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Good luck ktwo!  This is a pretty brutal game, so I'm definitely rooting for you!  I'm looking forward to reading more about your progress.  ^_^
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ktwo: 2010-07-18 04:20:29 pm
Arrghh, I died in room 46 (4 rooms left)... I had a pretty good pace with maybe 15-20 seconds of mistakes, but started to choke in the rooms before so I knew that something bad was bound to happen. Still, I'm in good form and pile up good attempts at the moment, so getting the best ending run done is just a matter of time and patience. My only concerns are that my controller has started to squeak more and more and that  summer holiday is quickly coming closer, meaning 4 weeks without playing. Not that I can't live without playing video games, but who knows in what form I'm in when I get back ? I just gotta cross my fingers for getting that run done before then I guess...

I'll just edit this post with updates until I go off on holiday, so check back here in case you're interested in the progress.

Edit (130710)
Had some things to do tonight, so I didn't get to play until pretty late. One pretty good attempt ended in room 33 (big screw-up in 31 though, so I didn't care too much) and another one in room 22 (difficult room, but has been the end to too many runs lately). Otherwise I was mostly too tired to stay focused, so I thought it was time to sum up and go to bed instead.

Edit (140710)
Only two attempts tonight. The first run ended in room 34 (easy room, but not evident to speedrun), but was otherwise very good. Continued playing and everything went fine until I lost focus and my two last lives in room 48 and Solomon. It will still serve as good experience for what not to do next time I reach those rooms. The second attempt ended by missing the exit in room 10 (if I'll ever submit a best ending run, I'll explain why I hate this room's exit).

Edit (150710)
Got a good run going after around 10 tries. Stupid death in room 33 costing 25 seconds. Up until then around 10 seconds of mistakes. Continued playing for practice. Some rough rooms after that because of sloppiness, but also due to not having practiced the later levels that much in a run before (it's not the same thing to memorize a room and to really have it in the hands). Around 40 seconds of mistakes after the death, but no more deaths. The end time was 36.18. Subtracting the death and the mistakes, it would have been just over 35 minutes (so a couple of seconds above my estimation based on emu practice). The good news is that I now have a recorded run that officially beats the nicovideo run by well over a minute if converted to ntsc time. And then I'm pretty sure that ntsc is not only faster because of the 60 Hz/50 Hz, but also because some ntsc-tricks are too tight doing on the pal-version. I know I can do much better, so I'm not stopping here though.

Edit (170710)
No playing yesterday. Lots of it today. I think I was in the 30ies around five times, but all of them ended between 31 and 35. There are several tricky manoeuvers in those rooms where even the slightest mistake typically results in death (except room 32, which is one of the easiest rooms). If I can just get a couple of runs past 35 (or maybe 36), I should be able to get my first deathless run. There are a couple of dangerous rooms left after that, but also several where small mistakes don't end a run.

Edit (180710)
Hectic day, but still time for quite a lot of gaming. Started out early by dying in room 31. That was the last time that happened. I have changed the route, which cost half a second, but allows me to avoid all close-death calls in that room. Later on I came to room 35, but had crazy bad luck. In the evening, I finally got past the ordeal of 31-35 with two runs ending in room 38. I will trade half a second for safety and make sure that no more runs stop in that room. Obviously a bit frustrating to lose runs that far into the game, but I continued anyway and died of random bs in rooms after that, so let's just say it wouldn't have made difference if I had got past 38.
I take off on vacation now, so no more Solomon's Key for a while. Instead of posting everyday, you can see my progress the last couple of days in the edits of the previous post. Today I played pretty poorly, but finally managed to get a run going. Unfortunately it ended in room 46 after a surprising enemy spawn that caught me off guard. I haven't analyzed the run, but it felt like it would have been around 35.30, which would be around the upper limit for what I could consider submitting. I would probably have tried to top it anyways. Still, it would have been nice to have a placeholder run as a backup.

I hope to have better news for you next time I post.
Ok, I said that I would have better news for you next time I posted. Well, guess what. I did it. I f-kin did it...

It's a no-death best ending run without warps (all 52 rooms completed). I just copied the run from my dvd-recorder harddrive to a dvd and also to my computer (no way I'm losing this run because of a bad dvd or something). I then watched the run to see that everything was recorded alright. Things go according to plan until room 40. From there on it goes downhill and I ended up losing about 15 seconds to my ideal run (on emu with save states) for a final time of around 35:08. It should correspond to somewhere between 29:15 and 29:30 ntsc.

Believe it or not, but this is actually my first no-death completion. It's good enough for submission though. Still, with this run as a placeholder, I will go for a run with more dangerous tricks. However, considering how much I worked for this run, I'm not sure I expect to finish another run with several difficult tricks added near the end. But let's see... I'm pretty pumped up now at least. Smiley
Wow, nice job ktwo!  I can't wait to watch that.  ^_^