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Nier (Any %) (Single Segment) [A Ending]

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Eric 'Omnigamer' Koziel!
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Nier (Any %) (Single Segment) [A Ending]

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I noticed in this area lots of times monsters ALMOST die to one hit... I wonder if there had been a way to increase damage by just that much and if it would have been warranted. Two minutes later there's some struggling with the ones with the shield bubble.
Nice trick!

Do you like my notes?

All the things
For that section in particular the weakest link is actually Emil keeping pace with me. His own pathing AI is not great and he tends to get stuck on things, but the game has this lovely feature where you restart the current floor if you get too far separated from him. Thus much of this area is touch-and-go. A better weapon is not really available with my funding at this point, and if there's slop in taking out some of the enemies then I apologize for it but that's just the nature of the game. I group most enemies as best as I can, but no setup is guaranteed.
I should be able to get to this one within the next couple days.
I've only played this game once through, but I'll throw in my two cents worth, too, considering I was blown away after watching.

Very well done. The run was incredibly well planned out, and you nailed the routing. I know when I played through, I sometimes had a hard time figuring out plot triggers vs side-quests, but you even rocked the Junk Heap, too, which was incredible. Spear jumps and triple jumps were also neat to see.

I thought you did great with the battles, too (boss at 1:23:00 and 1:46:00 daang). Dark Blast and Dark Hand on Easy mode worked like a charm.

As for the nitty-gritty stuff that really doesn't make a difference with my final answer, I noticed a few very minor hiccups towards the end (like getting hit/knocked back or losing aim every so often), but you recouped quickly. I noticed the struggle around 1:56:00, too, but honestly, I don't know a way that could get any easier...? Anyways, the Bad Things in the notes really didn't seem to amount to too much time lost at all, so great work.

Also, I imagine sight-seeing with Fyra probably wasn't your favorite part of the run, haha.

Accept from me and my two cents, hands down. :> Good work, Omnigamer, and I wish you the best if you decide to get Ending D.
It slipped my mind that I said I'd give this a watch, but I probably would have finished it Monday night at the earliest anyway, so it could have been worse.

A/V good, no cheating detected

Although I have very little familiarity with this game, it's readily apparent that this is a very well executed run.  Improvable, sure but definitely good enough in that respect.  The routing seems solid enough from what I can tell, and I know there has been quite a bit of work done on this game.  I see no reason not to accept this run
Decision posted.