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Super Castlevania IV (Low %) (Single Segment)

Verifier Responses

Quote from JLohman711:
A/V quality is excellent.

No cheating detected.

This is very well executed. Stage 3 death abuse is taken earlier than optimal, but could not be avoided.

Excellent Mummy fight, got a good pattern and was able to get the 4 cycle, which is completely RNG dependent.

Quote from joecoolgames:
Video/Sound: Good
No Cheating

This run is great. Just about all the bosses went great or perfect. The only major improvement I see that can be made is the zip in stage 4, but with only the leather whip you are just hoping for no random bats 14 minutes into the run. Also, harpies can go die in a fire. Awesome as always DK.


Quote from UraniumAnchor:
No A/V problems or cheating.

Sadly I was not around to see this one live even though I caught many of the other attempts, so I can speak to how badly and how often the RNG can fuck you in runs of this game, especially in low%.

Now, I have two main issues with this run:

1) It's not the same sort of low% as in comparable games such as Contra or Ninja Gaiden, where there's no in-game percentage tracker and the rule is more like "minimal pickups". While this run does not include any whip upgrades or subweapons (it does pick up some hearts, but that doesn't matter since you can't use hearts without subweapons and you don't start with one), it does pick up invincibility, screen kills, and meat. Normally in games like this picking up any beneficial drops would disqualify it from the category. That said, I'm willing to accept this as "lowish%" for now, but if a run comes along that has a similar level of execution but picks up fewer of the items mentioned above (though skipping all the meat would be quite the feat due to how razor thin the margin of error would be, in addition to killing the vast majority of the damage boosting) then that theoretical run could potentially obsolete this one even if it's slower. I've mentioned this before and discussed it with some of the staff as well as the runner, so this isn't really news, but I'm including it here in the interests of full disclosure.

2) Somewhat related to the above, this run picks up a fair bit of "safety" meat. There's quite a bit of meat that's picked up to facilitate more damage boosts, but there's some that could be skipped by taking more risks and getting better RNG (the boss rush at the end springs to mind). That said, this run is already quite difficult as is so I'm willing to overlook this as well, at least for now.

That aside, speaking as somebody who's only somewhat familiar with CV4 running in general, this run impressed me in a lot of ways, not only in the planning (damage boosts) but in the tricks involved (at least one of which is frame perfect and costs multiple seconds if you miss it, if it doesn't just outright kill you). It DOES include at least two intentional deaths for health refills but the time "lost" is probably less than twenty seconds total, so I don't think it justifies splitting the categories.

Plus I'm a sucker for weird categories like this, and I'm glad to see more of them on the site in general.


Quote from RedArremer:
Sorry for holding this up. 'tis the season.

Video is great, audio is great on both tracks, the commentary is very solid. No cheating detected.

Rejected cause you picked up money bags and didn't get the lowest score possible.

I see no reason not to accept this. Just like UA, a too am a sucker for stupid categories (and I mean stupid in the good way, mind you), and low% SCV4 is pretty much the definition of that stupidity. I am not surprised that the runner is not planning on picking this bullshit up again.

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Jeremy 'DK28' Doll!
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DK28: 2014-12-09 01:22:08 am
General Kong - Bullets and Bananas
Yeah!  Thank you verifiers!  Needless to say, this run was probably the hardest I've completed yet.  It definitely caused some rage highlights and one cracked SNES controller, but it's done.  I'm so happy to have this accepted! 

Verifier Jlohman - The only time I've had the 4 cycle Akmodan II.

Verifier Joecool - Yes, zip is not advised on low%

Verifier UA - I guess hearts would be like picking up ninpo in Ninja Gaiden, just bored at some points and I whip stuff.  Sorry I'm such a meat whore.  The safety death at Dracula wasn't necessary after all, but wasn't risking it with the run I had going.  And I agree, the death abuse doesn't warrant a separate category at the moment.

Verifier Arremer - Belmont always steals Dracula's cash.

Thanks again everyone!  thumbsup
You got a deletion wish?
Quote from SDAVerification:
Game Page: Doesn't exist yet

Blame Puwexil, as always. Worry not, it always gets associated properly in the end.
General Kong - Bullets and Bananas
You mean Castlevania IV Low% doesn't get it's own game page?  Preposterous!