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Elgu: 2015-10-22 05:20:16 pm
Go fast
Is there a formula to calculate what's the optimal yawspeed to have at certain speeds to keep gaining more speed? I guess Weixing might have had someting but he has not been around for a while.

See 100m recordbot and E4M2 ER/NR runs to see what I really mean. This would be usefull for TAS and shit like that.
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I asked the question on that forum just now, but if they don't answer maybe you can find similar places to ask. Someone will know.
In order to keep accelerating, you need to turn so that you're always facing the direction you're going. The article linked above explains how it works, or you could check the source yourself.

For circular motion, the acceleration a is equal to the linear speed V times the rotational speed ω, rearranging:
ω = a / V

The added speed "Va"each frame is calculated by
Va = sv_accelerate * wishspeed * host_frametime
Where wishspeed is capped by your sv_maxspeed, so 320 [units/s]. sv_accelerate is 10 [units/s²]. host_frametime should be 1/72 [s] (assuming you run the game at 72 fps).

This gives an added speed of 44.4 [units/s] per frame. When the player is midair, this speed should be capped to 30 [units/s]. However, my in-game testing points to a cap close to 60 [units/s], so there's a good chance I'm doing something wrong.

Your acceleration will be the added speed divided by time, or
a = Va / host_frametime
which yields 3200 [units/s²]. Divide that by your current speed and you arrive at the rotational speed. Of course, the rotational speed you calculated is in [rad/s], so you multiply by 180/π to convert it to [°/s].

Finally, the question I think you wanted answered: what value of yaw speed gives you that optimal rotation. Your yaw speed is calculated by
ω * 180/π = cl_yawspeed * cl_anglespeedkey
, in [°/s] (source). So, if you leave cl_anglespeedkey with the default value of 1.5, the ideal cl_yawspeed should be:

    cl_yawspeed = 3200 * 180 / π / 1,5 / V

    cl_yawspeed = 122231 / V
I love YaBB 1G - SP1!
Does anyone know why I cannot open .dz files using Windows 8? I just noticed someone (I think Elgu, who created this post) beat my old e3m1 EH. So many years without touching Quake, but I still dislike it a little bit when I see my old demos fall Smiley

I would have liked to read the text file; I always checked them to see if the guy beat it easily, hard, or what. I would also love to watch the demo but I suposse asking someone to put it in Youtube is a bit too much (no idea if this is quick or hard to do). But if someone can post a link to the txt file (or paste it here), or give me a solution to being able to use Dzip properly (I already downloaded it again... doesn't work for some reason), I'd appreciate it.

I must say, I distintcly remember that e3m1_104 was one of the records I knew for sure I could beat myself. I got no less than 15 1:05's during the process and none was really equal to the other... they all had minor flaws here and there, so I knew if everything went perfect on a run, it would be quite an improvement. I don't even remember my demo perfectly but I think I luckily killed a dog with a quick turn of the mouse and some randomly fired nails... that kind of stuff happened often. I also think the 1:04 had a rather low decimal. Patience was one of my virtues, but I should have went for the 1:03 back then, maybe it would still stand! haha.

Well done to the person who broke it. Would love to see it... if it gets on Youtube please post the link here! Smiley Thanks for keeping the game alive.
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Please define "doesn't work for some reason"
I love YaBB 1G - SP1!
Hi Radix.

When I try to install it, it gives me this error message: "Error creating DzipGui.exe. Access is Denied".
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Radix: 2016-02-17 03:25:19 pm
I'm addicted to games
That means it can't write flies to the directory you're trying to install. It's a very old program at this point so it doesn't know how to put up a UAC prompt to ask for admin rights. If you're running as a limited user and trying to install to "program files" then this kind of failure is expected. I always just put it in the Quake directory...
I love YaBB 1G - SP1!
Hi Radix. I right clicked, chose "Run as Administrator" and it was installed successfully. Thanks! I can now the read the text files I wanted. Smiley