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Psojed: 2015-01-04 04:40:08 am
Psojed: 2015-01-04 04:39:34 am
Hello SDA and lurkers,

I've been watching speedruns for quite some time and I've decided to try it out myself. I chose a game that I haven't found mentioned on the forums here, and I have few questions for you.

About the game
IAoVH is the first game in a trilogy of games by Neocore Games, rather small studio from Hungary. The game is a hack'n'slash RPG, much similar to Diablo 2 and it's available on Steam. It features 3 different classes (two come from DLC purchases..), 4 difficulty modes and a hardcore (permadeath) mode. When you finish the standard game, you can play a Neverending Story mode, which basically lets you replay the game with your endgame character, but the monsters get harder and harder to the point where you get oneshotted.
The main game follows the story of a monster hunter, son of Van Helsing (as we know him) and his ghostly companion on their journey through Borgova, where they try to help the locals get rid of a crazy scientist and his machines aswell as tons of monsters making the local life harder.

The game progresses through a main quest, so there are certain parts that need to be done and also some sidequests that can be skipped. The game also features dialogues and cutscenes, some of those can be skipped.

My questions
1) This game features a "shared stash" between characters, basically you can prepare items/consumables/socketables beforehand and pick them up during your run. When you first start up your game, the stash is of course empty, but I wanted to hear your opinions about using the stash to prepare equipment and potions beforehand. Using the items beforehand can make you oneshot everything or make you unkillable.

2) The game does not measure time played, but it shows the date and time of the last save. First save is created on Character creation and it is overwritten every time you exit to main menu. You can also make backup copies of save files and if you rename the file, game will recognize it as a separate character with the same name (seems good for segmented runs - for comparsion).

> Screenshot of the main menu <

Can this be used to measure time?

3) There are certain bugs in the game in the previous versions that made life much easier. For example you were able to multiply your stat points by repeated spending and unspending of your stat points. You were also able to bind and use skills without having any skillpoints put into them.
The bugs were fixed with patches. However I saw that some runs are done on older game versions to utilize bugs/glitches that were later fixed (Unepic), so I'd like your opinion on using these.
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Using items from the stash would make it a NG+ run. It's acceptable, but you'd have to understand that you're expected to take the absolute best items possible to get the fastest time, not just some decent starting gear that makes you stronger than usual.

Save times isn't a very reliable method of in-game timing. Just use RTA.
Thx for the response. I'll attempt a standard run first without any stash interaction.
hey, i have started speed running it this year, and have already made a page for it on with a rule set, if youd like to get in touch with me message me through there or my youtube
For any of those interested, here is a recent run I did, only two of us have worked on this as far as i know, so it was interesting to see it already posted here by @Psojed