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adzicents: 2010-07-18 01:57:59 am
King Laskdjf
I can't stand playing this game normally, it's terrible. I found that if I try to speedrun it, it's much more fun.

So far I've only done the training level as a test, on Normal difficulty, but it should get a bit more complex as I progress through the game.

The only concern I have is whether to use the timer at the end of each level. That timer includes restarts, which means I'd have to go back to the main menu each time I want to restart a level. Would it be best to just ignore that timer and time it myself? I'd be doing IL runs, the same way CoD is speedrun.

Did anyone else have any interest in this game? Would there be any interest in a speedrun?

I'll start adding some info.

You don't want to get a single headshot the entire game, those slowdowns are costly.

One Shot, One Kill -
The first two enemies you can kill the second you get control back, spam fire and you have about a 20% chance to hit the guy immediately.

The three enemies running down the road can't be killed until mabout halfway down the road, if you kill them too early the next three around the corner get alerted, this game really suffers from FarCry syndrome.

From here it's pretty simple until you hit Vasquez. Killing the 6 guards on the roofs while waiting to kill Vasquez just makes the run through the plant easier as you don't get hit as often. Vasquez can't be shot until he appears.

Once he's shot, run backwards and jump down the cliff, it's possible to get down the cliff without taking damage, but it isn't necessary. Run through the middle and shoot the two guards that are visible near the fence and in the tower to prevent too much damage being taken. Run straight through until the boat triggers and then hide and wait.

No Man Left Behind -

Only difficult part in this one is the first part. The rest is just running.

The only real factor on how fast this level is completed is how fast the first area is cleared. The second area, wading through the water is faster because you don't want to have no ability to sprint left by the time you get to the bridge. Sprinting across the bridge, past the truck, through the bushed and in the archway, killing the guard. Fastest way I've found to do that. Then just run to the truck and kill the two guards, I have a feeling you don't have to kill them at all.

Last area, just run around the outside and you're done.

Dangerous Grounds -

Running through the first area is the hardest part. For some reason, doing practice attempts, I got through the first area, EVERY time. When I went to record, I could never get it. For some reason, when I play with a script FPS of 30, the AI seems to change, and it's much easier for them to spot me running through. I only managed to get past the first section 5% of the time.

The second section is simple enough, just keep running, healing as you get shot. I passed this part maybe 60% of the time.

Last section is just down to getting a good shot on that first guy. Rest is easy.
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Sid: 2010-07-12 02:38:42 pm
Now it's Sui^^
Quote from adzicents:
I can't stand playing this game normally, it's terrible. I found that if I try to speedrun it, it's much more fun.

Hmm - my dad sent my an article about the game developers (mah country... meh), which describe a game as a complete hit! I knew there is something wrong with this game, so I checked it and...? I was quite surprised that City Interactive made a game with such a nice graphics... and here the bad thing struck me - the gameplay is awful, I have almost no fun playing this game, so was the graphics and trailers the only reason why this game sold so good?

...and if it comes to speedrun - this is City Interactive, so there must be a lot of glitches and bugs that we can use. I'll try to find something Wink

Jesus... these checkpoints are messed up - watching a part with boat coming to a shore is annoying at the 2nd try... and I've watched this already 4 times^^ Grrr  Angry

Funny fact - in most of cutscenes where a game takes control over a camera you can't do anything... except for throwing a grenades Wink
sounds like a good idea Smiley

the game was ok, i was done with it after like 4 hours or so (so the game itself is not very long)

you can save a lot of time cuz you can just run through the map wherever you want to the next goal... (mostly)
i noticed though, that there were sometimes a few annoying invisible walls and scripts that you had to wait for, not to mention the hordes of enemies and missions where you were not allowed to be seen (alarm, alarm!) oh, and naturally you dont take much damage so you had to be careful with close combat

it looks very good so far, good luck with it
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adzicents: 2010-07-13 10:35:21 am
King Laskdjf
Found I can save at LEAST 40 seconds over my last run of the first level. You don't need to rope down, there are places on the cliffs where you can jump down with little or no damage.

