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Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Double Agent (ntscus) (xb360) [Any %] [Segmented] [Hard] [Stealth] [Good Ending]

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to 'triblast55'!
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Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Double Agent (ntscus) (xb360) [Any %] [Segmented] [Hard] [Stealth] [Good Ending]

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In JBA HQ part 1 & 3, is the firing range needed ? Also in part 3, are the training course and mine assembly needed ? You skip both of those in HQ part 2.
Or are they just for spending time because the NPCs don't come any sooner ?

A/V Quality:
In video 8 (JBA HQ 3) from 14:02-14:40 there is a failed attempt at the mine assembly that you re-load, I suppose that oughta be cut out.

Overall very nice execution and planning, plus quite some time saved compared to the existing run.
One thing that is a bit unfortunate is in Mission 4: Sea of Okhotsk at 10:19, where you check the objectives after distributing the gas into the ventilation, because like you wrote that recording was actually just a practice attempt.

No cheating

Edit history:
IsraeliRD: 2018-10-09 01:12:41 pm
For JBA HQ part 1 & 3, all of the primary and secondary objectives need to be completed in order for the mission to end faster. Otherwise, the game waits for the timer to finish and then sends the NPC to find Sam. JBA HQ Part 2 requires only the primary objectives to be finished in order to trigger the encounter with Enrica.
Alright, thanks for clarifying Smiley
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Level 1 - 1:50
That's a reject-worthy pun right there Tongue

Level 3 - shooting range
I'd like to question why this can't be done a lot better. The ideal would be 15 shots, here it's 22 (22/15 = 46% extra). I don't have first-hand experience of shooting with a controller though, nor of shooting with it in this game, but in JBA3 you do only 28/23 which is 22% extra. I think that segment has nothing but the gallery though. I can no longer remember if you did other stuff in the same segment in this level, but still.

10:20 - I noticed in the PC run you uncrouched and ran about here... is this the AI differences you mentioned?

Level 4 - What segment was "accidental"? All of them? Losing 8 seconds to checking the objectives screen, unless that's not timed by the game, in which case it just makes it uglier. Is it though?

11:57 - 12:49 are you manipulating anything in this segment? I don't see why you're not going for a faster shot on the last crew member, without waiting for the sights to get locked. It's only about 20 seconds into the segment.

BTW You don't really have to leave in so much at the end of each level: it starts to feel excessive.

Level 5-

6:30 - wonder what gets them suspicious here?

Level 6

7:44 - why do you shoot at the doorway? What does this do?

Level 7

8:55 - why does it seem that the dialogue skips ahead here coming from the previous segment? Just some bug I guess.

Level 8

11:56 - 12:26 - What is this segment for?? Are you manipulating something? If it really was just doing the scan and moving from one place to another, this is such a waste, manual save and all. You could have combined with the previous (possibly following) segment. Unless there's more to it, you should know oversegmentation is a thing: it was until recently missing from the rules page though with it just saying "segment as much as you can to save time".

Is it really best to do the decrypting first, then walk back to the mines as the final laundry item? Can't you do that in the other order? It seems you're walking less between completing the objectives that way which means Emile will trigger faster. Something I'm not picking up on?

What do the "profile objectives" achieve by the way?

Level 9

13:30 - what's this little menu thing for? Mistake?

Level 10

So let's be clear: does the game take the average of mission 10 and 11 for the stealth score, or does it, as you're saying, copy-paste from mission 11 over mission 10? How do you know if your mission 10 stealth was 100% then? How would it show if you went guns blazing in mission 10 instead?

A/V: there are TWO fails left in - first one in level 6 at 4:11-4:26, second one where ymh said.

For a moment I thought you were losing time every time you didn't segment at a checkpoint (and with every manual save), but it's my bad: this is in-game timed so that's not the case.

I'll just wait a bit before my final verdict.
Edit history:
IsraeliRD: 2018-10-09 01:12:34 pm
Level 3
I was focusing more on speed and I was using the timer to guage how fast I completed it. This part is hard to do with a controller and the 360 verison's unstable framerate.

10:20, yes the AI can actually hear in this part.

Level 4
The entire mission was accidental, this was a practice run that I just so happen to be recording and it did surprisingly well. Also, the timer doesn't run during the objective screen.

11:57-12:49 Personally, I thought that was good enough.

Level 6
This is done to skip the conversation Jamie and Emile is having. It also makes Jamie go away faster.

Level 7
That is just a bug that happens when dialogue is caught inbetween saving.

Level 8
11:56 - 12:26 - This is because Sam suddenly becomes visible for some reason when scanning

I don't think it makes a difference which order is done. I do the decrypting first since that tends to be harder

The profile objectives are just there for extra padding for NSA trust. They are also used to unlock doors in the JBA restricted areas

Level 9
That was just a small mistake

Level 10
If I did go in shooting, the screen would show the # of shots fired along with bodies found. Since this mission has no explosives available, I don't think there is a way to quickly gun everyone down without a body being found. Plus all the guards are closely grouped together in the bomb area.

The game copies Mission 11 and pastes it over Mission 10
Level 4 11:57
Maybe you should leave that to the verifiers to judge? If you're doing nothing else than just running from place A to place B with that shot constituting all the randomness, it feels lazy not to grind it out more.

Level 8

Okay, I'll take your word for that segment (11:56) being needed. As for which one is faster to start with, mines or decryption, it's whichever one is faster to walk to from the bottom of the stairs. I think, as you say, it's pretty close, but it probably really is the computer room. In fact I just timed it: it's 1 second faster the way you did it.

Level 10
Okay, we can use that information (shots fired and bodies found) NOT being shown on the screen as the criterion for 100% stealth in this mission.

So overall, this run is certainly good enough to accept as improvement to previous (probably at least on par in execution AIR).

Decision posted.