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Super Punch-Out!! (ntscus) (snes) [Any %] [Individual Level]

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to 'Akiteru'!
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Super Punch-Out!! (ntscus) (snes) [Any %] [Individual Level]

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I noticed that if and presumably as this gets accepted (I shouldn't be saying that yet, shhh...), you will have three ILs in the table. You currently have notes on the page for one of the two. I could just tack on your new notes after where you talk about Masked Muscle, but it might look a little janky. Would you like to instead incorporate notes about that one (and the Clown, if you like) into the comments you wrote for this submission?

A/V: Seems the SNES Jr. is some kind of official version of the console and everything else sounds like the kind of output tinkering that we allow. Looks and sounds great!

Cheating: Innocent until proven guilty. Can't prove ya guilty!

Gameplay: Sleek. 0.06% sounds like you can really make a hobby out of it XD

Verdict: aCcEpT
Thanks for the accept! Sure, I can write some more detailed notes for Muscle and incorporate them into the notes for this submission. Clown is going to have a new submission at some point in the near-ish future, so the notes may not last long on the game page before they're replaced anyway.
I can't get the IQ version to play on my computer? The other qualities look good.

The run comments describe what's involved in getting 8''20 on Narcis Prince and there is nothing I can add. I just want to say congrats on tying the (current) limit of this fight and I look forward to the Masked Muscle improvement!

Oh hey, the SDA player also says the IQ is corrupt. Would you like to re-encode and send again the same way?
Edit history:
Akiteru: 2024-07-01 01:17:29 pm
I use Firefox and I'm seeing this error in the console when trying to play IQ in-browser:

H264 video encoded in YUV444 doesn't seem to be a widely supported video format. It works in Chrome and VLC but not other players such as in Firefox and Windows Media Player.

Most H264 videos seem to be encoded in YUV420 format, which has 12 bit color depth instead of 24 like YUV444, but is much more widely supported. Re-encoding the raw video in YUV420 color format seems to solve the issue after passing it through Yua, but I think could result in slight loss of quality. This may not be an issue though, since most H264 videos are encoded that way anyway. Nate can correct me on any of that if I'm wrong.

For now I'll re-encode the IQ and send it again, it may be better to have a file with higher compatibility anyway.

Edit: The new IQ is up, I think it should be fine now. Thanks for the heads up on that.
i'm surprised the firefox decoder (which is originally from cisco iirc?) doesn't support yuv444. i guess it was bare bones when they got it ten years ago and no one's ever bothered to update it. yua's iq and xq output are yuv444 if the input is and i think maybe even sometimes if it's not, like if you scale down input to d4. i think before that change, people were not happy with how the output looked when scaled up to fullscreen, especially if the game has what is today called "pixel art." so subsampling chroma up to hq and then keeping full chroma resolution above hq was a compromise between quality and compatibility.

one alternative (preferred by some people iirc) is to scale up (or not scale down) the whole video, but that "solution" comes with its own problems, like you are feeding a bunch of redundant information to the encoder, and the encoder may or may not realize that it's redundant. i think there were other problems with that approach too, but it's been too long for me to remember them.
Thanks for the info, I would also prefer not to subsample the IQ as long as compatibility isn't a concern. I just wasn't sure what we would normally do in that situation. In that case, I re-added the original IQ without the subsampling.
Decision posted.