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Hey gang, not sure if this is the right forum/place/whatever to ask, but I figured I'd start somewhere. I appear to have found a glitch in Megaman X that occurs similarly to the standard Vile skip sequence. This occurred while I was streaming, so I have the incident recorded. However, I have been completely unable to repeat it after several hours of trying to reproduce it (though I have ended up with some super odd scenarios in my testing). I'm not sure at this point how to get help, or if I should even bother trying to reproduce this any more, and I'm not sure if anyone in the community is interested in investigating with me.
So, here's the circumstance:
I was playing on an emulator (yes I own a copy, it's just much more of a pain to stream on, and maybe I shouldn't admit to it, but whatever) and streaming, and had never done the Vile scene skip (or actually seen it, just had been told about it). Upon reaching the area before the Vile skip, I jumped around on the area below, then managed to jump to the left wall in the room where the chat sequence is supposed to start. Normally for the skip you can't touch the floor or you'll screw up the skip, however for me I was actually able to land on the platform before going through the door without triggering the chat sequence. Normally after going through the door, you end up skipping the chat sequence, and just have to fight Vile, saving some good time, however for me Vile _never appeared_. I was able to simply walk entirely past the area where the fight happens, past where Zero's corpse should have been, and continue the stage as if the Vile fight had been finished.
Needless to say, I was pretty excited, but had no idea that I had skipped far more of the level than the Vile skip should be (to the tune of likely 30s or more by skipping the fight and subsequent chat) until after I was done for the night and watched a video of the skip. I'm pretty confident that this would be an incredible asset for speedrunners of MMX to be able to shave off that much time, but I also fear that it was either a one-time thing, or that somehow it was related to being on an emulator instead of a cartridge.
I've since created a save-state right before this sequence and attempted to the best of my abilities to reproduce it, but it's beyond me what I did.
I'm happy to share the video if there's interest in pursuing this further, but I figured I'd get a feeling on whether this is the right place to ask, or the right way to go in figuring it out.

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I'm gonna bet the emulator you were using was ZSNES, in which case, it's an emulator bug.

Also, if you're using ZSNES, don't. It's bad.
Indeed it was. Is this similar to other bugs ZSNES has caused?
Thanks for saving me time digging further.
The most well known ZSNES bug with Mega Man X causes the game to instantly go to the "got a new weapon" screen in the middle of a boss fight.
Yeah, the Zsnes is a really bad emulator that can have a lot of bad things, i suggest using Bizhawk or Higan will give you better results for trying anything you want Smiley they're not hard to configurate