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I will not be organizing the Metroid Marathon for this year.

Simply put, I don't have the motivation to do so, and I've lost interest in it. I've gotten busy with a lot of other things, both in real life and also other personal speedrunning projects that have taken higher priority. I do not have the same motivation this year as I did last year, which has shown given the lack of announcements and my procrastination to get several things done. Furthermore, last year I did not have a full-time job; now I do, so it's much harder to work around that. It's been a huge undertaking to work on this, especially due to the fact that it isn't very high profile and it's difficult to make sure everyone (runners and commentators) is on the same page. I feel that it would be best for me to cancel this, or at minimum, step down and see if anyone else would like to take over and organize this, because as it stands, I would rather have the marathon cancelled than have the marathon ran by someone who doesn't commit their full attention to it nor cares enough for it.

I've briefly talked with svenne about this and he feels similarly, being unable to commit as much time to this marathon.

I do want to thank everyone that's been wiling to help out, with layouts (thanks lordalu! They can definitely be used in the future, they will not be wasted!), scheduling, communications, and even just offering help. If someone would like to have this marathon happen this year and wants to step up to organize it, let me know and I can give you all the details. As it stands though, the marathon will be cancelled unless someone decides to want to step up and take over our roles.

Thanks for your understanding

You may recall that in 2014, we held a Metroid Speedrunning Marathon showcasing every metroid game speedran, with various categories. With the new year, now we're doing it again!

The marathon will likely take place during the weekend of June 5-7. The final date is not finalized yet but it will fall in this range and will be determined after more time estimates and such is gathered.

Just like with last year, we aren't associating this with a charity or anything like that. This is just a fun marathon to show off to the general audience, to showcase runs of both commonly and uncommonly ran metroid games along with a variety of categories!

Fortunately, since this was done before, a chunk of work doesn't need to be repeated (like getting game logos and such). I'm using this thread as a hub for information on the Metroid Marathon 2015, and keeping the first post of this thread as up-to-date as I can.

The feedback from the last marathon will be taken into account. A lot of stream testing will be done before the marathon itself, and we will be figuring out a more reliable restreamer and PC to stream the runner into the layout.

We need to figure out which categories for each game is being ran and by whom. I've listed out all the metroid games and potential categories along with runners that said they are willing to do those categories so far; I'm currently in the process of contacting more runners and will be keeping this as up-to-date as possible. However, there are a few things that I want to get public reception on and I'll note that under the respective games. Not all the categories listed below will necessarily be ran either, I'm mostly listing these out to have a public document of all the category options we have. Once more things get figured out, we'll start discussing which categories to keep and cut (which should be very, very few).

I'm also trying to prioritize getting lesser-known runners that are still well-qualified to do runs, to give a bit more variety in runners, so I hope I do a decent job of giving several people chances to do great runs!

Games List of Categories+Runners

To finalize:
-Runners for MZM 100% Race
-Confirmation on NES Metroid Race
-Decide which of itspersonnal's metroid prime runs to include
-Estimates on most games, including credits, excluding setup time
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1. Layout! We'd like to have a new layout this year! If you know anyone interested in designing one, let me know! We currently have Lordalu working on the layouts. There will need to be space for the time elapsed, time estimate, runner name + twitch, game name, category, and game logo

Required Layouts:
-single 4:3
-triple 4:3 (race)
-single 16:9
-single 3:2
-double 3:2 (race)
-triple 3:2 (race)
-double vertical 4:3 (pinball)
-double focused 4:3 (hunters)

A 4:3 example of last year's layout is here:

2. A logo for the marathon itself would be great to have, but not top priority yet. We'll inquiry about this after the date and stream is finalized but if you're interested, feel free to come up with ideas that will have space for the date and stream url!

Last year's marathon logo:

3. Restreaming set-up. Will take some time to figure out and to ensure the issues from last year don't happen again. Svenne is working on this.

4. Mumble/skype set-up. There were a few annoying things last year that were brought up so let's make sure it's a lot easier for the runners to use. I think basically everyone has some skype account so making a skype group with all the runners would make things convenient to contact them...

5. More staff/organizers would be really helpful, just to help out with making sure game transitions well, organizing the runners/commentators in the mumble, and such. If you're interested in helping organize, let me know!

6. More but I will fill this out as more things get figured out

Also plz someone offer nintendoland kthx
ExtremeSP1TF1R3 runs Other M. He's recently retired from speedrunning but may be willing to participate in the marathon, if you wanna contact him on his twitch profile.
Give me a shout if you need any help with anything Kirby. I'll make some layout designs as well to see if there's any you might like.
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Jimmyfosho and Secretkey (rip) used to run other m as well, but yeah.
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Mobiusman: 2015-01-15 12:25:19 pm
I guess I'll shove my foot in the door and say I'm always down to run or race MZM 100%. I know we did it last year, but the same is true of every ZM category except any% hard.