Shaved almost a minute off it, down to 4:17. Don't think much better is possible.


Second level in 3:07

Jolly good show!
I stopped playing this game on the second mission because of the horribly omniscient AI. Then again, they released a patch on Steam that's supposed to fix most of the things I didn't like about SP. Maybe give it another chance?
King Laskdjf

Part 4 Smiley
Borderlands 2 Glitch Hunter/ router.
Hoping to start my speed running career with this game (I was supposed to be doing Borderlands but that's on hold) although it is terrible its quite fun to speed run.

I will be posting a run of the first mission later [when its uploaded to youtube] (Easy mode with a few improvements on adzicents's run) the run is not perfect sprint jumping causes me to hit into a few objects in the level however is vital to maintaining speed and breath.

Tricks used:

Sprint jump- Basically somewhere in the code for this game they put in that you can only sprint for a certain amount of time (heart rate / short of breath) ...which is fair enough... however this is only if your feet are on the ground for the entire duration of the sprint.

If you sprint then jump you maintain your speed while in the jump then when you land simply...Jump some more! (^_^), by doing this you prevent two things, 1: the sprint time Limit is removed (pretty much) 2: Your heart rate hardly even goes up (critical if shots need to be fired quickly while in scoped mode).

First seen --> The second i start moving!!!

Abuse of Objectives - Certain objectives will cause all guards to stop following you (or make them die) as they are completed, I use this in my first level run and alot throughout other missions.

First seen --> In the first mission it can be seen when i pass the group of soldiers on the main road who shoot at me then after i derp into a tree i go down a steep slope and the objective crosses off ... and of the soldiers... nothing!! stealth Achieved ; )

Adzi's Tree Jump - Priceless trick when running the first mission as by the time your supposed to rope jump your nearly at the exit gate for the camp. method ... jump onto the tree then face plant the cliff until you hit ground you may die once or twice but once you know it you pretty much have it sorted. (Landing on the tree is another matter finding the right spot i died around 60-70 times lol)

First seen (and only time) --> After the generals assassination is a FAIL i hop, skip and jump through a bush and land on the tree.

Anyways as for the run a few improvements possible (not humping the tree, the hesitation while doing the A-T-J and avoiding the guards better in the final section) but im quite pleased with it but there are seconds to be saved.


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Judgy: 2012-04-20 05:58:13 pm
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Judgy: 2012-04-18 01:06:40 pm
Judgy: 2012-04-18 12:39:44 pm
Borderlands 2 Glitch Hunter/ router.
###EDIT###Mission 1-1  Time -- 3:45    3:31

i very happy with this run, everything went pretty nicely with the result shaving 14 seconds off my previous time. =)

###EDIT###Mission 1-2  Time -- 2:55    2:53

Quicker by 2 seconds clearing the first area went smoother and i run straight to the truck this time seconds can still be saved clearing the LZ though.

Mission 1-3    Time -- 2:42

This run goes well the sneaking at the start goes perfectly and the 2 soldiers fall quickly which was nice of them.

Second section running up to the lighthouse went as well as I would expect not really anything i can do to improve.

Sniping section : I hate the sniping on this mission get it done and hit the floor .. not much else to it

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Judgy: 2012-04-20 03:20:11 am
Judgy: 2012-04-18 02:34:36 pm
Borderlands 2 Glitch Hunter/ router.
Mission 1-4    Time -- 2:12

run past everything and let the cut scene kill everyone (you can hear a multi death sound as the cut scene fades the screen)
On the way down fighting is nearly as minimal apart from the bottom layer which needs to be cleared so I do some shooting and a well placed grenade makes it nice and short.
I have to wait at the end for at least one NPC to reach me (he turned up pretty quick which was good) once he has the ending dialogue will begin.

Mission 1-5    Time -- 4:15

First section : run and jump run and jump, for once the game itself gives you the best route, the reason it is the best route is that as far as I can tell..... its the only route....

