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My name is unpronounceable
Seeing as how there are a bunch of games on steam with deals if you buy more than one copy, I thought having a thread to find people to buy with would be useful.  If this picks up steam, I'll try to keep this post updated with what people are looking for.

To get the thread started, I'd like to buy Sanctum.  I have one friend, but the group pack comes with four copies.  So, is anyone interested?

Game - people interested/Purchaser - # of people needed (copies left if bought) - Cost per person
Sanctum - mocliamtoh - 4 (1) - $7.50$1.87
Dungeon Defenders - mocliamtoh, Lag.Com, Zyre, mocliamtoh's friend - 4 - $11.25
Portal 2 - Freezard - 2 - $6.87
Bunch of Heroes - RaneofSOTN - 4 (1) - ~$2
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My feelings on The Demon Rush
This idea is so....sensible. I'm not sure why no one else has thought of it before.
My name is unpronounceable
So, I ended up buying Sanctum anyway, but I still have a copy for anyone who wants.  I'm now interested in picking up Dungeon Defenders.  Anyone want to join in?
sda loyalist
yes I want the Dungeon Defenders
The Speedrunning Teacher
I'll take a copy of Dungeon Defenders.
My name is unpronounceable
Ok, so my roommate also wants in, so that makes 4 of us.  I'll PM the two of you paypal details.
Everybody DANCE!
Bunch of Heroes looks like a pretty fun game with a four-player group pack.  Plus, it's on sale right now during the Steam Halloween Sale.  I think it was around $22 for a four-pack.

Also, if anyone is interested, both Left 4 Dead games are also on sale with group packs available.  I'm not interested, but I'm just letting you know.
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Freezard: 2011-12-19 09:26:10 pm
Freezard: 2011-12-19 06:58:05 pm
If any American is interested in buying Portal 2... we can share a Two Pack.
I'll PayPal the money!
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RaneofSOTN: 2011-12-19 09:39:26 pm
I want off the ride....
Bought the 4pack of bunch of heroes. just let me know if you want a part of it.
7.50 / 4 = ~1.75?.. no... 1.85... so paypal of 2$ or whatever works.

i have 1 copies left.
The Speedrunning Teacher
Alright, so if you've been looking into Steam's Great Gift Pile and checking your inventory, you've probably got some coupons that you're pretty sure that you aren't going to use. Well, why not trade them? Mind you, they may not get you as good a deal as some of the games are right now, but if you're planning on buying a game between January and March, these coupons will be good to have.

Anyways, I have a couple of coupons that are up for trading:
-25% THQ title
-50% Darwinia

*More to come as I plan on trying for many more gifts today and tomorrow. Not to mention that you can get a gift just by trading at least once. Even if it is trading coal for coal.
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Greenalink: 2011-12-30 05:19:39 pm
DS Dictator
My current steam coupons:

50% off Valve games
50% off The Wonderful End of the World
50% off S.T.A.L.K.E.R Call of Pripyat
33% off Might and Magic Heroes VI
50% off The Ball
50% off Borderlands Game of the Year edition.

More likely to trade any coupon you don't want for any of the coupons I got in red. At least it gives one/both of us an extra Great Gift Pile achievement.
My name is unpronounceable
I've got a couple of coupons too:

50% off Valve games
33% off Valve games
50% off Bloodbowl Legendary Edition

I don't really want any of them, so anyone who wants, just let me know.
couple up for grabs:

33% off valve game
50% off gta: san andreas
also have 2 killing floor guest passes if anyone wants to try that game out for some reason

i'd never use these so if you want either of these let me know and you can have them, lol
My name is unpronounceable
Just an FYI post.  Borderlands is 75% off today ($15 for a four pack, or $22.50 for the GOTY four pack), and there are bound to be more group deals with the 2K sale.
My name is unpronounceable
Summer Sale Bump.  If you want to find people to get even better savings, feel free to post.
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Sir VG: 2012-07-13 10:46:47 am
Sir VG: 2012-07-12 05:55:04 pm
Fucking Weeaboo
I have an extra copy of Magicka. Will trade for a copy of Legend of Grimrock or Splice.

Also have a couple of copies of Hoard.  If you can toss me a couple of bucks, I'll let you have one of the them.
So, this weekend is the Borderlands 2 preorder bonus. If you already own Borderlands 1, the preorder on steam is 10% off. This also applies to the 4 pack, and is EXTRA cheap if the person ordering is from the UK. With the 10% off, a 4 pack is £81. Do the conversions yourselves. You get all the preorder bonuses as well, except for the Gamestop exclusive one.
My feelings on The Demon Rush
Does anyone plan on getting Torchlight 2? There's a 4-pack for $59.99 (it would normally be 80 dollars for four people).
I want off the ride....
I'd like to get torchlight 2... so i'd be down to throw in.
I'd like to get it as well. The pack seems to be 56,99 here.
I want off the ride....
Well it all depends, but I have money in my acct I can go ahead and get the 4-pack and hand it out on getting paypal funds or w/e... Or how should we work this?
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mikwuyma: 2012-09-19 01:28:47 pm
My feelings on The Demon Rush
I'll make a PM.

EDIT: Since we didn't mention who the fourth guy was, it was Shadowwraith.
I have a extra copy of Civ 5 i bought 4 for my friends but one already has it if anyone is intrested in Civ 5 just PM me if you want to buy.
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Palidian: 2013-11-12 01:07:51 am
Anybody want to go in on a 4-pack preorder of Starbound? ($11.25 each)

Or I can trade some of the following:
(Braid, Cortex Command, Machinarium, Osmos, Revenge of Titans)
(Crayon Physics, Cogs, VVVVVV, Hammerfight, And Yet It Moves)
(Binding of Isaac + DLC)
(Cave Story +)
(Dynamite Jack)
(Trine 2)