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Not a walrus
All gone for now, unless you're quick I might be able to get some of them back before he sells them.

So my friend Chris, whom some of you met at the first SGDQ, is selling off some of his old games. As far as I know everything is NTSC-U. If I don't see an interested buying after a couple of weeks he's just going to sell them to the local used game store.

None of these prices include shipping

Two Worlds - $5
Fallout 3 - $10

Morrowind - $5

Star Ocean Till The End Of Time - $15 - claimed by sshplur
LoTR: Two Towers - $5
Grandia Xtreme - $15 claimed by
Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance - $15
Phantasy Star Universe - $15
Xenosaga - $5 - claimed by sshplur
Arc The Lad: Twilight Of the Spirits - $10
Legaia 2 - $5
hack infection - $15
Final Fantasy XII - $10 - claimed by sshplur
Final Fantasy X - $10
Final Fantasy X-2 - $10
SOCOM US Navy Seals - $5
Civil War A Nation Divided - $5
The History Channel Battle for the Pacific - $5

Final Fantasy Anthology - $10 - claimed by raneofsotn
Final Fantasy Chronicles - $10
Final Fantasy Origins - $10 - claimed by zenicreverie
Final Fantasy Tactics - $10 - claimed by zenicreverie
Final Fantasy 7 - $25 - claimed by puwexil
Final Fantasy 8 - $10
Chrono Cross - $10 - claimed by raneofsotn
Legend of Legaia - $15 - claimed by zenicreverie
Arc The Lad Collection - $35 - claimed by zenicreverie
Star Ocean The Second Story - $15 claimed by puwexil
Legend of Dragoon - $10 - claimed by zenicreverie
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sda loyalist
Very interested in Grandia Xtreme. I assume you'd want megabux for shipping to UK, can do that.
Waiting hurts my soul...
I'm interested in

Final Fantasy Origins
Final Fantasy Tactics
Legend of Legaia
Arc The Lad Collection
Legend of Dragoon

I can't afford them all, so please come back to me with availability and prices.
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RaneofSOTN: 2012-10-14 03:59:52 am
I want off the ride....
Quote from UraniumAnchor:
Final Fantasy Anthology -10$
Chrono Cross - 10$
Legend of Legaia - 15$

puwexil can take ff7. I dont need acopy that bad yet. The rest is what about what i can afford right now.
if Arc the Lad has everything that came with it originally, color me hyper interested. Especially if he's willing to sell them to some shop that won't give him half market value anyway.

"Everything" should look like this:

This one is overpriced anyway. Sad I'd pay half that no problem though.
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puwexil: 2012-10-12 09:51:46 pm
Professional Second Banana
I'd be interested in the FF7 set if it's in good condition (mine has seen better days).  Might also be interested in SO2 depending on price.
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Not a walrus
I'll probably have prices for you guys early next week. Most of the stuff he's selling is because he inherited (quite literally) a collection of games and is selling off duplicates.

dballin: I didn't look too closely at the Arc The Lad box, but it looked to be in decent shape. I didn't see if everything was still inside of it, though. I'll let you know.

Edit: He's going to send me a picture of Arc the Lad Collection, but from his description it sounded like it had everything in it.

I should have prices for individual games by Monday, the local game store was going to offer him $220 for the whole lot, which seems a little low.
Not a walrus
New post since I can't edit in attachments.

very purty stuff right there. And now the waiting game. Also Zenic called dibs first.
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UraniumAnchor: 2012-10-13 08:35:21 pm
UraniumAnchor: 2012-10-13 07:55:05 pm
Not a walrus
Edited in prices. You all know who has first crack, so lay claim and I'll try to have this organized for shipping next week. None of these prices include shipping, but if you want to buy multiple things that'll help keep the cost down. It'll probably be $10-ish per package I have to send, as long as it's domestic. I'll have to look into what it costs to ship to the UK.
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puwexil: 2012-10-13 11:38:00 pm
Professional Second Banana
I'll take FF7 if it's still available (and in good condition), and if so I'll also take SO2.
Not a walrus
SO2 is yours, but Rane asked for FF7 first so I'll have to wait and see what he decides to buy. It's your if he doesn't want it, though.
Professional Second Banana
FF7's what I'm primarily interested in, so if Rane buys it then I'll pass on SO2.
I want off the ride....
err accidentally editted my post instead of quoting and changing it down here, check that. puwex can have ff7.
Waiting hurts my soul...
At these prices I can afford them all. I guess Legend of Legaia went to Rane already though? I'll take the rest if they're still available. PM paypal info and let me know how much shipping is.
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UraniumAnchor: 2012-10-15 02:13:42 am
Not a walrus
Oops, somehow I missed that. Legaia is yours if you still want it since you claimed it first.

I'll figure out shipping tomorrow when I can drop by the local UPS store. I won't be shipping anything until at least Tuesday, but I need to know how much boxes and such are.
sda loyalist
Ready to pay, just PM me the details.
I'm interested in Start Ocean 3, FF12 and Xenosaga. How much is shipping to Australia?
Not a walrus
Parcel Post via USPS looks like about $30 if I include the cost of the box.
No prob. If it's okay, the soonest I can pay for them is the 24th.
Not a walrus
Still a few games left, but if I don't hear any interest by Sunday the 28th I'm taking them back to my friend so he can sell what's left to the local store.
I'm ready to pay. Send me a PM.