Sniping section : This works based on the amount of people you kill the quicker you kill the quicker it ends I use quick "slow shots" (oxymoron or what) so that my bullets kill instead of missing a target many times (using a "slow shot" of a very brief duration stops your heart rate increasing by a lot but makes your aim more precise once over the target)

Section three: Run past everything your friendly NPC's will respawn next to the tower behind you saving much time .. thanks game!!!

Section four: Same as above, go through the hole in the fence and hop, skip, jump past the enemies.

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Judgy: 2012-04-20 03:49:39 am
Borderlands 2 Glitch Hunter/ router.
Mission 2-1    Time -- 9:00

What can i say ... scripted boat rides + a long mission = long run time could possibly be faster

Mission 2-2    Time -- 3:32

Quickest paths I can find for this mission, for some reason the first viewing of the AA gun takes ages so just get near the fire and run to get the c4 by the time your near the village it will have registered.

Mission 2-3    Time -- 3:51

This mission is short ... but long the only real task is finding the best way through the camp ... not sure if i have it

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Borderlands 2 Glitch Hunter/ router.
Mission 2-4    Time -- 3:18

Done quick , annoyed i had to reload when i did but oh well, escaping was nice running along the ledge is quicker than swimming, what else ..... oh yeah!!! 100% ACCURACY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =)

Mission 3-1    Time -- 3:08

Slow start ... dialogue .... quick sneaking apart from on the roof of the building i crouch to be sure i don't get spotted, helping the sniper .... i just run through it...

Mission 3-2    Time -- 2:32

Scripted car ride ... fun ....¬_¬ kill people on the way then snipe some more then run to the traitor

Mission 3-3    Time -- 4:01

Quick but slow due to the game demanding you crouch through some parts, all in all it goes well had some trouble finding the guard circling the building with the plans in .. if i didn't find him he would have shot me in the back when i left knowing my luck.

Mission 4-1    Time -- 4:51

This mission made me reset more times than i'd care to say perfecting the method for getting over the second bridge and planting the charges took over 100 attempts on its own (there is a checkpoint about 2 seconds before hand so reloading for practising it was nice) once the method was sorted out its fine but getting the whole mission to go smoothly in one shot was still a bugger. Tongue 
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Borderlands 2 Glitch Hunter/ router.
Mission Something :S    Time -- 9:47

Could be done quicker if I forsake killing for safety and just run and heal when finding the charges.

Final Mission    Time -- 1:41

Time could be saved... somehow...

Borderlands 2 Glitch Hunter/ router.
A Segmented Run of each mission has been completed by me now.
The run contains improvements some of which a quite substantial for every mission (i think)

(I realize in the above videos that I'm missing a mission or two i had a brain fart at some point they are on youtube if you really wish to see them "judgy speedrun" will get you to the right place)

hopefully sending of the run, verification and everything else that goes with it will  be swift and efficient =)

Borderlands 2 Glitch Hunter/ router.
What will probably be the last update until my run gets verified just a quick link to the run I've spent too much time doing lol

Mission |Final Time
00-Training= 0:45
01-One shot one kill= 3:22
02-No Man Left Behind= 2:08
03-Dangerous Grounds= 2:34
04-Take Down The Rigs = 2:10
05-An Alliance To Save Rodriguez= 3:39
06-Weaken The Regime= 7:18
07-On Your Own= 3:20
08-A Simple Redezvous= 1:22
09-Steal from Under Their Noses= 2:34
10-The End Is Near= 2:39
11-The Hunt Is On= 2:28
12-Steal from Under Their Noses Pt 2= 1:16
13-A Marksman At His Best= 4:47
14-Guardian Angel= 4:20
15-The Show Down= 7:39
16-Seek And Destroy= 1:03

Total= 53:24

Playlist for all missions:

Done and Done!!!!

