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The Consuming Shadow is a rogue-like, lovecratian themed game where you gather clues to prevent the world from ending. It was made by yahtzee of zero punctuation fame, and much like his show, looks like shit. Other than that it's pretty good. The gameplay is pretty interesting and the game actually managed to scare me during my first playthroughs.

A great evil god wants to invade our world, and to stop him you must follow a three-step programm :

-Learn the spell that will banish the evil god.
-Learn everything you can about the evil god (including his favorite color).
-Go to stonehenge and banish the god.

There are many endings, depending on whether you succeed in banishing the right god (for there are many and if you banish the wrong one you look silly), are still alive and are still sane.

There are also a total of 3 additional characters you can unlock.

Haven't done much with the game yet but it looks like a pretty fun speedrun. If you're into RNG heavy stuff.

I think any% has pretty much been solved. You just go straight for the end and pray for good RNG. You need to play as the ministry man, who already knows the spell, and only needs to learn the god's rune and spawn close to Stonehenge (I think you can spawn as close as 30 miles away) which I'd say happens 1/5 of the time (but I only did like 70 runs so I have no idea). The banishment room can be the second room in the dungeon. Since they all can be the banishment room, I'd say probabilities are equally distributed and you have something like a 1/30 chance of this happening + whatever the succesfull lockpicking probability is (15% per try or 75% with birth stars and you have 3 tries). Then just banish a random god, you have 1/5 chance of succeding. I got a 39 for the ultimate sacrifice ending and the a 31 for the "whoops my bad" ending where the banishment room was the 3rd one and not the second. Sub 2 minutes is probably possible for best ending.

Now are there some more interesting routes ? For the ministry man not really. If you want to know the the name of the god before trying to banish you'd probably still just be grinding stonehenge since it's probably still the greatest (and most consistent) place to get clues for the big "who has the fish" enigma, though it might just be RNG making me think that. I think you can gather enough intel with your starting health and sanity bars + the medkit and the drugs. Though navigating an endgame dungeon without taking much damage while trying to solve the enigma without stopping to write it down (because it's slow) might really be a fun speedrun to do.

For any other pleb who has to figure the spell out, things get a bit more interesting. You would probably have to try and maximize the dungeons that give clues (rift artifact and infestations) and probably ignore the ones that are more ressource heavy. You'd also probaly have to ignore any job since the only thing they give is money.

Anyone else interested in this ?
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Any% has, in my opinion, largely been resolved. You simply press on and hope for favorable RNG. funny shooter 2