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Ryason55: 2014-11-25 05:19:18 am
Ryason55: 2014-11-25 01:37:22 am
Ryason55: 2014-11-25 01:08:33 am
Oh god. The pre-baked shadows. Why.

It'd be helpful if you had your FPS displayed on-screen (prf_bShowFPS=1), as it looks like you need a really high FPS for that boost to actually work. I probably won't be doing that boost for my single-segment, since I'd rather not tear apart my graphic settings to do so. ^^;

Anyways, the developers have taken a notice to my post on The Silent Riddler, and say that they'll fix the the AI issue that causes the enemies to wander off. I'm also proposing a fix for the enemies getting stuck (I'm offering a fixed version of the offending model), so hopefully that'll go through as well.

Until the game is updated proper, I would suggest making sure that there's a possible line-of-sight between you, and the space to the right of the wall opposite to the pyramid at all times after the battle has started. The enemies in this instance should have an infinite field-of-vision, so if one starts wandering off, you can stop it by simply being seen by it. Also, when you're at the end of the battle, and you seem to be missing enemies, check against the wall, as some will end up ramming their faces against it.

... Oh, and for general battle strategy, I've figured out a really fast, yet potentially controversial way to kill everything: Controller Auto-Aim. Yeah, when using a controller in Single-Player/Cooperative, you have the option to use Auto-Aim, which as you should know, automatically aims at enemies near your crosshair. The radius of this is much higher on lower difficulties, so on Tourist, aiming down-sights with the Assault Rifle is essentially a giant firing-cone of precision death, especially since it only takes 1 bullet to down a Rocketeer. I tried this out while I was testing the fixed structure models, and I managed to get a 4:58. In fact, I think most everything was dead by 4:30, so I was able to run all the way to the right side to spawn camp the timed Red Biomech with my Rocket Launcher. Could've been even faster if I had the exact spot it spawns at memorized so I could set down C4.

(And just to note, you can swap between controller and mouse/keyboard freely mid-game, so you aren't stuck using a controller for the entire game)
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Freezard: 2014-11-25 07:28:56 am
Freezard: 2014-11-25 04:45:29 am
That's pretty cool. I can see that helping in level 3 and 5 as well. I'll have to ask SDA first if it's allowed, but since the auto-aim is a function within the game I'd assume so. I wonder if it was also there in the HD games...

I think you need something like 200 fps for the boost. I've actually found the game to be more annoying to speedrun on higher settings due to tons of motion blur whenever you get hit and smoke everywhere. But I think I play on medium on non-boost levels (simply because the game is extremely demanding on ultra while also recording).

EDIT: Okay it also exists in the HD games. Although it does feel a bit like cheating, especially when you have the indicator on and it's super apparent. It's literally an aimbot if you keep the crosshair close enough to the targets.
Heh, I didn't think of using auto-aim before. Nice find. I might get back to speedrunning SSHD some day .)

this should be WR right ?
Get over here!
There's already a topic for SS3:BFE.

Please use the search function.
Quick update: Some guy named DeTress did a Single-Segment run of the game. He found out you can use Rocket Launching to launch yourself mostly horizontal... but only at a high FPS (120 or so). Here's the video:

Also, read my comments on the run here:
I explain how Rocket Launching works, and I discover the reason why he doesn't bunny hop after the Horizontal launches.
Really nice run detress Smiley I was just waiting for the discovery of horizontal rocket launching, I tried to do it myself at various fps but never got it to work (which is really odd, because I'm always running the game at over 120 fps). I'm gonna try it out later and if it works midair then it could lead to some pretty badass improvements. Also you found some new tricks and routes which are really cool, especially the object boost in Nubia is amazing because that's a freaking boring level to run through. In the final level it's faster to rocket launch on the opposite side though because you can bunny hop down a huge hill there.

Not sure I'll run BFE right now though because I'm still busy with the HD games where new discoveries have been found as well. But if we could find a way to make bunny hopping possible with horizontal rocket launching that would be awesome.

