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Snipe Elite () (pc) [Any %] [Segmented]

Decision: Reject

Reason: Audio and video need to be without overlay. There is a timer in the submitted video and the runner has no other version of the recording.

This run will be available for a month. After that these link(s) will no longer work.
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Snipe Elite () (pc) [Any %] [Segmented]

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LotBlind: 2017-01-20 03:26:53 am
LotBlind: 2017-01-20 03:26:22 am
A/V: For future reference, please don't include anything extra in the recording, not even an external timer. A widescreen patch is okay though, because it's cosmetics. Feel free to leave opening/ending cutscenes in before and after the run. Timing will probably stop when you've hit "continue" after completing the last mission.

All the times I'm giving are from the video time, not the on-screen timer. These notes are fairly detailed because I want to give you all possible advice.

Mission 1
1:02 - looks like the game has ramp boosting: this means you hit a slope (a ramp) and get boosted in a direction away from it. Let's keep this in mind.

This mission looks like one segment really is enough.

Mission 2
5:04 - would it have saved time to run to the supplies earlier? Looks like you could have turned around faster as well. If there's any sense in segmenting right there, maybe you can even manipulate the friendly to stay out of the way?

This mission looks like it should be split into maybe 3 segments. Every miss costs a bit of time not just because you have to shoot again but also you have to reload more times.

Finding out that you can throw the dynamite instead is one of the things that you should find out about before starting to record a run. You should put a lot of time into just testing various possibilities, even slightly crazy ones! Look for every FAQ and walkthrough that you can find and see if there's anything like this mentioned. I know there's less of those in Russian.

Why does the game ask you if you want to save after the second mission but not the first? Wait, I understand: it's a trick that you didn't know about before you had already done mission one. Honestly you could have started again, but the main thing is to test the game well before starting to run.

Mission 4

10:20 - Aren't you too far away from the target? Looks like you had to move closer before shooting. I think you should be able to take this shot faster, almost immediately after the enemy has spawned, unless it's impossible then.

Mission 5:
11:32 - I guess you can't just shoot the car while it's moving to destroy it faster?
11:50 - This has to be faster: it looks ugly to miss so many shots, and in a segmented run you really should hit the first shot. Unless they're protected while inside the car and you're just shooting for fun. Can you destroy it with a grenade (if you had any?)
11:55 - You said that in this game, strafing is slower, but do you mean only if you move directly to the side it's slower?

Maybe 3 segments for this mission.

Mission 6
14:07 - Why not go around these lamps on the left side instead?

Mission 8
16:33 - Are you sure you can't do this movement better? Is it forcing you the whole way down the slope? Can you fall off the wall further on the right instead?
17:00 - Is it really true this is the fastest way to go up a spiral staircase? Cheesy Hahaha. Or is it just easier?
17:30 - It looks like you're walking instead of running inside the building.

Is there any variance in how long the agent takes to reach his target? If the part where you protect the truck is all scripted, I think the whole mission up to that point can possibly be done in one segment because all you're optimizing is the movement to get there.

Mission 9
24:30 - I guess you can't just blow the IMV (infantry mobility vehicle) up with the bazooka?
24:50 - Can you use the bazooka to eliminate all these guys in one go?

Mission 10 (stealth)

Needless to say, this mission can probably be sped up a lot with segmenting. Maybe you can get closer to the officer before the cutscene plays. Escape faster etc. BTW what happens if you set the bomb timer on 1 minute and it blows up early?

30:42 - WHAT?

Mission 12 (maybe 3 segments?)

31:53 - I think this start can be done a little bit faster. You're waiting to take the last shot for longer than it would have taken to shoot the guy on the left, then shoot the vehicle. Also you could have been already entering the subway.

Mission 13

36:35 - Can you land on the railing and get a ramp boost off it?

Mission 14

37:32 - Can you move a little bit slower going down the stairs so you don't get hurled so far? Would it save time?

Mission 15

39:09 - That's an interesting corner...

Mission 16

Just a little bit inaccurate movement here.

Mission 17

Looks like this mission has a lot of RNG to manipulate and execution to optimize so you'll need probably 5 segments.

40:41 - Yes, that's what I was talking about Smiley
46:10 - Here it really shows that you have to practise movement more.

Mission 18

51:00 - What if you moved forwards and right at the start here? Does that make you cut the corner a bit?
51:18 - Looks like you forgot where the entrance was: doesn't look good especially in a segmented run even if not a lot of time was lost.

Mission 20

52:57 - I'm interested in knowing why you look back here? Aren't you sure if you've killed everyone you needed to?

Mission 23

Here I think you're losing a looot of time in the trainyard to waiting for the enemies to show themselves. Maybe even using two segments in that section so you can manipulate it to go a lot better with less missed shots too?

Mission 25

1:09:19 - is it not possible to go straight at the start? Also you get stuck on a piece of rubble for over a second, which is something that should never happen at the beginning of a segment.
1:12:30 - does it say mission complete after you've shot the last enemy or when the pilot reaches the extraction zone? Or do you need both? In any case you lose a bit of time because of not hitting ESC as soon as it's happened, like you're not ready. Maybe the enemy appearing there hadn't ever happened before?

Mission 26

Obviously can save lots of time by segmenting.

Mission 27

Here you first miss the first close-range shot AND get stuck on the TWO flights of stairs for several seconds... this really can't happen in a segmented run ever. After that you waste more time fishing out the medkit and getting stuck again. At the end you're still left with one extra medkit, which means you weren't even in danger of dying. I'm sure there's RNG involved with the way enemies behaved but it really didn't look very good.

1:17:46 - Here's an example of a corner that you handled better.

