego: Failing simple heelflip 5 times is really, and I mean really bad. "Rooftop technican" is much faster than "Air out the atrium", bad mission choice again. "See a man about a horse" can be done 15 seconds faster (same strat as Manhattan mission). Lost few seconds on "Flyers flyers". "Acid drop the two towers" is obviously faster than "No one likes a dude festival" (over a minute!!!) Again planning mistake. Failing to skitch the car doesn't help in the speedrun either. Not to mention that "The kids love those free stickers" is faster than "Get your gear back" (OMG this run is so bad). At least the demo mission was very nicely done.

Hawaii:"Speek hawaiian" should be in the route instead of "Wedding guest". Runner has some serious camera problems during "Drain the pool", probably because he is playing on keybord, which is quite hard in newer Tony Hawk games (although personally I must say keybord is pretty good for Pro Skater series for some reason). 3 runs during the competition... ouch, lost over 10 seconds. Failing "Wallows combo" 4 times and then picking another goal... OMG. Over minute lost again. He doesn't even know how to finish the mission and still tries.. ugh. During "Climb the hotel" runner looks like he doesn't know what he's doing. This level was bad... really bad... I mean really bad.

Vancouver: Bad. There are so many mistakes that I don't even want to point out all of them. These planning errors made me think that he just picked up the game, tried few times while recording it and then submitted it. Sorry to say that Sad  But come on, who does drive the leafblower in a speedrun?

Slam City Jam: Bad flying in "Blimp" mission, lost few seconds. Why does he do flatlands in a vert contest? VERT! You can easly get decent combo in 10 seconds, just do some high airs with special tricks and reverts (or just two 540 grabs with kickflip on easy). Also 3 runs again, another 15 seconds lost.

Vancouver: OK

Moscow: Lip tricks aren't that hard, really. And I think runner forgot how to read during this mission Sad Lost minute, if not more. Wrong mission BTW, but whatever. Game loves to troll during doubles mission, nice bug lol. Bad strats during "Anonymous caller", grinding is few seconds faster. The rest of the level went OK. "Hangover cure" was surprisingly very nicely done.

New Jersey: Menu navigation was a little sloppy but only a second lost. Nail the trick was OK, could have been a little faster with lip trick combos. Lost some frames naming the team but whatever, the run needs some style sometimes Smiley (but please next time just make a one letter name so you don't lose any time).

Pro challenges: Wrong selection, San Diego goal is slow as hell (or at least slower than the Moscow one). Lost some time in Hawaii but it's not a big deal.

New Jersey: I'm waiting for the final mission... WTF??? The end already?????? The deal is that the runner did New Game + run because if you beat the game once, the final mission is optional in second playthrough. That's why before you run Tony Hawk game delete your save files / play without memory card, because some weird things like this can happen. Also during this run there are some songs (KISS ones) playing that are unlockable only after beating the game. It doesn't have any impact on the gameplay, but the run would be about a minute or two longer with the final mission.

Short comments: The run was very bad, terrible execution, loads of planning mistakes. Runner makes few one minute errors, which will make any speedrunner reset and try again. I don't know why he submitted it instead of put it on YouTube as a test run and ask guys on the forum what they think about this run. It would save some effort both for runner and for verifiers. The time was something about 1:10 - 1:15, while there is a run on YouTube in 1:04... on sick difficulty! If someone tries to run this game on easy again, you should aim for sub 1 hour, or maybe even sub 0:55 (I don't know exacly how much time can be saved). On the positive thing, it's nice to see someone finally runs this game. Please someone with some free time, make a good run, because this game really deserves it. Or maybe the runner will practice and improve this by about 15 minutes? Good luck whoever will run this!

Why accept?: SDA needs THUG run on site finally. Unfortunately this is the only thing I can find for this run to be accepted Sad

Why reject?: Poor gameplay quality, loads of tiny mistakes, few big ones, there is faster run on YouTube on Sick difficulty (which is about 10 - 15 minutes slower than easy, and much harder) here.

My recommendation: Reject
Reason: NO, JUST NO.

I can't say I remember a lot about routing in THUG1 since I have not played it fully in a while, and other verifiers seem to know what they are talking about when it comes to mission choice at the moment more than I could, but I still want to go through every level and pick this run apart. I may as well start by saying that I will be rejecting your run, here is why...

Audio/Video quality: Audio is fine; video is stuttering, a little blocky and in a .wmv format. At 00:00:01, there is text that is embeded into the video file by the runner, which suggests a video editor like Vegas or windows Movie Maker has been used in the process.

Cheating: I'm hoping none...


New Jersey: First of all, the video seems to skip a lot on this level. The runner took a lot of time getting the board parts, once or twice missing jumps. Also seemed to have difficulty with controls (same goes for all the run), is runner using keyboard? Menus and text are not skipped as fast as they could be unfortunatly. In chapter 3, the runner missed a significant jump in the collecting trash mission costing some time.

