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RPG Limit Break 2019 was our 5th event and the first one to the $200k fundraising mark; and as always we want to hear from attendees and viewers on how we can make RPGLB 2020 even better.

To get the conversation started, here’s some thoughts from Staff - feel free to add on to these topics or any others you can think of.  Feedback can be posted to this thread (which allows for anonymous & guest posting), and is also accepted via the #rpglb-event-feedback channel on our Discord server (  Feedback can also be made privately to puwexil or Vulajin via PM here or Discord.

-This year's event was a week earlier than previous years' primarily because the DoubleTree SLC Airport hotel was not available the following week, and going later into May or June is not viable due to Memorial Day weekend and SGDQ.  We're curious what people thought of these dates, as we're going to need to decide which week to pursue for next year (we're already aware some people were unable to make it this year due to school-related conflicts, and that some other people appreciated the event not starting on Mothers' Day).
-We are planning to keep the marathon 6 ½ days (Sunday-Saturday) for the foreseeable future.
-After having 6 runs drop from RPGLB18's schedule, having 0 games drop this year was quite unexpected.  Next year the games committee will be a bit more conservative with schedule math to account for that possibility.

-The new venue was chosen for easier access from the SLC airport, more event space (which was closer together), and other niceties like an onsite restaurant/bar.
-The small size of the stream room was a tradeoff for having a larger practice room.  As the hotel had some extra rooms we didn't use, if we return we'll be looking into options for a larger stream room.

-Quality of the food catering was honestly a bit disappointing, and came at pretty significant expense to NAMI.  The DoubleTree does not allow outside catering or stuff like food trucks, so if we return we'll be pretty strongly considering moving away from full meal catering, to something more sustainable like snacks/drinks.

- Our tech team had a 4-hour postmortem last weekend and we have a ton of planned improvements. That said, we're always open to public feedback on anything related to technology at the event. Feel free to direct tech feedback to HeroicSpiritGamer or Vulajin.
- Audio is a major point of focus. Audio is hard but we are always striving to learn more, train our volunteers better, and simplify our processes to reduce the incidence of issues. We also have plans to improve our cabling to fix the "can't hear left/right" audio problems that occasionally happened.
- Setup times are also on our minds. We "only" finished an hour behind schedule, which is an improvement over 2018, but we're still working to bring those times down.
- We're aware our stream is quiet. We'll bump it up next year.
- We're very happy with the improvements from having a specialist audio volunteer position. We would really like to hear feedback regarding the experiences of volunteers in the setup and stream tech roles.

-Game submissions and event registration were done with our website for the 1st time this year, but otherwise were unchanged from last year (aside from attendance fee payments being done through Stripe rather than PayPal).  Interested in feedback on the website functionality/experience.

-Goal for next year is to better integrate prize submissions into our website (and make the prize form easier to find).

-Last year the incentives for the last 2 runs were hidden until the last 2 days to allow them to be priced based on the marathon’s overall donation pacing.  This year we extended that to all donation incentives/bid wars, pricing & activating them 24-36 hours in advance (which is a model that GDQ has had success with).  Overall we feel this worked out well for focusing attention on upcoming incentives and preventing them from getting met too easily, but also resulted in some late-week incentives not getting activated until the same day, which was unfair to the runners.  Next year we'll likely be continuing to price & activate incentives 24-36 hours in advance (or when we run out of other priced upcoming incentives), but activating bid wars 3 days or more in advance (if not the whole week at once, since the value add for doing it gradually isn't as high as with fixed price incentives).

-NAMI has been a great partner to our event for 5 years, and they’ve been using RPGLB as their prime example of ‘Do It Yourself’ fundraising campaigns.  The cause of mental health has also clearly resonated well with our attendees and viewers.  That said, we always want our charity cause/partner to have strong community support, and are always open to feedback.  The main specific feedback we’ve gotten in the past is requests for as much donation money as possible to go towards international/global efforts, and we have passed that along to NAMI.

-Orientations will be determined much earlier than in the past.  We'll aim to have a rough schedule public by the time volunteer submissions open up so that people can know whether or not they will be able to make an orientation for their position well ahead of time, and plan accordingly.
-Volunteer selections will become more specialized in order to focus experience in specific areas.  We'll ask on next year's form to rank interest in each role, and will attempt to keep in line with that in selections and scheduling.

-Interview area being pretty far removed from the tech area (which posed some communication/coordination challenges) was unfortunate, but necessary due to the small stream room size - optimally we'll have a bigger stream room next time and this won't be an issue again.
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caeshura: 2019-05-26 05:00:04 am
Why be good, when you can be lucky?
- I was really happy to see a less popular Tales game in this year.
- I’m not a huge fan of randos, but I really enjoyed commentating FE with pinkpajamas on the J-restream, so I’m glad for that.
- As a huge advocate of seeing more of my Japan speedfriends again... The week of the event was very, very difficult for Japanese attendees. The week directly after Golden Week (April 29 - May 6th), a week long string of national holidays, makes it very difficult to take off any days in Japan. I did hear that some other really cool people were unable to attend during that week because of work, as well. Obviously, I am not personally affected any more; but I would like to see a return to the middle of May rather than the beginning.