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Judgy: 2013-10-02 03:56:35 pm
Judgy: 2013-10-02 03:44:03 pm
Borderlands 2 Glitch Hunter/ router.
Update for anyone who cares (I doubt anyone does)

Currently doing Single segment attempts my current PB is 39:43 Which is 1:18 slower than my Individual Levels Combined time (38:25) . If I get under 39 I will submit, after watching it back I made a few BIG mistakes (the show down and the failure on Seek and destroy)
Part 1

Part 2

More Practicing and then some Attempt recording for submission Smiley
I know this game is beyond dead on this site, but for transparency I guess I should post some of the updates for this game since 2013:

Firstly, One Shot, One Kill can now be beaten in 1:07; throwing a grenade at the beginning prevents the cinematic with the guards from playing, saving about 3s.

We've cut about 20s off No Man Left Behind by jumping over a cutscene trigger, fortunately enough we can still trigger the end of level by doing so.

(Taken from my single segment WR) Weaken The Regime is over 15s faster, due to a faster way of getting OoB after getting off the boat, about 2:15 into the video.

(Also taken fromy my single segment WR) A major skip was discovered for the very annoying A Marksman At His Best level, saving a little over 2 minutes. The execution of the glitches is very easy too.

Finally, I discovered an OoB in the level, On Your Own, I still need to mess around with it a lot more to see if it has any use; hopefully, as we could save upwards of a minute (depending on how the skip needs to be executed).
A couple more quick updates: 1. my 36:43 Single segment run has been accepted and should be on the site (at some point) 2. I am currently working on improving the segmented run, at the moment the total time is below 35 minutes, which means it beats the current segmented run by three minutes 3. I have discovered that binding mouse wheel down to "jump" is extremely helpful for some of the tricks in the run, and feels a lot nicer when bunny hopping around the levels - since spamming space bar gets annoying, especially with my loud, mechanical keyboard.
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LotBlind: 2022-08-05 09:21:06 am
Yup, mouse wheel abuse (especially on a free-scrolling wheel) is a standard part of the PC runner's toolkit. Don't forget to always try binding it to other actions too just in case one of them glitches out if repeated really fast. Or if in some segments you don't need it for jumping, it might be useful to save frames when *using* things.

I was reminded of the guide linked in the top post here. If speedrunners were truly organized, we'd have one of these for every genre, all freely editable in a wiki such as ours.
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ImEliteGlitches: 2022-08-05 04:14:36 pm
ImEliteGlitches: 2022-08-05 10:43:28 am
ImEliteGlitches: 2022-08-05 10:25:45 am
Will do, LotBlind.

I have completed the segmented run, of the 17 segments, I have improved 15. The total time is 33:37. I'm going to hold off submitting for a month or two to make sure that the IL times are solid enough.

Also, new OoB on the last mission:
Good thing you're not rushing it.
Okay so after going over all the levels today I think the run is pretty good; I managed to shave off another 9s - so 33:28 in total. I plan on releasing a video in the next few weeks or so, which compile all the segments into one - if I can't improve further.
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ImEliteGlitches: 2022-09-02 09:28:13 am
ImEliteGlitches: 2022-08-28 01:09:48 pm
ImEliteGlitches: 2022-08-28 01:03:16 pm
Meant to link this a while ago, but new SS WR, 35:36 - new strats have helped with consistency in places, turns out binding mouse wheel down to jump isn't optimal for SS runs because of The Showdown level.

Don't really think this is appropriate to submit because of how recent the current SS run is on here, but I will resubmit when/if I get a 34:XX. Not gonna link the Stream recording, I didn't really discuss the strats used.

Didn't quite make a single video because I haven't had the time but here are the final Individual levels,
final time is 33:38, not sure where I got 33:37 from - must've been an arithmetic error while adding the segments up.
Game has seen some activity in the past 4 months, by that I mean two new runners. Any% has been taken down to a 34:18 by French runner, AlluM3tt3

The reason I explicitly state that he's French is because it lends itself to my next point, the game is faster in French, because as you may have guessed, faster dialogue. (Discovered in January)

I.e. Training Ground is now 7s faster,
Yup, the old language version time saves... No-one tends to check for those straight away, which is kind of silly but kind of understandable at the same time. I can't remember off the top of my head if we separate runs by language version. I don't think we do cause I can't remember any two runs that are for the same game and category, just different languages, being up on some gamepage. Might be wrong.