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ktwo: 2021-02-14 09:52:13 am
My feelings on The Demon Rush
Game Page: Doesn't exist yet, and I almost wish it wouldn't.

'ktwo's deathless and death abuse runs

Verifier Responses

No cheating or AV problems in either run. Obviously the deaths run has deaths in it, but none that were accidental. Far as I can tell, anyway.

The routes in both look pretty solid, nothing jumped out at me as a "wtf" decision, and there were no significant mistakes in either run. I like how closely the deathless run came to dying at the very end, must have taken some serious planning as well as luck to get it so dangerously close like that. Neither of the runs are especially interesting to watch but that's more a fault of the game than the runner. The runner definitely has put a lot of effort into getting these runs smooth.


Audio/video quality is fine, no cheating spotted

The route for both runs seems optimal. I had a bunch of ideas for improvements after watching the runs a couple of times, but they were either shut down by the runner's comments or I realized they weren't feasible or, well, "improvements" after trying them on console. The few mistakes were minor and the luck-dependent sections turned out extremely well. I'm talking about it as if it was just another day at the office, but both runs are really exceptional. It's a no-brainer, which isn't a surprise coming from the guy who did the run for Cobra Triangle

Accept and Accept

Both of these runs are great. They both have an incredible level of optimization, and I don't think there are more than 5-7 seconds worth of mistakes in either run. The only flaw is how boring the runs were, but that's the fault of the game and not the runs themselves.

The only thing that I thought was a mistake was when he collects some of the last money bags in the hall before collecting Puggsley instead of afterwards. Another verifier explained to me you have to wait for Lurch anyways, so it's actually faster collecting the money the way the runner did.

Decision: Accept

Reason: Remarkably well-done run for a remarkably badly designed game.
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You got a deletion wish?
What, you're not gonna hum the theme song, Mike?
Good to get a receipt on that the effort put into this project has resulted in something passable.

Game Page: Doesn't exist yet, and I almost wish it wouldn't.

Neither of the runs are especially interesting to watch...

The only flaw is how boring the runs were...

... for a remarkably badly designed game.

Lol, I don't think I've seen such an unanimous animosty against a game before. You're certainly not making much to promote the videos more than necessary ! I must say that I'm a little bit surprised by this. In the lucky event of the runs getting accepted, I was actually expecting more like "considering how bad the game is, these runs are actually pretty entertaining". But when you have done a run, you're obviously not watching it in the same way as someone on the outside. I guess running on the slow pal doesn't make the perception any better either. (just to be perfectly clear, I'm commenting on this because I thought it was funny, not because I'm offended)

I know this is a lost cause, but I feel that this is my opportunity to restore some of the honour that this game might possibly have had at some point in time (although it probably never had).
- The manual is great. It tells you everything you need to know and hints just enough about secret rooms, what the items are for etc etc
- I love the instant jumping feature. Let me explain. If A (the jump button) is released and repressed while in the air, you will immediately jump once you land. Anyone know the feeling of playing a difficult area of a game and fall down a pit just because the jump button was pressed a moment too early ? It would have been nice with an instant jumping feature, right ?
- You can pick up stuff during the death animation. As death will result in giving the character some extra height, it's possible to "death boost" jumps to reach items above that would be out of reach for a normal jump.
- The hit detection is absolutely state of the art. (just kidding)

I like how closely the deathless run came to dying at the very end, must have taken some serious planning as well as luck to get it so dangerously close like that.

Surviving that was just pure luck. To make a long story short, the last hit resulted from unvoluntarily having triggered a random (?) glitch just before the final moment. I could have avoided the hit had I thought about it. Why I didn't die from having overlooked something one second from the end is pretty incredible. I still have sleepless nights over how Murphy's law got reversed in that fatal moment for mankind. It's stuff like that that makes me scared that one day I'm going to tunnel through the floor or being hit by a meteorite or something.
Nice Addams family speedrun. I liked your deaths abuse run. Very nice death route and lot nice optimize risks and cool death warps.

I was little dissapoint current TAS run because TAS runner didn,t use any deaths. IMO your run was much cooler than TAS run and i enjoy much with this. I already watched your no death run on youtube and this was as well very nice job. I personally never are beat that game without infite life cheats and even then game is quite hard, because it is hard time find enought moneys and roof seems near impossible without fists.
Edit history:
ktwo: 2009-09-10 11:39:23 am
Thanks Master. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.
Just for the record, the youtube run might look very much like the no-death run that got posted here at sda, but it isn't. The sda-run is a couple of seconds faster (I only post wip on youtube). If anyone is interested in seeing what it looks like getting bad luck and screwing up the difficult jumps in the attic, youtube is the place (starting at 5.00 of part 2, ). I'll keep the clip up a couple of days more. Let's call it my temporary blooper contribution or something...

Edit 10/09-09:
Youtube clip has been removed.
Hi there.
Great deathless run. I've never played the game and seeing you plow right through it was entertaining and made it look like a decent one. Keep at it.