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Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter (pc) (pc) [Any %] [Individual Level]

Verifier Responses

Quote from Freezard:
First of all, there has been some new discoveries since my current SDA runs and I've been meaning to submit updated runs but never got around to. One of the new tricks is Harpy flying which the runner adds in all his three runs.

Oasis - 0:46
The setup for the Harpy flying is great, much better than what I was doing earlier. A bit slow ending. Accept.

Metropolis - 6:35
Harpy flying to the end saves around a minute. The arena fight is ~5 seconds slower than the SDA run though despite using turbo laser so it could be better optimized (I know how boring the fight is though so it's a pain doing it over and over again). Accept.

Sacred Yards - 1:27
Again, Harpy flying cuts off a lot of time from this level. The flying is pretty slow however and you can fly from the first statue to the second as well. Reject.

The turbo laser and Harpy jumping is extremely fast as the runner is using a smooth mouse wheel. I'll leave that up to SDA to judge whether that's allowed or not.

Quote from cortez:
Oasis & Sacred Yards:
On one handside the harpyriding drastically lowers the time for the level. no doubt that these ILs are faster then the current ILs.
But the finish, where the runner goes inbound again, is slow and could be done faster.

just by looking at the clock, at the end of the level, it looks fine.
The aim looks robotic, but a striking point is the laser which fires extremly fast.
It gets clearer when you compare it (with some random footage from youtube).

Reject, because there are too many spots where it looks manipulated

Decision: Accept

Reason: We'll be accepting Oasis and Metropolis, but rejecting Sacred Yards, per Freezard's recommendations.

Congratulations to Nikita 'Tezur0' Buriak!
Thread title:  
The verifiers raised some questions during this verification about the runner's free-spinning mouse wheel, which permits what appears to be unhuman actions at times. We discussed this amongst the staff and didn't find a strong argument to reject this type of equipment, as generally the same equipment is available to all PC runners if they wish to acquire it, and there is no "stock" input method for PC games.

We are, of course, open to community feedback about free-spinning mouse wheels.
From my point of view i would reject it, because nearly every 'gaming' (or higher quality) keyboard and mouse have software, which allows you to bind buttons on your mouse. But more importantly you can say one click = 2 clicks or even 10000, which makes buttonmashing fairly easy. 
Isn't the same equipment available to all console runners who could be using Turbo controllers?

It's a fairer comparison than macros, which are banned no matter the method of creating them because they're just a more limited form of scripting.
If you're talking about simple turbo macros, I don't see why they should be banned when the turbo mouse wheel isn't. Scripts are a different thing cause they can allow advanced instructions specific to the game and they're 3rd party as well, turbo macros are just a single input and they're built-in with the hardware.
Edit history:
Tezur0: 2015-02-06 01:27:30 pm
There is no scripting or anything here, simple mouse scrolling. Trick depends on FPS, watch my Single-Segment run it's even faster there. You can even bind it within game it's not side-set.