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Super Mario Bros 3 (Any %) (Single Segment) [Warpless]

Verifier Responses

Up until the death in World 4's second fortress I think the worst mistakes were missing a jump and landing in water in 2-2, and Mario not entering a door in 2 Fortress. 7-8 also was really poor looking. I checked out the video skip at 52:22 and everything lines up, the only change is on the timer and that shows a 1 igs difference, so I don't think anything went wrong other then a recording error, or maybe a conversion error.

The plus side of this run is... just about everything else. Some levels look standard, get P speed, make jumps to the left as fast as possible, but there are many, many levels in this run that either use a damage boost or a star to just make you go wow. World 6's first Fortress had this for me, when I saw the star collection I at first thought it was a safety thing, and that it was a poor choice considering how close to the end of the level it was, but then the insta-kill boss at the last second. Wow, that was worth the watch. Also the monster manipulation was amazing, world 2's can't be very common and no hands in world 8 was a really big shock so late into the run. All items gained from overworld encounters were used, the only thing at the end was the warp whistle.

I'm going to go with an accept, the overworld enemy luck outweighs the two stages that looked bad. If the skip isn't recording then a re-encode could fix that, otherwise I leave it to the others to decide if that's a deal breaker. The run is worth the watch accept or reject.

Time (Bowser kill): 53:30
Time (Through final door): 53:56

Run seems totally legit (although very incredible). Recording skipped at 52:22 but score and time were persistent both before and after the tape glitch so nothing wrong here from what I can tell.

Aside from that, wall-glitches are used (pass through some walls in 1 to 3 levels). I don't know if this is fair game or not, letting some more experienced people judge this one (I'm used to TG settings but I know SDA accepts glitches like this one for runs usually).

  Super Wizard Bros 3 with no cheating.  Audio/Visual is acceptable.

  Getting into it...
Donut Plains - 1-5 includes a nice jump squeezing through that last gap.  Otherwise, standard opening.
Dry Dry Desert - Small hiccup in 2-fortress.  Nice Hammer Bro skip!  He's so butt hurt about it that he doesn't move anymore.  Rest is good.
Peach Beach - Very smooth first couple of levels.  Runner doesn't get 99 lives in 3-9.  Slaps Wendy like a man.
Baby Park - Nice Lakitu sky jump in 4-4.  Nail biter in 4-6.  Death in 4-fortress?!  This is getting questionable, not even half done with the run yet. 
Cloud City - Some good levels here.  Like the transition level to the sky.
Vanilla Lake - Runner forgets the hammer bro suit and has to go back!  Are you kidding me?
Piranha Jungle - Glitches 7-1.  Massive P-Wing abuse ensues.  7-8 seemed messy. 
Bowser Castle - Plowing through.  Lucky with no hand grabs.  Close, but just can't quite get 8-2 like Frezy.  Hammer Time!

Overall, some pretty impressive and some bad stuff.  That death really bugs me.  Considering most the crap this runner pulls off, that death was so green.  It wasn't even at a hard spot, it was just rookie.  And then bypassing the Hammer Bro suit.  Not the first time we've seen that.  And this run has a few bad spots, which leads to the kicker.  While this run beats the existing by a minute, the majority of that isn't from better play, it's because they got lucky and didn't get hand grabbed in world 8.  The current run gets nabbed twice.  All things considered, I'm actually leaning towards a REJECT.  This run could be improved a bit more.

Overall, the the runner did a great job improving his previous run by roughly a minute.  This can, of course, be improved further by around 2 and a half minutes with no death or losing progression in crucial areas (like 7-3 and 7-8) using the current route.  I personally would have reset on the 2-2 mistake, though.

For people watching this video, keep in mind that the runner accurately manipulate Mario's position, and velocity to keep going at P-speed for as much as possible.  You may not notice it, but there are periods where lag from enemies/objects can make it so your jumps and button presses aren't read until it's too late.  At other times, a frame or two can mean  the difference between getting a trick and death, like in the 4-F2 death.  That death was understandable, having died on that before when I was really training up on my SMB3 last year.

Some highlights for people:

2-F  Although Mario missed the door by inches, the route under the spikes is pretty tight and enjoyable to watch.

5-2  I always take this first part safe, but the runner times his position and speed to bounce on the noteblock and gain a couple of seconds going to the pipe.

5-T  Such a great job on this!  I love it when the tower goes smoothly with p-speed.

6-5  Very nice and smooth!  Didn't even lose the p-wing (used for the next fortress)

HB Suit  Forgot the hb suit again! Hahahaha!!! *facepalm*

8-Navy  Getting Fire Mario!  Too good, Dude!

8-Hands  None! Woo!

8-1/2  Great levels done well.  Great job!

I believe this run should be [ACCEPTED], because it improved on the previous run, even though it was imperfect at points.  It's beatable, though!  Who's gonna challenge it?!

Time: 53:55

I agree with the previous statements and I will go for a ACCEPT. Sure, this can improved quite a bit but this is the current World Record for this category and I feel like it is my duty to keep the runs on SDA up to date.

Decision: Accept

Reason: This is improvable but has good execution overall and good hand luck to boot.

Congratulations to Mitchell 'Mitchflowerpower' Fowler!
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Congrats k1rua Mitch!
Congrats Mitch! K1rua has a better time but I am confident that you want to take it back Mitch! Wink
Congrats, Mitch!  I enjoyed the run!  Svenne is right, but you can rise to the challenge!
Yay Mitch!!! Grats on the accept!!!
Caution: This user contains Kana ^_^
Nice one. Now go back to the other castle, don't die and improve the time xþ
No honestly. Looking forward to this ^^