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Rockman Dash (Any %) (Single Segment) (ntscj) (psx)

Verifier Responses

FINALLY! Been waiting awhile to critique this run. Tongue

First thing about this run is the annoying audio buzz during the title screen. Audio seems to be exceptionally loud as well.

Now the run.

Mostly solid, though he definitely lost a second getting hit by the explosion from Hanmuru Dolls attack. Tsk tsk.

Kattelox: A Whole New World
Lost a few seconds saving the Junk Store guy. Silly snake Reavers.
Lost a couple of seconds messing with the Trash Can in the main town area.
Kicking Paprika is possibly the most satisfying part of running the Japanese version.
Lost a few seconds on Blumbears.
Tron was practically perfect.

City Hall and Tiesel Bonne
Really good RNG for City Hall.
That Bon abuse. Stop picking on child-like things.
Unless Japanese Marlwolf strats are different, then he seemed to have gone with the safe strat.

The Yellow Refractor
Oh man, lost at least 4 seconds missing that first jump.
Ha, misses the easiest jump...nails the hardest jump. Good job.

Uptown with a Lakeside Battle Royale
Menu work at the Junk Shop was a little slow.
Boat part...most boring part of the run.
Zero-Cycle on Balcon. Aw yeeeah.

The Red Refractor and it's Crappy Guardian
This area/boss went off without a hitch...though lost a couple of seconds standing in the explosion of the death animation, whilst picking up Zero Zenny.

Clozer Woods Sub-Gate 'n Stuff
Bad luck getting hit with the fire during the 3 Reaver fight. Lost at least 5 seconds.
Otherwise, this area was practically flawless.

The Gesselschaft and Fokkerwolf
That Zero-Cycle on Gesselschaft.
Amazing Fokkerwolf.

The Main Gate and Sub-Cities
Lost two seconds from an accidental jump.
Bruno = Too Easy
First Sub-City felt a little slow. Possibly a few seconds of time lost here.
Second Sub-City was great.
Third Sub-City went as best as it can.

The Main Gate and Mega Man Juno
Going all the way down like that makes me dizzy.
Flawless Phase 1 Juno.
Plawless Phase 2 Juno, with the added touch of facing the camera to the wall to reduce in-game lag.

So as a whole, there is potentially 24 seconds to monopolize on to beat this record. Not a whole lot of room for improvement, so this is a very exceptional run.

Audio/Video Quality: The audio is extremely loud, with the annoying buzzing at the title screen. For that, I'll have to rate the audio at a 7. Video lands in at a 9.

Final In-Game Time: 49:48

Decision: ACCEPT

I doubt any one will be able to top this record, so I think it's worthy as an SDA record. Congrats!

Rockman dash.....what can i say about this game...besides not love enough (and the jap version has much better VA than the english one)

A/V: Video was good, audio like sh0rtcircuit said was a bit too loud, but not enough to be annoying, but getting maybe a new capcard  might be recommended

now about the run: ლ(ಠ_ಠლ) how dahell can i compete with what sh0rtrcircuit said, he pretty much detailed the run lol, but i can say there was RNG involved in some stages getting hit by things, and some  bad jumps, if we take out those little things, this run was actually pretty solid, and it will be hard to beat

so my decision is: ACCEPT

A/V: Good
Time 49:48 IGT

Cheats: None detected

A/V: Good (minor audio buzz, nothing worth rejection, just don’t use headphones)

Time: 49:48 (IGT)

This is such a damn good run of mega man legends I don’t know what to say, the optimization in both route, and playstyle are obvious. Any complaints I could have made have already been made by my fellow verifiers, and/or the runner himself. Most of those if not all of these low points are easily mitigated by the highly polished nature of the route and other high points in the run.
Any run that can use the mines in the boat sub/mini game section is a winner in my book. Also I appreciate the showing of glitches that can loose a bit of time ( and still get a ridiculous time), counter to the way of a speed run, but that kind of flare and style is what makes me really like speed runners.

Final decision:
I don’t have any really witty breakdown, or digression all I have to say is just too simply


Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Justin 'JMC4789' Chadwick!
Thread title:  
Great another Rockman/Mega Man Run to be added to the site. I love to see these games being broken. Since they are incredibly hard to play normally, seeing them beaten this way is very entertaining to watch.
Not a walrus
This is actually Megaman Legends. I can't remember if this will replace one of the existing runs, though.
It should; it's about 30 - 45 seconds faster than my English Normal run adjusting for language/Dog Kicking differences.
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Axel Ryman: 2013-09-12 07:29:15 am
We all scream for Eyes Cream
Quote from JMC4789:
It should; it's about 30 - 45 seconds faster than my English Normal run adjusting for language/Dog Kicking differences.

Dog had it coming anyway.