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Monopoly (Any %) (Single Segment)

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Quote from Boxfat:
I am ecstatic to see this under a minute. This is a high quality run.

The audio/video quality are good. Unfortunately no "don't be comin' back now" allowed in this run. Managed to catch this live in a string of attempts, know it's legit.

This is the result of good luck finally being just about maximized, with solid menu work.


A and Isaac set out to conquer the world of houses, hotels, railways, free parking, big cash and jail; both wallets packed to the brim with one thousand dollars worth of crisp fresh green banknotes. For a reason unknown to mankind, both decide to let the dice dictate where they wish to go. While A takes a route via Reading Railroad, Pennsylvania Railroad and Ventnor Avenue to reach the Short Line; Isaac decides to pay a visit to the jail's inmates, to proceed to Marvin Gardens via Kentucky Avenue. Both let the dollars fly out of their wallets, acquiring everything they set their grubby little feet on (the notable exception being Isaac's visit to jail).

At this point, A decides to take a cunning move: He (or she? Damn those gender-insensitive given names!) mortgages all his belongings for even more of the greenback beauties, before making the most cunning move ever seen in big money business … who ever would have thought, that three railroads and a street without houses, all of them mortgaged, would be an unfair deal against two streets (also house-less) and 1000 dollars? Isaac certainly didn't and agreed to his demise.
Only a few seconds after the deal was sealed by handshake, one of those nasty people from a bank too big to fail showed up on Isaac's doorstep, asking him to pay a 10% interest on the mortgage of Short Line, he recently acquired. Unfortunately, Isaacs beautiful greenbacks had all been traded against the said properties; he could not pay, and alas, had to declare bankrupcy, leaving A as the sole remaining owner of property, the tycoon of Nespolia City, owning a massive 2570 dollars; an amount that was so humongous no living soul had ever seen so much cash in one pocket. Rumors declare that it took A less than a minute to achieve this incredible feat.

(Gameplay quality looks very solid, AI opponent looks very stupid. The fact that the video wobbles should be fixed, other than that, accept)

Not to be "that" guy, ok, to be "that" guy, the computer can trade over $1220 in cash, just not the Isaac AI.  Ollie has no limit on cash expenditure, but he will auction several properties he'll land on, making him a less desirable choice.  Isaac is better than Penelope because she'll auction the dark purples if she lands on them.

In any case, I'll take a comparable time to evaluate the run as it took to complete it.



Done. Accept.

Quote from presjpolk:
The run's good.  I didn't think sub-minute would happen, but there you go.

Audio quality is fine.  Video quality seems mostly fine, but I feel like the whole video his shaking horizontally.  I want to say the wrong form of interlacing is being used or something?  If that can be addressed I hope it will be.

Please don't hold let that hold it back from an accept though. With this run in the can none of us have to run this category ever again.

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Adam 'KHANanaphone' Ferguson!
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Not a walrus
The shaking seems to be from a questionable capture device but it's not fixable nor is it severe enough to reject over, especially for a game this graphically simple.
That's some A++++ fanfic right there. It's a shame about the wobbling, I must need a new Betamax recorder.