Generally (and this goes for the other run too) I think your movement, which is pretty simple in these games (compared to something like Return to Castle Wolfenstein), isn't bad-looking, but also not quite as accurate as it should be. In a speedrun, when there's nothing else going on, these kinds of things start to stick out and look bad. I can see that the player character (=PC) has a little bit of momentum when they come around the corner so you have to handle it like a racing car: turn BEFORE the corner. That's something you have to practise a lot because it's very inconsistent in this run.

You said that it's very inaccurate to shoot off the hip in this game, which makes sense. Still, consider if you can manipulate one such shot at the beginning of some of the shorter segments.

I see that at least in some missions, you're given medkits that fully heal you without wasting time... Maybe you can use those more "aggressively", although I admit I didn't pay any attention to it for the first 22 missions so you may have used them more than I thought.

Explosions - because you're using custom settings, you can and should choose the fastest ones. Does it make your grenades more powerful to turn the explosion radius up or just the enemies'?

BTW - When I gave estimates about how many segments some missions should be done in, these are just example missions and you should decide yourself how many segments is appropriate for each mission. The mentality segmented runs should have is "What's the best possible outcome?", so you need to rely on luck to get enemies to mostly behave in the way you'd prefer without spending a lot of time looking around for them or having to adapt to the AI's decisions. The upside is you get to think of really unusual strategies like throwing a grenade around a corner blindly hoping it will take out enemies you'd otherwise have to stop and shoot one by one. So try to think outside the box the whole time! It will make the process more interesting for you as well.

So again, the same story: the run doesn't look bad (apart from missing the dynamite throwing which will save lots of time), but according to SDA rules, it has too few segments.


Я, по-прежнему, могу по-русски объяснить при нужде. Нет, не применяю я переводчик ) Толкько в последий ответ допустил несколько ошибок и к тому же не понял, как сказать thread по-русски.
Decision posted.
5:04 no i cant save time , cuz if i stay near box with supp , supp will not spawn in my eyes , only out of tent they spawn
10:20 its fast enough m8
11:32 there invisible wall where i am shooting , also bad aim happens
11:50 ye it should me more faster , about nade ye seems like a good idea , btw i can kill him in gas tank , just things about ideal run , i dont have much retries also dont have target to do ideal run , it confirms that i didnt replay game after learning throwing tnt
11:55 yes movement speed will decrease if i press strafe when i move forward , on this timing i didnt loose any time
14:07 like i said , movements in this game like "liquid with inertia" , i should turn left little bit earlier to go through lamps
16:33 yes it forcing me the whole way down the slope , like i said movement in this game like "liquid with inertia"
17:00 its faster than if i run near beginning of spiral stairs , like i said strafe movement faster on stairs , i know that u can safe much time if you run along the inner part , but not in this game...
17:30 its max speed of movement on stairs m8 , also i dunno but on second spiral stairs movement speed little bit decreased , bcuz of level design or something...
24:30 ye i can kill him with bazooka , but that not safe time , other guys spawning scripted , its like delayed spawn
24:50 ye with bazooka it can be much better i think , dunno why i dont kill him with bazooka
30:42 that wass nutty shot LUL
31:53 its can be done much faster if i shoot in gas tank after my spawn on 31:32 , my stupid mistakes
36:35 i dont think so that this game got this feature m8 , also i cant understand how this can save time in this game if it works
37:32 if run little bit slower , i decrease movement speed and after that i need again time to increase speed , it cant save time
39:09 ye its kinda a funny corner , i think level designers did not expect that i can go through that hole , its works only on full speed
Mission 17: i can done it much faster in one segment , just need more retries and practice
40:41 cant understand what u mean here
46:10 like i said movement has mechanics "liquid with inertia" , if i strafe in corners i decrease much speed
51:00 its like half second m8 xDD is it really matters
51:18 ye mistakes happens ;/ especially on whole run
52:57 dunno why i look back , im dumb
Mission 23 : i should review this mission more prepared , especially where enemy come from , to kill them faster , and its can be done easily in 1 segment
1:09:19 mistakes
1:12:30 mission ends after pilot reaches the extraction zone
Mission 26
yes this mission so random btw , ye segmenting can safe time i think
Mission 27 alot of mistakes ,
1:17:46 like i said this mechanics... btw in building speed little bit decreased so i can handle corner better
about movements ye u right , about run u right on 100% , but like i said i didnt have target to do ideal run
about explosives , its affect to everything , and ofc grenades can safe time on some levels for sure
about recommendations - ye i should find on game more faster strats and choice different ways to beat the game
thank you 4 u advices - i will do ideal speedrun soon.

(You probably shouldn't say "mate/m8" because it can actually sound aggressive in some contexts)

Well sounds like you should mostly avoid straferunning (+forwards with +right or +left) then.

40:46 - maybe it was a good corner by you? I can't remember either. In any case there's places where you do corner efficiently, and other places where you don't, so it's clear it can be done better and much more consistently. Like a rally car.

51:00 - YES, it matters, it makes no sense NOT to take that half second when it's so easy. It looks ugly, as I keep saying, to miss something so basic. Especially when there's so little to most missions otherwise: move efficiently and shoot efficiently with good RNG. Trust me, this is how you should be thinking if you're going to submit more runs on SDA. That's what speedrunning is all about.

Because you're using custom settings, I think you should probably turn the explosions to the max then shouldn't you? This game can have two difficulty categories: fastest and hardest. Maybe it's more consistent if you turn explosions to "hollywood" for single segment runs, but segmented: it has to be the realistic setting. I'm looking forwards to seeing what neat tricks you can find when you switch to it!

Best of luck! Have fun!
i never use aggressive in some contexts with word "mate" , its like dude/man or something
yes like i said straferunning will decrease speed
40:46 there nothing special here , im just kicking of wall to wall ,cuz of this inertia movement
51:00 ok i cut off all corners next time Smiley
ty for luck , ill do my best...