New York: I don't know why the runner goes onto the save menu, but it's only for a second or two. The runner misses items 2 and 3 in the missing purse mission, making him him/her have to backtrack. There also seems to be a constant stain of getting well above the required amount of points in points goals. For example, one goal in a New York mission requires the player to get 20,000 point through tricks. In this run, the runner got around 45,000 points, over double what was requires and wasting time. In the burning taxi goal, the runner did not realise that you can do all of the tricks in one combo instead of continually ollieing over the taxi, wasting about a minute to a minute and a half.

Tampa: I can't remember a lot about the route, but I can remember that the 'private eye' and 'sticker removal' goals are the most time consuming in the first chapter of the Tampa level. Even worse, the runner fails to complete the 'stick removal' goal wasting anywhere between a minute and 2 minutes. General bailing and bad skater control is also prevalent in this level.

San Diago: This level was a true disaster. The runner failed to do a Heelflip over a stair set 2, 3, 4, 5 times wasting a heavy about of time and should be an instant reset even after  the 3rd failed attempt. The runner then fails the Atrium gap once, the spine transfur goal had four major mistakes, fails to place a flyer (wallplant) 3 times and bails whilst skitching twice, in my estimate losing about 2 minutes in time but maybe a little more or less.

Hawaii: Vending machine wallplant was failed 3 times. The runner also attempted to do the 'wallows transfurs' 4 times before skipping to the manual goal, before also skipping this too, losing at least around 1:30. The climb up the hotel lost about another minute as the runner kept falling off. The runner also had trouble getting a 25,000 point combo on top of the hotel roof when needed.

Vancouver: Nothing really wrong here, although Vancouver is a boring level in it's own right anyway...

Slam Jam:Runner failed to hip transfur twice, also did flatland in a vert contest, which is defenatly quite an experimental tactic.

Vancouver II: Same as Vancouver I really.

Moscow: Don't know if this was supposed to happen, but the runners clothes changed, may just be an automatic thing though. Took the runner quite a bit of time to find 3 gaps. If it were planned, they would know where the quickest gaps are.

New Jersey II: The runner actually names his team, they can be called 'a'!

Pro Challenges:

- New Jersey - Spine Transfurs were not executed well
- Tampa - None
- San Diago - None
- Miami: Failed the spine transfurs a number of times costing at least a minute
- Vancouver: None

Final Thoughts: The run in it's current state is poorly executed, recorded and planned. The run needs major improvements in it's routing. Also, I had the to blunt about it, but the runner just needs to play better. They seem to know how to play Tony Hawk though, so I have no doubt that with moore practise the runner could pull a solid run off. I encourage you to carry on!

Decision: Reject

Reason: Bad execution and planning.

Starting off, I did notice that there was some lag in the gameplay.  It wasn't anything too bad, but the runner might want to look into something so that the video can run a bit smoother.

For the run in itself, the runner does have a good understanding how to play, however at times it seems that it is almost "Too Good".  As mentioned by my other verifiers, some goals in the game require you to do 'the minimal' but the runner at times just overkilled it.  While this wouldn't be seen as a bad thing in a regular playthrough, in a speed run, this showboating is wasting seconds at a time.  For the parts where you have to get off your board to collect things, I know that the platforming is pretty bad in-game, however I feel as though that some of the jumps should have been done on the first go around instead of the 3rd or 4th attempt.

As for some other missions, there were just as many swings as there were misses: while there were missions that finished quickly, there are other missions that seem to take longer than they should, while small mistakes make the run last longer.  While it is a bit difficult to say which missions stood out as being bad, a mission In Tampa about removing stickers really stood out for me since the runner (who after failing to get the last sticker a few times), decides to actually skip the mission and move on, wasting a good amount of time and taking about 5 times to do a kickflip trick down stairs in San Diego.

I would go into further details, but it is pretty self explanatory by this point where this verdict is going.

This is a reject.

Reason: As said before, the runner is good, but at times he was too good doing times when he wasn't really suppose to score minimal, while at other times, it was easy to see that there were some missions that the runner didn't look like he practiced, or as a minimum know how to do properly.  SDA needs more Skateboard game speed runs, but we aren't going to get one from this game for a while. 

To the runner, please try again, you know what you are doing, but you just need to tighten up the execution a bit; do that, and you will see that you can knock minutes off this attempt.

Other verifiers said more, but...

Too slow, too sloppy. Kept going despite errors that should have been instant retries.

I think I might have done better myself. Not to say the runner can't get a good run in, but he/she needs to put more time into attempts.


I want to encourage the runner to watch some SDA members do speedrun attempts and perhaps read up on verifier notes on fomerly verified runs to get an idea of what SDA's standards are.

I think enough has been said. I've gotten better times on Sick difficulty.

Decision: Reject

Reason: Execution and planning not nearly up to SDA standards.

This run will be available for a month. After that this link will no longer work.
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