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The Mafat Conspiracy (Any %) (Single Segment) [Deaths]

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Marc J. 'Emptyeye' Dziezynski!
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The Mafat Conspiracy (Any %) (Single Segment) [Deaths]

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Please refer to the Verification Guidelines before posting. Verifications are due by May 5, 2014.

Please post your opinions about the run and be certain to conclude your post with a verdict (Accept/Reject). This is not a contest where the majority wins - I will judge each verification on its content. Please keep your verification brief unless you have a good reason otherwise.

After 2 weeks I will read all of the verifications and move this thread to the main verification board and post my verdict.
Golgo 13's casual strut will not be halted by man nor machine, although he does occasionally stop to kick peoples feet or drive a car. There's a few minor slip ups here and there, but in general everything seems to go as planned, and memorizing the routes through all the identical hallways has to be a huge pain.

Vanilla H is mai waifu
and memorizing the routes through all the identical hallways has to be a huge pain.

I totally agree, I could never play this game. :V
I just want to say that this crazy game has a mandatory frame perfect jump in it. Not to speed run. Just to complete it.  How sick is that?

I've spent hours watching this game run live, as the runner ground toward the run.

Legit runner, legit AV, legit time

In conclusion, MONKEY, MONKEY, I mean, accept
SGL Scrublord
1-1 “Do dee doooo~” – A casual strut past crazed gunmen.
1-2 Still strutting, now dodging all the bullets. One particular bastard gets attention paid to.
1-3 Ninjas appear, Duke takes it in strut…err, stride.
Maze 1: Mazes go much slower than the mashathon that was the first Golgo game.  And Duke no longer draws out his enemy’s souls and heals after kills. Some weird Raven linebacker with a sword gets kicked quickly. Casual walk back, I can still see the strut.
2-1 “These guys keep trying to interrupt my walk, guess I’ll turn the other cheek til they catch on”
Car ride 1 – As noted by the runner, the car rides are very tight on time.
Snipe! 1 – One headshot Togo, hold the onions.
3-1 – Ninjas with bambs, and an intentional death
Maze 2 – Pretty simple
3-2 – Nothing to see here, some nice boosts
3-2 Revisited – Thankfully, no Doc robots show up
2 ezaM  - simple enough
3-1 Revisited – Whatever.
4-1 – Pain Train of Spread Guns, nice dodging.
4-2 – Some bad spread luck
4-3 – Kahn gets one rolling kick in, then his groin is tenderized by the unflinching Duke Togo.
5-1 – Somekindastan, Togo’s random attack style causes the runner trouble.
5-2 – Somkindazoo, Scorpions , apes and some guys from Belmont’s Revenge
5-3 – Taking what the game gives him
5-4 – Ape Escape
“6-5” – Takes the death, then casually walks right.
Maze 3 – Amazing technomaze!
5-6 – You had one job shield guy, just one job! The last one is always a hero though. Good use of the sprite limit.
Maze 4 – Just a maze really.
5-7 – Its the Pied Piper of the Somekindastan Zoo!
Mafat2 – Apparently Mafat’s right hand does indeed come off
5-7 – THE YOMP (basically this seals a run. It happened so many times.)
5-6?! – Casual walk
5-5?!?! – Crates get a half second stop of the mighty Togo.
Snipe! 2 – Aimbot detected, Togohax
Car Ride 2 – Simple enough
Snipe! 3 – Get learned, Mr. Green.

Solid play with a few enemy hiccups in Somekindastan. Getting THE YOMP is huge. The game was run for quite some time, grinding down to get this time.

Duke, your thoughts on the official end of “Togo Tuesdays?”

Accept! Heh heh heh…
Decision posted.
Talk to the Hand
*whew* Thanks everyone. There were comments posted to the run, I'm not sure if they were available for download or not (I know PJ has mentioned he sometimes has that issue). I do mention The Hardest Jump in there, as well as some other things.
Fucking Weeaboo
Congrats Emptyeye! Smiley
Not a walrus
Quote from Emptyeye:
I'm not sure if they were available for download or not (I know PJ has mentioned he sometimes has that issue)

When in doubt, open the status page in a private/incognito window and see if "Download Run Comments" shows up. If it doesn't and you're sure you uploaded comments then you can always poke me and I'll look into it.
I can see and click the download run comments link for both this run and PJs run currently in verification (even when not logged), so I'm not sure what problems you are experiencing.
Talk to the Hand
Okay, we're fine then. Smiley