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I love YaBB 1G - SP1!
Hi, I recorded an intense deathmatch session of today on youtube. Don't forget you can press the HD button:

Why don't some of you skilled players come over to quakeworld and join in on the fun? Smiley

This Dutch xs4all Free For All server is still popular ( and packed with players every single day. For American players perhaps the American server is a better choice.

Google 'nquake' to get a good QuakeWorld package.
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Uhhh... This is a speedrunning forum, not a multiplayer forum. Post topics that have at least SOME speedrunning revelence, and I think everyone here knows about QuakeWorld.
sv nice
I knew about it, but I'm just not really interested in DMing in Quake 1.  Maybe some others are?
It's pretty boring to be honest, anything other than the RL, LG, and GL is pretty much useless and your lifespan is ridiculously short with all the random barrages of rockets and grenades. Another complaint from me is that many popular DM maps are extremely small and playing on a tiny map with like 10 players is just pure hell. I stick with Quake II DM Tongue
Idkbutlike2, it's a matter of taste and understanding of the game.

Personally I think qw is the ultimate online fps game. hands down. And I've played loads of these games seriously.
Qw is fast, full of tricks and strategy & tactics. And the shotgun & sng is very important in some maps (e1m2), so it's not just rl,gl,lg.

That said, what megalodon was playing was just ffa (free for all), which is one of the dumbest modes imo. Apart from CA (clan arena). You should go for some team deathmatch instead, that's where the fun is. or duels. or ctf. these modes add a lot of depth to the game.
Aren't the physics different in QuakeWorld? Like the way of bunnyhopping?
They "feel" different, that's all I can say, and lolfu_, okay, I don't care... Quake II multiplayer is better Grin
sv nice
I think Quake 2 sucks all around.  Smiley

My roommate hates DM, so I never get to play it.  Though we did play some Q3A for a bit.
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Yes, the physics are different in a manner that a speedrunner would describe as 'drastically' different :).
Svart Lyser Tronen
FFA online is crap really, but i play some duels for fun.
Something I don't like is the spawnpoints which seems to be right next to the enemy every time, lol
And another nuisance is all the random rocket fire going on that often kills you out of the blue.
Quake and Sex owns
I played QW from 1997 to 2003 then my kids born and QW needs lots of time to practic...

I still love Qw but I dont have time for it... so i will keep mapping and making some speedemos! take much less time and i can make then at work Wink

two kids plus wife in home is almost impossible to have some playing
I love YaBB 1G - SP1!
Well, that vid of mine wasn't really that good so I took it down.

I've created a new youtube page with some really good ffa players (reppie):
Svart Lyser Tronen
Nice bro

put up some 1on1 matches
I love YaBB 1G - SP1!
Quote from quadrazid:
Nice bro

put up some 1on1 matches

Well, there are some nice vods here:

Including commentary.