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Any% run with major glitches

Verifier Responses

Edit: I forgot Audio Video: Video looks fine, outside of one sfx (maybe its been awhile since I actually listened to the non music audio) audio is good too.

Timing notes (not sure how to look into frames): Starts game 00:19
Selects first level 00:25
First meaningful Input 00:38

Stage 1: One wall contact, clean first screens, Interior level with the solid colored cubes he zips at the end of a screen rather than running through.
Interior studio, missed two zips but is clean. Boss fight is perfect with great lag management. Avoids explosion to exit to announcer chick quickly.
S1 Bonus: Only mishap is not slamming the last 4 blue 2/2, does 1/1/2

Stage 2: Best song in the game, good zips. On to another great song, misses  zipping twice. Takes a bit of damage but screen is clean. All the good songs end now Sad
Forest screen is good, boss fight takes damage but is killed quickly.

S2 Bonus: Great stage... ONE UP IS worth it?

S3: this tank egg thing from sonic fight looks awful, lets hope theres no pacivity in the rest of the level. Next screen looks fine. Casino, lots of flashy lights... slow jumping on second screen.
Why is Pulseman boss fights so easy? Must be a current gen game... oh its a genesis era game...

S3 Bonus: Looks fine, maybe 1 game time second lost

S4... I mean 6? Can this announcer even count?: Misses early skid, loses fastest available cycle in this room. Falling, water equal unskipable (plus you leave bottom) One of the sfx makes a pop in this screen.
Ah, linear schools of fish, love this aquarium, you can actually just stare at a line and see the entire school. Wait FOCUS, theres a run to verify... Room looked clean.
Nice visual effect of being in a whirlpool? more missed skids, almost got stuck but smashable blocks are smashable. Skips next room, NICE HP gauge on the monitor tough guy shooting rockets, paying very close attention to something you can't see.

This boss, is pong... not very creative, and reflecting penguin fish has minimum travel.

S6 Bonus: Hes crouthing, and skipping the bonus stage... can I reject for this? I mean they hardly save time and I can't even beat these myself so voltecher time stops the clock an dis slow. NO BOUNS FOR U... I typod for lols

S5... I mean 4... She seriously can't count: UH... black screen trick I like this cutscene, totally disappointing. He didn't get the 1up, thats good.
Skips a fun room normally. Wheres the bgm... oh this room has none and is the worst sounding stage in the game. Those were some fast rooms. Another easy fight featuring a sphere looking creature, All the bosses must have come from a sphere factory.

S4B: Another skipped bonus, no blaming the runner because you save so ltitle but can lose so much breakign those blocks with lag. NO BONUS!

S6 I mean 5, *sigh*: Didn't try to miss the 1st 2 pulseballs, Runner actually has to do a room legit, what is this? Smiley Not sure that charge was worth it.
Igloo building first zip wasn't worth it, dodging penguins like they aren't there. All the building rooms look good THIS WAY IS THE WAY!!!
Now the background is orange sunset, glad to be outdoors. Zig-zag... why don't you skip... oh wait you can't THIS STAGE IS AWESOME!
Penguin gets a nice hit on runner here.

Boss likes to wah his way, nice timing, misses one but good recovery. Misses another voltecher, not as clean... but is still fast.

S5 Bonus: I looked away, hes gone... OH I SEE YOUR FEET NO BONUS!

S7 Back to Japan, yup, around the world in 80 volts! Classic game arcade, I love the classics. Into the shooter we go... runner isn't close to the high score, I'm disappointed.
Galaxy Gang is sure good at making games, everything looks the same, and all the background rocks are dots. Cheese wedges of space!
Do I have to watch auto scrollers, if he doesn't die, he isn't losing any time. No zips, no cheats, just don't die. I'm taking a break, wake me up when the auto scrolling stops.
Its done, AW *EXPLITIVE* ANOTHER AUTOSCROLLER... at least this one has lag management... looks clean. Not sure flash arrow really helped the one tiem he used it. Miniboss rip-off! GREAT JOB, weak bosses makes your work easy.

Oh this song is pretty good, and hes back to zipping again, zips to the wall to do this screen. HI bubbles, Can be done cleaner, but looks fine. Now were in rainbow lines room, and now were in YAH YAH YAH YAH YAH YAH YAH OOOH OOOH YAH YAH YAH OOOH OOOH YAH YAH OOH YAH...explosions of course.
Hey, game reset... oh thats not a reset, its a second phase <3 be careful, another blatant boss ripoff. Annoucer lady sad, Pulseman appears, SHE HAPPY! End of the news... *leaves video to run credits music while I finish these notes*

Last input Around 32:13ish

Some sloppy moments, other than that looks clean, is fast, lots of work, and I get my daily fix of great OST. Accept Thank you for playing! I ENJOYED WATCHING... except those autoscrollers, I almost slept and lost a job.

PS: Some static from the auto reset of the game was included in this video.

Gah, damnit!  I'm so sorry this took so long to get done, the past few months have not been particularly kind to my focus, and I refuse to have this happen again in the future.

Audio/Video is fine.

Stage 1 - Japan: Looked pretty smooth, although the TV studio had a few minor hiccups.

Stage 2 - India: Same as above, still good so far.

Stage 3 - USA: Wow, that Pulseman rage dance after the opening miniboss.  But I can't blame him, that was pretty bad.  And by pretty bad I mean not runkiller status but just visually bad.  Rest of the stage looked good though.

Stage 6 - Australia: Stage still looked pretty smooth, as did the boss.

Stage 4 - Thailand: Aw, I liked that cutscene.  First and second stages were pretty good, aside from a few missed skid-jumps (especially that one in the third area).  The boss is amazing to watch just because the runner defeats it fast enough to avoid any of its form changes.

Stage 5 - Alaska: Wow, an actual cumbersome, barely-glitched stage.  Looked pretty "smooth" to me.  Boss was mostly smooth, and the parts that weren't were recovered from fast enough.

Stage 7 - Gameception: The spark is silly, with its crazy invulnerability.  So silly.  Autoscrollers looked good-- wait there was a boss?  I couldn't tell from the explosions that came in from that falling piece of scrap.  But seriously.
  First part after the autoscrollers looked good, second part, those water blobs were being jerks but otherwise good.  Everything after that looked smooth as well.  Mini-Waruyamas were handled well, and the final boss was taken down at a steady clip too.

Anyhow this looks like an easy accept from me.

The last verifier took way too long to verify. :-/

Decision: Accept

Congratulations Nick ‘Axon’ Beaudette!
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AxonZin: 2012-08-13 10:10:29 pm
I am encyclopedia
thanks dudes <3

regarding the audio commentary, we did it and it didn't come out very good so we decided not to put it in. will that be an issue?
Quote from AxonZin:
thanks dudes <3

regarding the audio commentary, we did it and it didn't come out very good so we decided not to put it in. will that be an issue?

But the shoutouts to Christmas!!!!!! Sad Sad Sad
My feelings on The Demon Rush
That's not an issue. Whether you want to submit audio commentary is up to you.
Congrats axonnnnnn <3
Claimh Happy
no christmas? reject, imo

but seriously, good job. it was hard just watching you do this.
Grats Axon Smiley
Formerly known as Skullboy
Congrats Axon. Glad to see we'll have a run of this game.
Supergratulations Axon