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Hey folks, thought I'd get a bit of an early start on this. This thread is for discussion and finding roommates for SGDQ 2018. Remember that registration opens TOMORROW (Saturday, March 3rd, 8:00PM EST), and the first round is only 1000 people, so register on time!

SO: In your reply, please post who you are, how many people you're looking to handle and for what price, and whether you are planning on booking a room and need roommates, or are looking for a room with some open space and are willing to pay.

My name is Shotgun Ninja, or just Nick; I've done the con roommate thing for years now and I'm very respectful of other people's room situations. I also do Super Mario Odyssey Any% speedruns, and I'm currently looking for a room to crash in. I can't do the booking myself this year because of complicated financial situations and the risk of not having enough people to split the cost, but I should be able to pay my fair share of whatever room situation people would be gracious enough to offer. I've got a few hundred set aside right now for room costs, and I should have a couple hundred more by the time SGDQ rolls around; I take up minimal space and power outlets.
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Pepsi for TV Game
Hello. I am JustinPepsiMan, or Justin or Pepsiman. I am looking for someone to room with this year at SGDQ. I can't book the room due to my money situation, but I will be able to pay come SGDQ time. I am a local so I can pick anyone up from the airport as well as drive roommates to get food. I only need a few outlets(phone, 3DS and/or Switch), take up little room(at a con in 2016 my spot was a 5 ft by 4ft area in a room. I am 5'9 so I will squeeze in) and am pretty friendly.

(Nevermind) Found a roommate
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Agama: 2018-03-09 08:55:06 am
Hey, my name is Philipp or Agama, if you prefer the gamertag. I look forward to staying at SGDQ for the whole week to volunteer and I am also looking for a roommate or a room to share. Even though I am tall I do not need a lot of space as I usually fit all my stuff in one backpack and live out of that. My sleep schedule could be a little bit of a problem as I signed up for graveyard shifts. It would be great if you could book the room and I would pay you back at SGDQ or via transaction/paypal as soon as the room is booked.

Update: I have already booked a room at the hotel. It has 1 king size bed, so we would have to share this. Just write me a pm here or contact me via mail (
I need a roommate for sgdq 2018 june-july and I'm willing to bunk with justinpepsiman of course i'm coming from pennsylvania and will be taking a flight so would it be possible justin if you read this i sent you a private message would you be willing to pick me up from the airport to the hotel? also I'm looking to play for sgdq if anyone wants to co-op or race games plz send me a pm i have a huge list of games from nes snes pc games all the way to modern games for xbox 360 and xbox one
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AlakazamFan: 2018-03-11 02:39:25 pm
Looking For: Two roommates
Room booked: Yes
Dates: 24th - 1st
Special Request: No Smoking

Contact Info:
-SDA Forum: Private Message
-Discord: Silver Spoons#3950