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Portal 2 (Any %) (Single Segment)

Verifier Responses

I'll make this verifier comment short.
This run was impressive, good usage of various glitches to save lots of time.
The death on Stop the Box endded what would of been a deathless run, but overall great work.
Decision: Accept
Reason: The cake is a lie and you get to keep the Companion Cube.
Side note: The run time has 1337 in its final time.

Audio and video are okay. I didn't see any cheating. There are a few mistakes but nothing that took away from the fact that this run overall was well done.


Chapter 1: Small appearance of the Steam Overlay in the beginning, but I think it's the only one, so it's okay with me. Uses mousewheel to jump. I watched his stream and it's clearly audible when he bhops. No scripts were used. Doesn't hold on when Wheatley tells him to, how badass!
He tends to screw up the bunnyhops toward elevators, but this loses him no time whatsoever, since usually he has to wait for the speech to end anyway. He times hitting certain triggers very well, including getting in the elevator. I like his bhopping on the parts where he holds Wheatley. Should've done wallstrafe bhops just before the main breaker room, that's the only ugly part I see in this chapter. Only saves about .1 second anyway and maybe he has a reason to no... OH MY GOD HE GOT HOOPY. HOOPY!!! WAAAAAAH!

Chapter 2: I blame the stupidity of the game for him having to do the backupstrat on the first map. These maps look very clean. Very well done. No more need be said. I approve of his chapter two.

Chapter 3: First map, he reshoots portals on the final jump. Having it just stay in place might have been enough and it wouldn't have caused him to fail it four times, but the jump is very precise so doing that might have caused him to not gain enough height. The rest of the chapter is good, especially ricochet. Sacrifices 5 seconds to get a consistent doorskip. Excellent. Chapter three is good.

Chapter 4: Not my favorite chapter. Therefore, I will talk about about other important stuff, that will have to be discussed anyway. The audio and video quality is good. Some elevator rides are really buggy and jumpy, but that's because of demo playback issues. So that's ok, especially since it's not annoying at all.
I timed the run to be 01:13:38, where the starting point is where the crosshair appears, which happens to be also the moment you gain control. (this happens after the first wake-up animation). Final point is the moonshot. Everything after that is cutscene, you can't even move your mouse. Elevators are timed, as they are actually gameplay. He uses a custom Portalgun texture, fine with me, although I'm not sure what others think of it. Oh, and this chapter's gameplay is good.

Chapter 5: This guy bhops across the railing on the first skip, rather than just walking. That's good. The next part the darkness doesn't seem to bother him at all. He seems to have memorized the paths coz the video is just completely dark. Good bhops on turret redemption, I am of the opinion that the turrets aren't random, but I haven't confirmed this actually. Doesn't matter anyway since he got a defective one right away. Rest of the chapter is good, fast and efficient. He also nailed the tuberide. On another note, I tried the glitches and tricks in this run myself, and they're possible. No cheating.

Chapter 6: He used the latest version of the game, so the not-very-easy reportal wasn't present. But hey, let's just assume he didn't get it. Chapter six is good, well done.

Chapter 7: Propulsion Gel CrouchBoost Glitch. Not a place where I'd expect it. Probably just me though. On another map, he came up with a very fast alternative for floor reportaling. The lemon rant gets cut off =( Cave is gonna get his engineers to invent a combustible lemon, but doesn't actually tell us what it's for. Guess our houses are safe. Last map went a bit bad, but they're not the easiest tricks to pull off in a SS, and he recovers with great agility. Chapter seven approved.

Chapter 8: Nice start. Very nice indeed. In fact, the whole chapter went well. It's a huge pleasure to watch this chapter. Enjoyed it after a quite dull chapter seven. He died though, really unfortunate. But it's only a small mistake where the game just shat on him while suffering from diarrhoea. Tough luck that is, no reason to reject. Probably one of the best chapters in this run.

Chapter 9: I like the song that plays during the first and second map of this part. Also, nice bossfight. I Accept this speedrun.

(Chapter 10: Not actually part of the gameplay, but it's awesome enough to deserve a mention. )

The final verifier accepted the run.

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Alex 'Znernicus' Thieke!
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znernicus: 2012-12-16 02:21:41 pm
znernicus: 2012-12-16 02:21:30 pm
Thanks guys for verifying my run! I've been looking forward to it being on SDA.
I should mention though that it is no longer the world record, I have recently beat it with a 1:12:42. I think I will not bother sending in a new run though, unless I get sub 1:12 which would be crazy.

Edit: I now have a 1:11:31, going for sub 1:11
Lest We Forget
Quote from znernicus:
Thanks guys for verifying my run! I've been looking forward to it being on SDA.
I should mention though that it is no longer the world record, I have recently beat it with a 1:12:42. I think I will not bother sending in a new run though, unless I get sub 1:12 which would be crazy.

As one of the verifiers, I made the Halo reference in my verifier comments because you mentioned that you started playing Portal 2 on the Xbox 360.