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Prisoner of Ice () (pc) [Any %] [Single Segment]

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Wilson Luiz 'Chaser' Oliveira!
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Prisoner of Ice () (pc) [Any %] [Single Segment]

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"The Game was emulated on dosbox using a original game CD-ROM"

Is that okay? Runner doesn't mention his settings either.

Otherwise: A/V perfect, execution blitzkrieg-level - just what it should look like for adventure games with pre-placement of cursor everywhere.

Should this really be called any% if there's just two endings? Maybe call this "good ending" and reserve spot for "bad ending". Well I don't know what the conventions are.

accept (if method used to record is okay)
A/V: good
cheating: none
I'll go with Lotblind on this, there doesn't seem to be any mistakes in this run. all things considered, I'm not sure on the dosbox emulation but the runner did use the original CD game. weak Accept because of the dosbox thing unclear if acceptable by SDA rules.
When I saw that this was a game based on the Cthulhu mythology and fairly short, I decided to give it a shot myself. So I have now played through it. The game is pretty linear with most of the puzzles being fairly contained, so the route in a casual playthrough will automatically be similar to the speedrun route.

A/V: I'm not sure about what kind of issues there could be from using the CD-rom to play the game. When watching the run, it felt just like when I played it (from the hard drive), but I haven't done any comparison tests on the game speed or the loading screens.

Gameplay: I can say that this run uses fast and efficient routes throughout and there were no places where I could see anything that seemed unnecessary or made out of order. The execution is generally spot on as well. The cursor was pre-placed correctly (I might have spotted the occasional mistake, but we're then talking about fractions of a second). The biggest thing I noted down was the statue jumping on top of the library, which looked a bit odd and might have cost a second or two. Regardless of whether this was a mistake or not, this run is very well done on all accounts.

Regarding categories, this is a straight any% run. There are two endings, but the only difference is whether you click on the left or the right picture right before the ending sequence triggers. It appears that the "good" ending is slightly faster to mash through (and that's also what was selected in this run). There are no choices during the actual gameplay that impact the ending. I therefore don't see any reason to have any other category than a plain "any%" for this game.

Edit history:
Chaser: 2016-04-03 09:09:06 am
Chaser: 2016-04-03 09:01:35 am
If you allow me to say, that library statue got me crying, but since I got so much better splits from the other areas, still it ended up being the best run.
It was an in game issue, and never happened to me until this run.

The CD-ROM offers you the during the installation, either original language EN-US or my native language PT-BR, you can switch as well. But there's no major difference at all from the isos that are avaliable online
Chaser: well done bro! Keep sending us more runs Wink
Decision posted.
Ill focus on Cthulhu games, specially the old ones. Thanks for your time analyzing and posting your decision.

Where was the decision posted?

Thank You
It was posted in this thread Cheesy

Are you doing Shadow of the Comet next? We're already working hard on Alone in the Dark.
really trying to prepare a Shadow of the comet route, but it's actually tricky. So many ways to die, and to lose time
i gotta write down every passage
A speedrunner's gotta do what a speedrunner's gotta do. It does show in the end result though, even if ppl don't necessarily know the game (I tried playing it but I think it had some bug that prevented getting past the photo developing part). It's because you'll end up doing things that are counter-intuitive at least part of the time, or getting more than one thing done at once. It's a good thing compared to lots of linearity.
How should I proceed now? Should i write info about the game? is there a way i can help? or its just going to be attached to the gamelist?
Chaser, there is nothing more needed from you. There is unfortunately a delay between the run having been accepted and when it's posted on the frontpage. I can therefore not say exactly when it will be added to the game list. If something more is needed from your side, you will be contacted in the submission pm thread. In the meantime, you're welcome to write some more detailed comments about the run or record audio commentary. That's up to you and by no means required, but usually appreciated by people interested in watching your run when it gets posted.
ok, Ill focus on the audio comments, and detailed info.
Can i post all that here when it gets ready?
For written comments, go to the bottom of It should say "Edit comments". The rest should be self-explanatory.

For audio commentary:
1. Record the audio.
2. Change the file format to aac (for example mp3 will give compatibility problems in certain media players).
3. Re-encode the video from the raw-file. Just do like you have already done once, but this time check the "Audio commentary" checkbox on the right-hand side in yua. This will add a line on the statID saying that there is audio commentary. This step is not required, but it will look nicer since people otherwise might watch the video without ever knowing there was audio commentary.
4. In yua, click "Tools" -> "Add audio commentary". The rest should be self-explanatory.
5. Upload the new files the same way you already did before (preferably with file names indicating that they include audio commentary).

If you have any questions along the way, you can just send them in the submission pm thread.
Alright, i might not be able to record it right now, but can i use that page when i'm ready to do record it? Or it will go out when the game is posted?
I think you're right that those upload links will become de-activated after a while. However, you just worry about the commentary. I promise you we'll find a quick solution once you have it ready, regardless of when it's done. In the meantime, we'll just proceed as normal with what you have submitted. So even if you never get around to it, it's no problem.
okay, thanks for the support!