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Mirror's Edge (Any %) (Single Segment)

Verifier Responses

Wow. Impressive shit going on here.
The run is done really overall, the runner knew what he's doing. There are some small mistakes that hurt between all the perfection, but many of the tricks are pretty hard to pull off so some falls that cost just a few seconds are OK there. Also, I noticed no major mistakes.
I don't know of any glitch or shortcut he could've taken on top of those he pulled off, and he almost every time took the shortest (direct route) to the next action point so besides the mistakes in the glitches there's not much time to save. Also, the runner implemented speed-up tricks wherever he could, I didn't see any spots where he left one out. There may be a few spots where difficult skips are slower than a seemingly longer route where you could run faster, but someone would have to time that and I'm glad that's not my job. Also, I don't think there would be many, if any spots where this would be the case.
Some of these skips are just… damn!

A/V is good, didn't see any cheating. I'm not really familiar with how this game is timed without loading and all that, but RTA is about 39:17 (control of Faith starts at 0:11 and final sequence starts at 39:28). Unless you want to count skipping the training as part of the run... again, not too familiar with timing this game.

In terms of actual gameplay, this run is jaw-dropping. Everything is done smoothly and consistently, with almost no wasted time. The runner runs in a straight line whenever possible, does a wall boost on almost every object he passes, and executes everything without hesitation. There were a couple deaths and heavy landings here and there, but the good things heavily outweigh the bad.

Easy accept.

A/V fantastic, no cheating suspected.
Though there are spots that could use polish, this run is amazingly executed. Combining consistent speedwalljumping and extending long jumps in places I didn't know were possible, and OOB parts very well done. The few mistakes and even deaths are in spots that only cost a few seconds and I find them acceptable considering it's a single segment run. By the way, really funny to see the Jackknife chase done so fast he has to teleport to stay ahead of you. Superbly done.
Accepted for sure.

I think the runner's own timing of 39:26 real time sounds fair.

A/V is outstanding, one of the best HQ encodes I've seen in a long while.

The route is very optimized, with a lot of small timesavers and speed boosts on as many obstacles as feasible as well as a lot of major gamebreaking skips. There are a few small mishaps that cost a second or two each, most notably on the final chapter, but given the precision that a lot of these tricks take and the risks taken in this run it is unreasonable to expect all of them to go perfect on the first try. Overall the execution is excellent.

Didn't notice anyting suspicious while watching this run, although I can't currently run the game to check out some of the skips that have been found since I last played it.

Easy Accept

A/V good. Run is amazing, even for Mirror's Edge which is a joy to watch anytime. Execution is super tight, routes are very inventive. No cheating detected; all the skips are definitely possible.


Quality of the video was good.

Mirrors Edge speedruns are probably the most impressive speedruns to watch. It's a really good watch, especially when a run is well executed, like this one.


Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Filip 'Zubmit' Sahlberg!
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Clear as a crisp spring morning!
Congratulations Zubmit!

I'm unsure, should the timing of this run be real time? I think load times in this game can vary quite a bit.
congrats Zubmit, he deserved it he improved so much over so little time, any idea on how soon this will be posted on the games page or mirror's edge?
Not a walrus
Right now it's in the timing stage along with a fair number of other runs. Without wanting to speak for IsraeliRD, since it's PC version all the load times will need to be factored out, so it might be a little while.