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Finally got to see the run. Really nice work. Bit unlucky with some of the skips and shortcuts at times but still pulled off a great time.
Quote from Whisper:
In the time it took me to type this post, Cosmo has broken the MST record three more times.

Weird Science Facts

Apparently it took you at least 8 or 9 hours to type this. That is the really weird part.
i got a question  about navi is it possible to have here message button pop up anytime you want on the n64 version?
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I don't know for sure, but my hunch is that you have to wait a few minutes after not doing whatever Navi wants you to do (for instance, if you're wandering about in the Lost Woods when you're supposed to see the Deku Tree, then Navi's prompt will appear).

Someone who frequents the ZSR forum will have a more accurate and affirmative answer.
It takes 30 seconds for Navi to appear when you enter new area and 12 minutes if you talked to her already.
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Bumping this thread due to major any% route change:

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ZFG has a 23 minute run uploaded, why didn't you post that one? Tongue

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too bad cosmo's one isn't highlighted yet

If someone gets very good run, like 22:30, I think it should be instant-posted on SDA because it's epic. Ganondoor FTW!
ZFG just broke the WR again with a 22:43. Looking at it as he ran it sub 22:40 is easily possible. Maybe even sub 22:30....
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I have been around for quite a while. I remember rooting for TSA to get sub-5 hours in a single segment OoT run 6 years ago. I remember joining in to help search for the shadow temple early glitch. I remember making this video and becoming a meme in the community. I remember the first time I saw the infinite sword glitch. I remember a few days later learning we could fly.

All these brought the times down and down and down and now here we stand, literally beating the game 13 times faster than before.

So much has been shared with that community, so many bonds made over something as silly as trying to beat a video game we all loved really fast.

I know I'm being corny but honestly this is a big deal for me. It's like seeing your little kid finally be a success after years of working to help them out. What a beautiful thing this run is, I wait with baited breath to see how ridiculous it will get once the TASers get their hands on these glitches.
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It truly has been an experience on the viewing end, as well. A lot of the community members who know me know that I tend to just sit and "study up" on the new glitches when they're discovered and haven't done much first-hand. I still have to say that I remember back to the TSA run as well. I remember when Manocheese did his "Uber Challenge" FAQ on GameFAQs (I learned Enter Jabu-Jabu without Fish and Gerudo Fortress Early from this), and have spent a lot of time just learning how all of this is done by discussing with others. Now that the new any% has been found, I think it is safe to say that, unless we find some ultimate glitch that takes us to the end as soon as the opening cutscene is over, there's nothing more to find.

With that, I say let the endless years of OoT competition continue!
How can you ever say there's nothing more to find? Especially in this game? Tongue
Twinkle-Twinkle Lil' Star, har har!
True. Withdrawn
Found a new way to clip through some acute angles that can almost get through using a jumpslash but this strat is easier to get pushed into the wall with a bomb
its been 2 years since anyone has posted on this thread. GG
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5 if we ignore the two last posts. R.I.P