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Well, first, hello, because it's my first post in the SDA forums.

I think i should say that i am french, and as i don't speak english really often i don't think i speak really good, so just just ask me if there's something you don't understand in what i say.

I saw there's no speed run on Sacred, an no topic speaking of any run tried.

So i decided to try it myself.

I opened a topic on a french forum with all the strategy i choose here :

but i'd understand well if you don't speak french and thus cannot read it.

For the hour, there are still a few problems that i must fix before really starting my run.

The first one is that i've the impression that i do not have a video capture card.
The second big problem is that my PC isn't very powerful, so it often lags in Sacred, what is really annoying in a speed run.

The third problem isn't a big one: i have to choose the way i'll follow to go the fastest, because in Sacred, you can go mostly everywhere you want from the level one, without doing the quest; and taking portals that aren't in the pricipal way could be useful to gain time later...

For those who don't understand the strategy i explained in french, i'll try to summarize it :

- character: demon, because of her flying spell.
- spells : disk of fire, flying, and infernal power.
- no meditation : i decided to do all with combos. Thus i gain points that i don't put in meditation, and i can regenerate instantly my spells with combo's potions.
- Magic lore: many points
- armor: many points
- and the other points will go in agility, constitution, block: all that can help me to survive well.

I am not sure if i could actually do this run, but this topic could give ideas to others....
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Gorash: 2005-08-28 01:19:34 pm
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My experience in Sacred is limited, especially of Underworld, I've only played through it once on bronze in coop, but:

1. Sadly, lag in this game is normal. They've patched and patched, but as soon as you get your spells beyond a certain number of projectils or just think of zooming out it's all the same. For me it was a reason to drop the game, because I get a splitting headache from games with low framerate.

2. I'm pretty sure that at least the original game can be completed pretty fast since on bronze you can rush it with like lv20. The dark elven dungeon is a bit of a nuisance but the rest is just hammering healing pots when you need them.

3. If I understand your way of playing right you plan to gather some 5-10 screens of monsters around you and them finish them all of with one combo? Will work nicely.

As for recording, fraps is your friend again as it seems.

I've got a Sacred maniac around here (my coop partner), when I see him I'll tell you about your plans, maybe he can tell you helpful stuff.
a sacred speedrun
i dont know this game but i would to see it  Grin
and i dont saw the endboss
Speedruns - 01
It would really be an excellent game to speedrun since you have the freedom of movement. I don't know which quests are 100% required thought, but I can imagine it's not as many as the millions of sidequests.

Keep us updated on the run!
Power to Paper Clips !
For the hour, i'm testing which ways are the fastest and most of all... i must buy some Ram memory ! 256 is very low, i should buy antoher 256.

I'm also hesitating wether the demon is the fastest: with the ride ability, we can go very fast too...
In fact, i think i'll try to use horse in wide areas to gain speed and Fly to travel rivers or little mountains.