- I liked this hotel for several reasons.
1. There were a lot of places to hang out inside the hotel, 2. The event space was much smaller and it made it easier to see people, 3. The hotel food options were not bad, albeit expensive, 4. The quality of the rooms was very sufficient, and the option to have 10 dollar vouchers really made the day for the Valkyries.
- The big practice room was nice, and gave me space to just walk around and say hi to people and not feel like I was in the way.
- The combined ‘food and puzzle’ room made it so that a lot of puzzles got finished this year. I think, in the future, it may be better to have a designated puzzle table so that we don’t see the gradual take over of puzzles (which is not a bad thing!), so that there is more space for food.

- Food at the hotel was good, but the lunch service was not. I honestly did not think I would want to say that the food was bad, but in some cases it really was. With the quality of food we can purchase at the bar and restaurant, you’d think they can whip up something more sufficient.

- I was able to do my shifts without any problems, but I only had stage tech.

- I liked the website. Really needs a ‘forgot password’ option in the future, though.

- The prizes looked fantastic this year.


- I met with one of the contacts for NAMI, Michelle, in the stream room and was surprised to learn she remembered who I was! We met, briefly, last year and I don’t personally recall discussing anything of great importance, but she was very interested in how I was doing. This felt really good, and just made me feel even better about the fact that RPGLB supports NAMI.

-  I did sign up for longer hosting shifts this year, and despite very much wanting to do the entirety of the Tales of Zestiria run, it was split up with two hosts. Honestly, I’m assuming this was a kindness from the committee so that volunteers would be able to get breakfast? Which, at the point I did get breakfast, I appreciated. (Boy was I hungry.)
- Otherwise, I quite enjoyed what I did. It was very nice to have the positive re-inforcement I received from Bob last year and a bit of confidence coming into this year. I have no complaints aside from the fact it was a bit stressful, with my requested hours, to find time to hang out with people.
- I loved that donation and host were next to each other this year.

- It was a little confusing to throw to interviews, though I think this was definitely mentioned somewhere. But at the interaction I did have with it was during times which the stream room was emptier, so I didn’t really have any problems.
Venue felt much improved to me. Having food and a bar on site made me feel like I didn’t have to go offsite so much. I live locally so I can’t really voice much about closeness to the airport, but I hope it benefitted more people. And being able to walk by the different rooms and see folks inside felt like I was always “in the thick” of the event; it was great being able to stroll through the practice room to and from the stream room.

I loved the projector and overall setup of the stream room. The energy and excitement in the room for the FF4 FE race was incredible and I feel having a bulk of stream room attendees watching the projector helped with this. The walkability was a bit low for that area of the room, however.

I actually preferred the location of the interview area because I like it feeling somewhat segmented away. Last year I felt it was a bit odd seeing so much of the tech area from the interview camera; this year that wasn’t an issue because the tech area was nicely hidden by the projector screen. Purely for my own tastes, but maybe some kind of curtain or blackout area for the interviews would be cool.

I did four total volunteer shifts: two stage and two stream. I felt having a dedicated stage tech was a huge improvement; I was able to really focus on the runner and setup of machines. Nitrite gloves and cleaning wipes: huge thumbs up. I also liked that it was something you helped with initially and then could peace out. Makes it feel like you could do much more of them cumulatively.

I think tech “signalling” needs work. I had to try and make eye contact with the interview camera operator to properly coordinate scene changes. It worked well once that DID happen, though. But then coordinating and communicating with the stage tech, audio tech, and host was all a bit busy and chaotic in some situations. It’d be great to have some kind of LED setup that is off camera indicating each area being “ready” or something. I would also love to help make that suggestion a reality.

The only other difficulties I had were in running stream on PC games. The PC had a black desktop, which made cropping incomplete at my first attempt since the game itself was also quite dark. I then had difficulty knowing what the runner was doing, which lead to an inaccurate incentive run timer. I feel responsible for this; I’m going to try and do a better job with the games I run stream for to see about timing prior to their run. I was familiar with the other stream shift’s game so I knew how that would play out.

I loved having a dedicated audio tech to talk with when needed. That is also not my forte so I was glad I wasn’t doing it (although I want to learn more and eventually be capable of doing so).
So I'm well AWARE this is a little late and since I didn't make last year's event I can only talk about 2018, BUT well you know when you think of a good idea that wasn't present last time you were there.  Anyway I'd like to suggest having some printed out note for anyone helping with Tech as a volunteer as to what is required as well as which things which.  Have them be like in 14pt - 16pt (think that's the abbreviation.) font alongside pictures of what each thing looks like.  Figured it would help with allowing thing to get done more smoothly as well as allowing staff do not worry as much on the little things. Anyway figured I'd suggest it when I thought about it even if it was a little late.