If any% normal turns out to be a race I could maybe join that instead.
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my boi stuntcoyote doing project base! Cheesy
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Quote from stealinbread:
my boi stuntcoyote doing project base! Cheesy

The list isn't final and there's been quite a few suggestions for SM hacks already that I'll list soon. I hate to do this but some of them will definitely need to be cut. They'll all be considered though, still talking with a few SM runners about things. Project Base is the only one where the runner's fully confirmed so far.

Quote from Mobiusman:
I guess I'll shove my foot in the door and say I'm always down to run or race MZM 100%. I know we did it last year, but the same is true of every ZM category except any% hard.

If any% normal turns out to be a race I could maybe join that instead.

I'll poke you on skype. I didn't bug you about any% normal since you don't really like that category IIRC but since you showed interest, I'll talk to you guys about it on skype.
100% map completion would be a cool category for Super Metroid.  Tons of rooms you don't get to see, normally.  It's always nice to start off a block of that with an any% run depending on your time.  That would make an RBO/map completion run all that much more impressive, since you'd notice that route changes more in context.

This is a really cool idea!  I've never seen a prime 3 speed run, so I'll be excited to see how someone pulls that off.
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A (very early) mockup for 4:3 titles:

No need to show this one

There would be a 3:2, 4:3, 16:9, NDS and setup layout, as well as race ones depending on if any races occur.

Obviously EVERYTHING (fonts, colours, positions of boxes, pictures... everything) is subject to change and opions and critique are more than welcome. If there's something you don't like or something you'd like to see please do suggest it and I'll look it at Smiley
Sign me up for commentary on practically anything but obviously Fusion/ZM.

I can run Fusion/ZM any or 100 as well. I'd rather let other people have a chance to run something if they want to, but if there's a category nobody really wants to do or if you have some race, I'm up for that.
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I'm always down for more Metroid II Hundo. One thing to note is my computer is old and bad, I'm not sure how well it'll handle Skype while streaming.
I would like to help in any way possible for what you need kirbymastah.
Do you have an official policy on streaming quality? Will anyone be allowed to participate regardless of how much bitrate they can dedicate to their streaming? Or will there be a lower limit, and if so, how much?
Slightly better I think:

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Mobiusman: 2015-01-16 05:12:18 pm
lordalu is killin' it with these layouts
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Quote from LordAlu:
Slightly better I think:

Under the "Game" would it be possible to leave space for the game title logo? there should be images in the dropbox link I shared with you so you can try fitting those around?

Loving it so far otherwise Smiley

Quote from Mystery:
Do you have an official policy on streaming quality? Will anyone be allowed to participate regardless of how much bitrate they can dedicate to their streaming? Or will there be a lower limit, and if so, how much?

I referred your question to svenne, he is taking care of the streaming specs
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LordAlu: 2015-01-17 11:23:45 am
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Quote from Mobiusman:
lordalu is killin' it with these layouts

ta Smiley

Quote from kirbymastah:
Under the "Game" would it be possible to leave space for the game title logo? there should be images in the dropbox link I shared with you so you can try fitting those around?

Loving it so far otherwise Smiley

Sure, I'll make an edit when I get home from work Smiley

Edit: Updated


There's a little bit too much blank space on this one underneath the actual game display. We could potentially use this for any other logos, or potentially commentator names or even an up next? Any suggestions?
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LordAlu: 2015-01-19 05:22:06 am
Two different NDS ones, since Metroid Pinball would need to have both screens lined up for it to make sense:



Again, suggestions/critique welcome!

Edit: I'm making way too many posts Cheesy

Two-person race layout:

Hey! The layouts are looking good LordAlu! Alot of people have offered help so that is great! I would suggest we add SM Any% to the schedule because the current route is so different to the old one! Both Kott and Zoasty got pb's yesterday so it's a good sign!
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Just wanted to give a few small comments/suggestions, overall everything looks great Cheesy

General: The grey text that provides information blends a little bit with the background, everything else seems to kind of pop if you know what I mean.  I would consider this the lowest of lows in priority I'm just a bit of a nitpicker when it comes to this Tongue

4:3 looks great!
16:9 I agree that there is definitely some wasted space here, but I wouldn't put in information that cannot be found in the other layouts (commentators, upcoming game, etc.) because people will notice that missing from other layouts. A suggestion to try, center the timer and flank it with the logo on the left side and the hashtag on the right. That might help deal with some of the dead space, but if it still looks like a lot of waste then it might not be worth it.
Hunters: Looks solid to me! DS is always awkward, and I think you managed the space well.
Pinball: I mean its pinball, so you can't really alter the game feed, which kinda sucks cause it creates so much wasted space..but the way the information is divided is great Smiley
4:3 Race: Only suggestion here is to not do Runner [Runner Name]  [Runner Name] Runner.  I get the symmetry, but I think "Runner: [Runner Name]" will look a little cleaner. 

Great job overall Cheesy The marathon is gonna look great!
Agree'd great job on the layouts Lordalu, fantastic work!
For the pinball layout, I'll talk to uchihaSDA about it and ask him if the spacing between them works, since the spacing between the two DS screens needs to be accurate for it to look like the ball flows well.
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i think more space between the screens is needed. i forget what's the exact space needed though...

it definitely helps since a reduced space throws off the ball a bit when looking at the video.