Also it seems I never posted my IL times so here they are:

Summer in Cairo 01:21
Into the Spider's Nest 01:33
Broken Wings 04:43
No Place to Hide 01:42
Under an Iron Cloud 02:07
The Silent Riddler 05:02
Unearthing the Sun 00:51
The Dark Bride 00:51
The Power of the Underworld 03:30
The Lost Temples of Nubia 02:50
The Last Man on Earth 04:34
The Guardian of Time 02:51
Gathering of the Gods 04:26
Together Forever 02:08
Born Again 04:16
ooooow awsome, i realy think this game has a good speedrun potential, her's my lvl details for those whose whants it it:

Summer in cairo:
-nothing special done there, I lost 2 seconds but I'm ok with it

Into the spiders nest:
-I found by accident that you can save about 4 to 6 seconds by jumping back down and climbing up the statue again
after hitting the secret button

Broken wings:
-Well, there is 2 routs, one is shorter, I toke that one

No place to hide:
-I'm very annoyed with this level. I could have done a big rocket jump just after picking up the rocket launcher,
but it appears that if you get into the zone where you are supposed to fight the boss at any point faster
you have 50% chance that the technopolip gets stuck behind that building in front of him and you loose
too much time moving around on the map to unblocked him. that makes me pretty sad cause you could save
about 15 seconds easy. We have the same issues at silent Ridler :/ hopefully it will be patched someday :D.
there is a very good post by Ryason55 about that by the way.

Under the iron cloud:
-I was a bit sloppy there but it's a funny route getting oob witch saves about 30 sec on the "old" route Smiley (time saved witch I
instantly loose on a bad boss execution)

The silent riddler:
- little funny thing here is that from the "second part" of the map (after the 4th rocket jump) you won't
take any falling damage at all, so from there I just go with the highest and longest rocket jumps possible.
But once again I messed up with a lot of rocket jumps, normally I hit the final trigger in under 1 min.
The boss zone.... annoying as always, I lost over a minute there Sad

Unearthing the sun:
-one of my favorite maps with a lot of rocket jumps :). My personal best on this specific rout is 58 seconds,
but I can make it 7 seconds better with a tiny modification of the route but it makes it a lot more dangerous
(getting eaten by the sand whale) so i decided to pick the safer rout

Dark bridge:
-Yes I know there is a shorter rout where you can end the map in under a minute but while i'm running the game
at high fps I have to run fraps in addition to obs to slow down my fps enough to be able to do the correct rocket boost
then I thought it could be considered as a cheat so I decided to do my B route which can be done in about 1min30
if well executed so I potentially only loose 30 seconds there.
I forgot a few rocket jumps at the lever room and another to avoid the trigger for the hatchling spiders to spawn in the room where i get outside

The power of the underworld:
-rocket jumps and as always a failed boss zone yippy!!!

Lost temple of nubia:
-damn I hate myself for missing that one twice!! I guess I was way to stressed knowing I was very close to victory :).
I lost 90 seconds because of that. This glitch is not that difficult to do, you just need to take your time positioning
yourself correctly and then hit the backwards key and jump key simultaneously a few times then continuously jump will
your thrown away. I suggest you look backward during the boost just in case, otherwise the sand whale can spawn just in front
of you and instantly eats you, normally your going too fast for this to happen but it's always very frustrating
to die at two maps from the end of the game.

