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SS Fastest time to Megalopolis with Money Trick

Verifier Responses

So here's my verification comments:

It's Mr. K (or rather, Mayor K). That is all.


OK, I'll be a little more serious.

Audio/Video: Superb!
Cheating: Mayor K would never do that!

Mayor K, tired from having saved the entire world bare-chested, decides to take on a new job: rebuilding one of the cities destroyed by Red Falcon. This city happens to be XGOTHICX, which was located not far from where the final showdown with Red Falcon took place. Unfortunately, Red Falcon had already nuked the town to oblivion, and planted hyper-growing trees to make it look as if nothing had happened. Mayor K had a lot of work ahead of him.

He starts off by placing some Power Lines in the middle of nowhere, then mass building Police Stations and Commercial Zones. Placement almost seems random, but we all know Mayor K had a plan. A vision. Shopping and ridding the city of crime are top priority! After that, he starts in with Industrial Zones, since no one is going to want to live in a city that has no jobs! This first year, they'll just have to commute in from whatever city they happen to live in. Dirt roads are all the rage y'know.

At the end of the first year, Mayor K finds he's actually in the red! OH NO! But that doesn't stop Mayor K...he fudges with the figures some, decides to INCREASE spending and funding while LOWERING taxes. Approval rating must be through the roof with that move! After everything is said and done, Mayor K finds that he wasn't really in the red - oh heavens no. He was really in the black by a wide margin! The city coffers are checked once again, and it is discovered that there's really $999,999 to work with! The rebuilding can continue!

1901 begins and Mayor digs his heels in. Mass building! Money is no object! Mayor K demands that this city be built to his exact specifications - nothing less will do. He starts with plan "Operation Residency," which is a zoning plan for a football shaped block of housing. Well...a slightly deflated football shape, anyway. But there are now places for people to live! No more commuting! But with all these houses, certainly more jobs will need to be created.

Mayor K decides that his second task is to industrialize the outskirts of the city. He needs jobs, and lots of them. His residents demand it! Those shopping malls and skyscraper office buildings make the perfect barrier from all the smog and pollution that will keep his residents breathing easy at home. In additon to the outskirts, Mayor K also creates "Industry Island." No one knows exactly how to get there, but rumor has it there are quite a number of open jobs available for those who can find the secret path. He sticks the Airport down here too, since Airports are dirty, filthy buildings that no one wants to live near.

A few more touch ups, and mayor decides to relax a bit, and watch his city grow. Actually, he prefers to watch the ocean, but he doesn't tell anyone that. At the very edge of his view is one lone Industrial Zone, which opens a closes a few times. I'm pretty sure that it doesn't do that well due to the forklift doing cookies in the parking lot non-stop. There's also a hardcore football stadium within his view, where the game never stops.

When he's reached his desired population, he zooms back out and takes a look at the city as a whole. Tired of staring at the ocean, he gazes upon what his city has become: a bustling Megalopolis! All those zone he created have developed, and people have flocked to XGOTHICX. Mayor K leans back in chair, satisfied with his accomplishment.

Thus ends the tale of how Mayor K rebuilt one of the cities destroyed by Red Falcon.


PSS: I don't know exactly when we want timing to begin/end, but there's 4 possible lengths to this.
32:16 if timing starts when he selects the map, and ends when the Megalopolis message is displayed.
31:44 if timing starts when he selects the map, and ends when he hits 500,000 population.
31:51 if timing starts when he gains control of the building cursor, and ends when the Megalopolis message is displayed.
31:18 if timing starts when he gains control of the building cursor, and ends when he hits 500,000 population.

Sorry Mayor K., but this is a solid reject. First error is fumbling and having to use backspace when naming your village. Second and most important, you selected something... Umm, I dont know how to pronounce it. I never seen this word before... "EASY" I think is how it is spelled... I say the option for normal and hard, and I knew the proper answer. But with this odd one selected, this is an massive reject.

Cursor movements are solid all the way threw the run. I spotted about 5-7 fumbles. And with a game with NO RNG AT ALL, this can not be excused. Also, using a government bail out to fund your mistakes as a failed mayor should not be flaunted over the internet as an achievement no matter how much others like to do it.

Sorry, but as a mayor this is not acceptable. But I do see a future for you as president thumbsup

If my verification is thrown out due to my severe sarcasm, the timing is done from cursor control to 500,000 population clocking this run in at 31:18.957

Ok sorry for the late verification on this one. Audio and video are good and no signs of cheating. This is an accept. Also sorry for the very short verification. I'm about to fall asleep and hit my head on the keyboard. Its 3am

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Kyle ‘Mr. K’ Halversen!
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Massive kudos to the first verifier - your comments were hilarious. Of course, congrats to Mr. K on the great run too!
Congratulations Mr. K! <3
Congrats K!  I never thought I'd see the day SDA gets a Sim City run but I am glad I am bad at thinking.
Waiting hurts my soul...
I think this was discussed in the thread, but Scenario Challenges aren't a valid category, correct?
Haters gonna hate
Don't scenarios end after 10 years?
Edit history:
Emptyeye: 2012-05-16 08:16:08 pm
Talk to the Hand
Either five or ten, depending on the Scenario. As discussed, though, it sounds like you can actually make the time progress faster or slower depending on how much you build, etc.

EDIT: Also, Congrats to Mr. K!
Waiting hurts my soul...
I ask mainly because it's in the request thread. If it's not a valid/interesting category, then I'll just remove the entry entirely.

I'm looking forward to watching this.
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Mr. K: 2012-05-16 11:38:32 pm
As far as scenarios go, here's the timing:
San Francisco 5
Bern 10
Tokyo 5
Detroit 10
Boston 5
Rio de Janeiro 10
Las Vegas 10

While it would be interesting to try and solve scenarios with the absolute minimum amount of building movements, it's an arbitrary category and an optimized run wouldn't be much different from an unoptimized one.

I'd like to thank everyone for all of the support that I got in the planning thread and a big thanks to all of the verifiers, particularly verifier #1.  I didn't expect the response to this run to be as positive as it has been.  This run is just a start.  There are some other tricks coming down the pipeline.  The folks at TAS Videos are working on a building glitch and I'm working on a cursor acceleration trick in hopes of ultimately getting this run under 30 minutes.  I'll be coming back to this once a few more of my projects come out.  I hope you all enjoy the run!
(user is banned)
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MortyreR45: 2012-05-17 08:41:45 am
There also a massive trick that you must NOT pay the Tax for police and the fire department.
And there is also a other glitch to break the atomic power plant mission in very short time (boston 2010).

I do not know when this help for new runs ?

To the verify 3, nintendo of europe had official publish this money trick in many old magazins. Nintendo had say it was a 'cheat' for this port. I have original two different club nintendo magazins (1992 & 1993) with this printed 'tag' cheat. Wink
Looking forward to watching this Wink