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SNES system with 35 Games including

Dracula X
Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen
Chrono Trigger
7th Saga
and the very Elusive Captain Commando

Plus many more Great Classics !    Please check them out here:   


I'm clearing out one of my favorite collections, I'm also selling a Great N64 Bundle and a pretty great NES2 Top Loader bundle on Ebay.

Please check them out and I hope that my collections will help some lucky SpeedRunner out there !
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Waiting hurts my soul...
This is the trading post board, not the advertise your ebay sale board. If your stuff doesn't sell, feel free to come back and list your items. There are only a few games I'm interested in, but not enough to go through the hassle of bidding on them only to have to sell the duplicates and games I'm not interested in.
Seconded. If you're selling them in an eBay lot auction, please do not post about it here.

This is not the place for plugging your ebay auction.