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Pink Panther Pinkadelic Pursuit () (pc) [Any %] [Single Segment]

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to 'wesen'!
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Pink Panther Pinkadelic Pursuit () (pc) [Any %] [Single Segment]

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Unrelated to the verification, the comments seem to have mangled formatting. Are you going to fix it? I'll verify this but I'd rather wait for that actually Tongue
The comments were submitted with proper formatting. Not sure why all the line breaks were purged. Anyways, I have updated the comments so they should hopefully be readable again.
The comments look ripe to be placed on a Strategy Guide page in the Knowledge Base. If you feel inclined to do this, here's some basic instructions:

You can just copy-paste an existing wiki page to make it easier, just making sure the metadata etc. gets replaced with the right stuff.

There's a new TAS out here that has at least one small trick that isn't used here: however it says it only saves some frames. It's the helicopter to reduce air time trick. Then level one has a major skip worth 20 seconds. There may be other stuff as well, which is why I'd like to ask the runner now if they want to go back to try to incorporate the skip into their run and resubmit? Because this is an improvement on an existing SDA run and also because the TAS is so new, the omission (if it's even possible in real time) isn't something this will ever be rejected over, but just to save verifiers the hassle I'd like to know if this changes things for you.
Hi LotBlind,

I think it's a good idea to create a Strategy Guide. I'll look into this and try to create one for this game.

Thanks for bringing the TAS to my attention, I watched it and was impressed with how far away my best times are from perfection.

I tried to do that jump in Level 1 before because I thought it should be possible, however I was not once able to do it.
For comparison I managed to do the trick in Level 11 which I ranked "Impossible to do in a speedrun" 2 or 3 times.
Nevertheless I will try to do that jump, but I probably will not be able to use it in a speedrun.

Also thanks for taking the time to verify my run.

Best regards
Just to be clear, does this mean you're canceling this submission for now? You can later reopen the same submission (ask ktwo if you're not quite sure how this works) and we can resume verifying this current run if you weren't able to improve on it at all.

Thanks for looking into the Strategy Guide idea: you have my personal appreciation!
I tried to do the jump in level 1 but I still can't do it. I know it looks like you can do it effortlessly in the TAS, but that jump height is either nearly or completely maximized.

I don't think I can improve the run  soon, even though the TAS shows there is a lot room for improvement.

Therefore I wouldn't like to cancel the submission.
Even if you can't use the difficult tricks in the TAS, maybe you can get a better idea of why stuff works as it does if you ask the TASer about it. E.g. your comments say something about how you're not sure what triggers tripping over in skate levels. Also looks like he didn't find the Dinosaur skip, unless that can't be done on PSX.

A/V: I think the file has the wrong aspect ratio - the file that is, not the actual video. Supposed to be 4:3, is 16:9.

I don't think there were any language version differences were there? You've got a faster computer though don't you? Smiley

Looks like better execution and routing both across basically every level.

Yes, it's probably a good idea to ask him what he found out about the mechanics of the game besides what he already wrote as a comment for his run.

I recorded the game with FRAPS and converted it to mp4 with OpenShot. It's possible that I chose the wrong aspect ratio.

It's the exact same game, you can choose the language in the main menu. I think there is no difference in how many information text parts you have to press away or anything else. I only chose english because most people understand that language and can understand what the displayed text means.

It's also the exact same computer I played on. I did a fresh reinstall of Windows 7 though and generally had better reflex times when going through objects, after loading screens, etc.

The run used some new tricks and the level records got closer to my personal best times, thus making the old run obsolete in every respect.
I just found out that there are differences between the PS1 and PC version of the game.

One difference is that you can do much higher jumps in the PS1 version, it is easily possible to do the skip in Level 1 for human players.
In the PC version it is most likely not possible because the developers lowered the jump height.

The dinosaur skip works in the PS1 version too.
That's more information that fits the Guide well if you're building one.
Since it's such a short run, I watched the old and the new runs for comparison. It's great to see how much everything has improved in the new run (and with the knowledge at the time, the old run was pretty good). New skips, better routing and tighter execution. There are only few time losses in the new run and some of them can be blamed on RNG. Overall, very

Easy accept
Decision posted.