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Hello guys,
as you can probably guess, i am fairly new to speeddemosarchive, although i've regularly visited the site for 3 years, enjoying new speedruns, especially baldur's gate and such.

Now, after watching a guy on youtube playing stonekeep and commenting it as he plays, i have wondered whether this 1995 game can be speedrun.

after some hassle with dosbox i finally got the answer: YES, INDEED. I was very surprised actually, considering the time i needed to finish it back in 98 or so.

So I decided, why not try to share this experience  Wink

I read, the first thing to do here is to ask if people are interested at all, and that is why I am posting at the moment  Grin

Besides that, I am not sure whether dosbox is condidered an emulator, thus disallowing to submit anything, which would be a pity, since I have not found any other way to play this classic on modern XP.

To give some details about the game and the possible speedrun:
-- watch youtube user Kikoskia playing to see stonekeep's style
-- I have not recorded anything, though I got the needed tools, and know that its possible
-- I plan to get a secret = overpowered weapon early in the game, if that is "illegal", damn, i might try to run without it  :-/
-- Will be segmented, i plan to save at the beginning of a new level, (MAYBE before some tough boss fights).

Tell me if some are interested, would be a nice challenge for me  Cheesy

PS: I should register asap  Grin
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I would be interested in seeing a stonekeep run. I played it when it came out but unfortunately I don't remember much of it that would be of use in a speedrun anymore. I don't even know what secret overpowered weapon you are referring to Wink
As long as it doesn't involve something like cheat codes it should be fine in a run though.
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I'm sorry to tell you that Dosbox emulation is disallowed in matters of having your speedrun posted on this site.

On another hand, I would very much like to see this as well. I remember Stonekeep being quite fun back in the day.
I love YaBB 1G - SP1!
Damn, that's what I assumed. . .

I might try running it with VDMSound.

Is there any rules-sticky regarding old DOS games?
I love YaBB 1G - SP1!
well I have uploaded my speedrun to youtube

begin here:

i admit it is rather unprofessional, but hey: feel free to do better  Grin
Great, I will watch it.

Btw: Pro Tip: If you have a video chain, just video reply part 2 to part 1. So that we can easily see the next part Smiley
This run is actually pretty damn incredible. Since the dosbox rules have changed, a recreation of it under the new cycling could probably easily go on the site. Also youtube doesn't limit video length any longer.

There's also an invincibility bug/glitch/debug tool involving doing weird things to a skull and pressing an odd keyboard combination that could save a minute or so of healing, as Drake won't ever drop below 1hp
"debug tool": this would obviously have to be confirmed as NOT a debug tool.
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Silentsigil: 2019-11-16 04:46:35 am
iirc you put a skull in your inventory, take it out of the 'scroll', then press alt+f9 and the effect takes place.

Likely an old-school testing function like the konami code that was just not cut. That's speculation, and i've no idea where that would fall on SDA's radar.

It'd be mostly irrelevant anyways-- this guy's route is pretty perfectly routed to top up HP in most situations. It's just a constant thing you'd have to pay attention to if you couldn't do weird things with a skull.
Seeing as an (almost certainly) undocumented keyboard hotkey is used to activate it, there's almost no doubt it counts as cheating just like any cheat code would. In old games, you'd often get key combinations like that.

If you know anyone running the game (or whatever game) who doesn't necessarily know about SDA or don't think of it as something they want to get involved with, feel free to link them this thread.
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Silentsigil: 2019-11-16 11:55:48 pm
If someone didn't want to get involved with SDA why would i link them anything about SDA?

To an extent, I don't either. I see the strategy wiki as a place to organize information that doesn't belong in run notes, and some of the forum as useful places to find conversations about runs, but i'm not going to ever bother submitting a run here.

I don't know of anyone running this game, or of any other runs. The reason I pointed this thread out is that the OP's run is incredibly well-routed from what i saw. Shame it was thrown out.
I just read that thread and it honestly makes you look pretty bad dude. I wouldn't suggest you tell people to share that around.
"why would i link them anything about SDA?" Well this is off-topic now, but the idea of that thread is simply to inform anyone who doesn't know what SDA is really about (even though they might think so). I don't think everyone will see it the way you are. Many viewers appreciate what SDA does.

I'm glad you're using the wiki. I think it's very smart.

Anyone, I'm leaving it at this since it's off-topic.
That first line was a bit of a joke on your phrasing. If someone intentionally didn't want to be involved with SDA, then theoretically they'd already know enough about it to have made that decision. I should have put a thinking smily next to it or something.

In any case, agreed, we're off topic.

Run was really well routed, and if there's still interest on here about seeing/doing a stonekeep run, this is an incredible starting point.