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Resident Evil 4 (Any %) (Segmented) (pc) (pc)

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Cheating none detected

A/V Quality Great

Time 1:45:48 (IGT

Menuing over all is swift and precise, and when possible slight movement speed increases are used. Breaking barrels/objects is well executed and where possible multiple objects are hit at once. The use of the off camera enemy aim reduction is abused as well.
All boss skips/quick kills are nearly perfect if not perfect.

Only things of note the torch in 1-2 he shot before shooting the Elegant Necklace, not sure why he took the second to shot it, to my recollection it is unnecessary. Also missed the one cycle on the pendulums in 3-2 very little time loss maybe a second. minor qualms that are just about the only things I could find wrong with the run.

Final Verdict
Other then Minor nit picks this is a great run and would be a great addition to SDA.
I would give this run a whole hearted


A/V Quality: Very good. Please note that the PC version looks very different from the console versions.
Time: 1:45:48 (IGT)
Thoughts: There wont ever be a perfect Resident Evil 4 speedrun but this one is the best New Game speedrun to date. There is definitly not a reason to not push this through. Blaze handled the randomness of the game pretty well and the execution overall was very impressive. I can see that he made use of some of SoulCals TAS strategies which worked out pretty good.
There are some notable differences in the PC version regarding the loading times and the TNP glitch. You can only do the TNP glitch in the Gamecube version and the loading times in the PC version are much faster. Despite the fact that this speedrun was performed with a different version of the game, it should replace Dereks run because of some huge alterations.

Its a great addition to the collection and its nice to see that there are some runners left who can deliver great gameplay besides of Derek Taylor.

Please accept it.

Oh my god! A panties spot that I didn’t know! …. humhum well, more seriously, video quality is good, audio is acceptable (the compression was a little too high in my opinion). This is a solid run without evident mistakes. Inventory is well managed, techniques and strategies are well executed (the strat for the lift in chap 4-4 is amazing, I have to try it on GC). For me it’s an accept. I just regretted that the runner didn’t reload the first part until having a grenade drop on the first villager. It’s really rare and boring to do I know. But especially in this version where you have to kill everybody at the beginning of the first fight, it could save a decent amount of time I think. I also assume that the Laser Skip in chap 5-3 isn’t doable on PC version right? (otherwise it’s really sad to not doing it). And last question: does an SSD hard drive can speed up loading times or not?
To conclude, this run is great and is the most up to date New Game segmented that we know, but this version is so different from the original GC one that I think it should not replace the actual run on SDA.

Time:  1:45:48 In-Game
Comments: This is pretty much what you expect from a segmented run. A truly great run. Accept!

There's nothing I can say that these dudes have already said.


Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Bartolomeu 'blaze8876' Penkal!
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Congrats Blaze! Your run should replace my old run for sure. You used the more up to date strats and executed it better too. My run's seen it's day anyway ^_^
We don't have any RE4 runs from a runner with your nick. Which one are you talking about? I could make a pretty qualified guess but it's better to ask than to accidently remove someone elses run Smiley
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TheThrillness: 2013-11-27 02:05:18 am
Quote from moooh:
We don't have any RE4 runs from a runner with your nick. Which one are you talking about? I could make a pretty qualified guess but it's better to ask than to accidently remove someone elses run Smiley

Best time, normal skill: European version 1:50:53 by Derek Taylor on 2008-07-03.
Congrats again to Blaze for this excellent run. I really regret the fact that the New Game run on Game Cube was removed.... now we have a Resident Evil 4 page with 85% of new game + runs... too bad
I think I'm goanna submit soon my new game pro run, even if I know that I can do better.
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Sunblade: 2013-09-28 04:54:26 am
Only Offense Will Survive
Congrats Bart. Smiley
Its kinda odd that sarous run wasnt removed after I successfully submitted my New Game+ run for Wii.
The Dork Knight himself.
Am I the only one partially bothered by the fact that the runner recorded with really strange 3D audio settings turned on? I actually had to check my speakers to make sure they were working correctly (no bass at all = weird to listen to).