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Secret of Mana (ntscus) (snes) [Any %] [Single Segment]

Verifier Responses

Quote from Overfiendvip:
A/V is fine to me, although there is a slight static noise underneath the audio. I'm not sure if I'm describing that properly, but you probably understand. It's not that bothersome and only moderately noticeable when there isn't much other noise going on.

My first-hand knowledge is limited due to only being a runner of the vastly shorter credits warp category, but I've kept up with the developments of this game for a while (such as those in the thread for this game on the website), and been witness to many a run by Crow and others.

There weren't too many movement mistakes that I feel need to be commented on. There were some obvious unfortunate circumstances such as a balloon in Gaia's Navel, rude Eye Spies in the early parts of Elinee's Castle, some difficulty with setting up Freeze reflect kills on the boy in the Palace of Darkness, and most unfortunately, the issues that took place in trying to pass through the room before Snap Dragon. The ramp climb in Fire Palace took about 25 seconds longer than the one Crow has highlighted on his Twitch page as being his fastest, but considering how poorly that climb -could- go due to how difficult it appears to be to execute, especially with a single controller (it can certainly end runs on its own), it still seemed decent to me.

It does appear that the skill leveling - weapon and especially magic - is quite well-routed. I enjoyed seeing little optimizations such as having the Great Viper pygmy the Sprite for faster spell casting (intentionally implemented later via Midge Mallet). Nearly every boss felt like it was handled how it should have been handled. There was some obvious time loss on certain ones such as stab animations on Mantis Ant (one of the few things I have first-hand knowledge of!), Spikey Tiger jumping up, Kilroy spinning, Jabberwocky being himself, Hexas moving to the upper left (ouch), and the Lucent Beam-spamming zombie Mana Beast. You could say a lot of these sorts of things are to be expected during a run of this game, due to the amount of variance involved.

Whenever a battle primarily involves the Sprite, that's where Crow seems to similarly shine with his speed and timing of spellcasts. Just watching it, especially throughout Pure Land, makes it seem really fun to be that swift at, and the bosses involved have no real means of stopping it from happening when executed properly. Bosses that are typically a headache for two controller runs such as Vampire, Buffy, and Dark Lich are demolished by spells. Even though I get a kick out of seeing certain bosses spammed down to death by magic alone, I also enjoyed some of the magic spam into overcharge for the killing blow kills too (Fire Gigas, Mech Rider II). Crow also seems to know how to handle most situations when a hiccup occurs, which for a game like this, is obviously a necessary ability to develop. Seems to have a handle on other techniques such as equipment trashing and abusing whip poles as well.

Despite the "disastrous five minute time loss in Grand Palace" as described by Crow himself, this is an enormous enough improvement to the run on the website (nearly 20 minutes faster?) and the first (securely recorded) sub 3 run for the category, and I'm happy I got to be a part of the verification process for it. Will be neat to see all of the runs on the page be from 2015. Accept.

Quote from CyberBotX:
A/V good, no cheating detected. The run is pretty solid, even with a few minor mistakes here and there, which the runner notes in their comments. Glitches went through very well, bosses were wrecked, game was decimated. Easy accept.

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to 'Crow!'!
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