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ShadowWraith: 2007-12-15 07:35:55 pm
As you may notice from the thread title, I'm attempting to run Serious Sam segmented on Tourist difficulty. Before you read any further, go here ->

This thread will be for the discussion of my, and anyone elses attempts at this. If you see any mistakes/have any suggestions for the run, let me know and I'll be grateful for them. Now, on with the demos! (You'll need Serious Sam v1.05 to watch them, avi content will be up later)

Hatshepsut: 0:34
Sand Canyon: 1:29
Tomb of Ramses: 1:36
Valley of the Kings: 4:12 4:07

If you have any questions, fire away.
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Sorcerer88: 2007-12-16 01:46:52 am
I have no solution, but i admire the problem.
isn't a segmented run for serious sam quite a bad idea? i mean, there are the individual level runs, for which the records are pretty much set, and there is the single segment run, which doesn't even try to touch the most records, but shows skill and endurance over a long period of time. and in a segmented run, you'd pretty much do segments containing a handful of levels that are simply a slight bit slower than these records. Where's the interesting idea in that?

i'd rather vote for something like a hard difficulty single segment run, or maybe segmented with very few segments.
Doing a SS run on Serious difficulty would be like doing one on Doom 3, except if Doom 3 was an open area and had more than 3 things to fight at once, plus rocket jumps. It's not likely to happen very quickly.

My times are equal/better than the current records are, with Valley of the Kings being faster than any possible IL time because I have the Tommygun at the start.

(And besides, none of the tourist ILs are on this site.)
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Kibbo: 2007-12-16 07:07:04 pm
i mean, there are the individual level runs, for which the records are pretty much set

I think it's important to mention that several of stx-vile's records has been improved, the guys over at ssdq just haven't submitted them yet.
(And besides, none of the tourist ILs are on this site.)

That's a good point actually, should they be submitted? I think they should, a category for the easiest and hardest difficulty on SDA.
I have no solution, but i admire the problem.
if not a ss on serious difficulty, why not on the next hardest difficulty? i mean, i still don't see the sense in a segmented run, and having better weapons in a few levels isn't really that amazing.
Thanks to the extra weapons some levels will be several seconds faster than the ILs. To me that's reason enough to do a segmented run.
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AjAX: 2007-12-20 12:15:16 am
Because its a sort of classic for serious sam runner to do either tourist ILs and serious ILs.

EDIT: Im doing so Tr ILs of SE when I have time Tongue (just to inform you)
I'm working on a segmented run for the first encounter on normal difficulty which would obsolete the run by Ivan 'ImFuryPro' Saponenko in 35:33 and I'm aiming for a sub 32 minute time. Why am I doing this:

1. The previously mentioned run is quite obsolete using many questionable routes even for the time it was made on top of poor movement and also its incorrectly labeled as a run on tourist difficulty in the games SDA page.
2. There are many new route changes and strategies that save time.
3. I have a lot of experience with speedrunning the game especially on normal difficulty and I would like to see how low the time could go for this difficulty so I'm going to finish this even if it doesn't meet your standarts.

I already sent a quality test to see if I'm good to go or not.