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Quake II: The Reckoning (Any %) (Segmented) (Hard)

Verifier Responses

Alright, so first of all, the most important thing. Quake and Quake 2 have the absolutely best jump grunt. No contest.

Now with that out of the way, this gotta be the most beautiful video I've ever seen of Quake 2 (AKA the A/V is great!).
The run itself makes it even prettier. I am really impressed with this run. It has just about... no, let me rephrase that. It has perfect execution. Your grenade and rocket jumps are incredible, your accuracy with those is amazing. Speaking of that, you say that the 29 seconds on Water Treatment Plant is bad, but when I saw you do those pretty much perfectly executed Quad Rocket Jumps, it completely blew my mind.
Your movement generally is really swift and well-done, you don't hold yourself up with unnecessary stuff, your routing doesn't seem like it could be improved... this decision is easy.

This is an ACCEPT.

Oh, and no cheats detected, though I wonder, good Sir... are you sure you're not a robot?

Something I saw though, that was one thing that struck me as somewhat weird, in the Badlands, some of the Gekks in that blue-shaded cliff seemed to float in mid-air. Is that a known issue? Cause I don't remember this from when I played (and casually ran) the game long ago. It might just be my memory.

Quote from Radix:
This run is definitely pretty awesome. It has all the stuff I expect from a Quake run:
- run past nearly every enemy, shooting some to stun them
- only kill what's really necessary
- rocket jump when you can

There are even grenade+rocket jumps up lifts that probably save less than two seconds, so this is pretty optimized. To answer the other verifier's comment: All the enemies in Quake are collision detected essentially via a cube. Since the Gecks jump around, they can end up on top of each other, and then it'll look like they're floating because of the space between the model's rendering and the collision boundary.

Now there's one interesting thing to note here. The video shows messages (and the constant timer) from the q2timer patch. However, this timer was only ever released for the original game. The v1.11 listed @ doesn't work on the Reckoning because it wouldn't contain all the extra stuff, like the Geck enemy or the new weapons. Those new things ear clearly visible in the run though, so what's going on? This took me a while to figure myself, because it goes back 11 years... (good thing I rarely delete stuff)

In July 2001 Jozsef emailed me for the source, because I wrote q2timer. I didn't actually have it, due to hard drive crash, but fortunately I'd shared it with somebody else, and I got it back and mailed it to him . So it seems Jozsef merged q2timer with the reckoning's source and used that. Which sort of makes the run on an unofficial mod. But it's totally my fault, so we'll let it slide Tongue It would be nice if I could update the q2timer page with this, hint hint!

Decision: Accept

Reason: If Radix says it slides, IT SLIDES!

Congratulations to Jozsef Szalontai!
Thread title:  
I loved the original quake/quake 2 speedruns, can't wait to see Quake 2: The Reckoning (which I never played I'll wait for a steam sale)
Thanks guys!

Hehe, that is exactly how it happened Nolan Smiley
It's been 2 months now since the verification, there has been 8 SDA updates since then but my run is still not listed in the PC Games list.
However there are runs verified later than mine which have already been announced.

I think it's rightful for me to be impatient just yet...
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Not a walrus
There are a lot of runs that are past verification that haven't been posted yet. This is why the Big Push is happening again.

There are plenty of runs older than yours that haven't been posted yet either. Order of verification was and never will be a guarantee of publication order for a variety of reasons.

Edit: Out of curiosity I went and checked the datebase.

Number of runs that were verified after yours that are published: 2. (DK Jungle Beat and Pushover)
Number of runs that were verified before yours that are not published yet: 61.

Perspective, please.
I see. Thanks for the quick reply.
Beautiful stuff.

Sorry for being completely ignorant of Quake 2 running, but if more bunny hopping would have saved more time, why wasn't it used?