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I acquired a copy of RE for PC and I must say it is very hilarious. This is because of the CPU speed or something or other, can't quite understand it myself, but I think it pretty much boils down to my computer being too fast for the game. This causes everything to move faster, like the T-Virus was spliced with some cocaine or something. There are so many speedruns of this game that another one would most likely make you all puke (me too :S), but a run of the PC version under the uber fast settings would be highly entertaining.

Also, the PC version is a port of the original, not the director's cut, meaning the music is different (and arguably much better) and the game is truly uncut. By this I mean the director's cut is not uncut. Apparently when the d.c. went through the approval process at Capcom they overlooked the fact there was no new footage in the game. The footage has been restored in the PC version (I found all this info in the PC version review at Gamespot). I can't vouch much for this except that I found an alternate "Barry vaporizes the poor inaugural zombie's head with Dirty Harry handcannon" cutscene. Whether or not it's in the d.c. I don't know and whether or not it's a time saver I don't know. But it's there, it's different, and by jove it put a little jolt into - not to disparge the game - the dead horse of the survival horror genre.

SDA probably wouldn't host a "goofy" RE run, but maybe Archives might do it. Heck, I'm getting way ahead of myself. I already know I made a huge worthless crappy list of games that no one cares about that I should be working on instead of musing about another pointless run, but I'd like to hear what the esteemed Speed Demos denizens have to say on the matter.

Domo, gracias, you get the idea  Smiley You folks are great.
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elbryan42: 2005-07-04 06:47:56 am
Back in the day, when RE first came out for the PC (I own it. ;)) it blew the PSX version away, even director's cut. I prefer RE on PC anyday, too bad the support for it sucks now. I can't even get it working anymore. It's much more uncut than Director's Cut. Technocolor opening movie and all. Don't know if there's another truly uncut RE1 out there besides the PC version.

RE2 (Resident Evil 2 Platinum) is the best on the PC, with tight keyboard control, extra stuff, and stunning graphics.

RE3 PC is ok, basically the DC version.

RE PC is worth owning, but I dunno about speedrunning it, especially with a game that's being run out of its enviornment (Win95/98, Matrox G200 or 3DFX card, etc) makes it run at a different speed, if at all.
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saxman52: 2005-07-04 03:35:31 pm
Wait. The opening movie meaning the one before the title screen or the actual intro before starting the game? Both looked identical to the d.c. to me, with the exception of a lack of music in the intro. Anyhoo.

To make the game run properly I got a freeware program called CPUKiller3 that cuts cycles in half or something, making the game run normally. The link to the site is in the general chat forum under "Windows XP Pro Question." Can't recall who gave me the link but it's there.

And yeah, I agree the control is amazingly tight on the keyboard. Pretty much all of Capcom's survival horror PC ports have the same control scheme and they work brilliantly.

I might record a plot run of the speedy version for my own viewing pleasure, with all the uncut/alternate tidbits I find. Probably nothing speedy. Though the game is scarier now with the dogs and zombies lumbering at you all fast and stuff Shocked