Last man on earth:
-the lever at the room with plenty of hatchling archanoid has always been very difficult to activate without killing a few
of those (E key is for "use" and "melee attack") because you often grab an archanoids head instead of activating the lever,
but you can use the aim button (right click) to activate buttons and levers which makes it a lot easier.
-i didn't really optimize the rocket jumps on the gas cans zone and you don't really need to kill that technopolip
cause your ending this section too fast for him to be a real threat (the witch only has time to grab you once or twice max)

Guardian of time:
-I could have done the mutilator boost to finish the map faster but i don't feel comfortable with this glitch so i didn't use it.
-the last rocket jump seems to be impressive but it's very easy to do, just aim at the right direction and you get it:)

My sum of best (on single segment runs) is at 32min50, but still not perfect so i really think that it is possible to approache
the 30minutes gap with a perfect run! Up to you now Cheesy

... plz Freezard tell me how you get 2:07 on iron cloud and 2:51 on guardian of time

ps: Ryason55 ty for putting my topic at the good place and plz tell me whats hapenning with this technopolip at "No place to hide" is it the same shit as riddler ?
sry in advance Ryason if som things looks obvious but i try my best explaining what i do (in english comming from a french guy is that easy Smiley )
I can upload Iron Cloud tomorrow. Basically I use the same route as in your video but you need luck with the boss fight since it's RNG based. In Guardian of Time like I said, I rocket launch myself to the right of the cliff instead of the left side and bunny hop down some big slopes, plus I do some slinging on the fat guys.
ok, so you just do it the rout "perfectly" or better in iron cloud, but when i was lookin for the best rout in guardian of times i felt the left side was better, it's like a strait line on to the finnal section, i guess i'm wrong
o and Freezard bunny hopping on horizontal rocket launching is possible but quit difficult, you have to be in air while rocket lunching (crouch + shoot) on a tree or wall, so if you jump onto that tree or wall it should be fine, still it's quit precise but i've been workin on it for a while and it should be appliable on a single segment (especialy for the walls wich are easyer)
Sounds great. I'm really only doing ILs, so I think it could be a great trick there.

Also I added your run to, hope you don't mind.
Her's a new little run i made with a friend, it's a coop run in Mantal difficulty! We realy had a lot of fun making this run and the rooting becomes much different since the mantal difficulty forces you to avoid the enemies as much as possible. Hope you'll enjoy it !

Hi so i was just wondering why there isnt a SS3 BFE video on the page here on SDA? im a little to crash the party but be prepared for a huge improvement on WR im only just starting and already nailing the rocket boost trick that detrees has showed me Smiley
I'm not sure if anyone is still active on this thread, but I managed to find a different route that made a small improvement to Ryason55's Dark Bride time, that might be useful to other runners ...
Sweet, first time I've seen anyone implement the horizontal rocket launching in ILs. I also have a 0:51 with the old route, but haven't touched the game since detress found the new tricks, so a lot of the ILs are outdated now.
Thanks man! Cheesy

I'm actually practicing for a full run of this game i'm hoping to stream soon, so I've been watching as Detress's and vids from other runners to work out the best ways to consistently pull off all the tricks.

This game will be my first 'true' attempt at running a game, so i'm not expecting anything really close to Detress' 36mins, but if I could get it down to sub 44 i'd be happy Smiley
Btw guys, I've created a discord channel for all SS games, so if you wanna chat, go here:
gj man, gl for your run, by the way this game was my first speedrun aswell and it's not perfect at all so you can beat my time for sure. And if you plan to stream plz link it so i can come over and watch some times.
Realy happy to see that there still some guys out there attempting to run this game Smiley
Hey everyone. Was playing around and I found a skip on Broken Wings that everyone might find interesting to shave a few seconds. It's difficult (to me, for now) so until someone can get it consistently it won't be that great; but it's pretty good IMHO. Enjoy!
Nice find! I haven't played this game in a long time, but I believe that shortcut could save 5-10 seconds depending on how fast you can do it. It does look a bit difficult, and together with the jump shot secret and arena fight, optimizing this IL would be a challenge. But I'm happy you managed to find something new.
There's a run in verification that could use some help. Can't tell if the runner could have used these rocket launches or not.
Seems that someone has gone for 100% on serious difficulty. (someone by the user DickMcCool)

And that someone managed to 100% the base game in 2:51:46.

I can see some parts where the run could definitely be improved but it seems to be a good start. 100% runs have wildly different strategies and tactics compared to any% runs.