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Metroid Prime (Any %) (Single Segment)

Verifier Responses

A/V is good, no cheating detected. The run was very well executed, even with some of the little mistakes. It went very smoothly, including the 2-round kill on the final form of Metroid Prime. In-game time was 0:56, a huge improvement over the current SDA run for this category. Easily giving this one an accept!

Didn't do SJF left. Reject.

I would go through the whole run to point out the mistakes that were made here, but Miles has spoken about the length of his comments so I expect he'll do a far better job than I. This run is amazing, probably one of if not the most execution-heavy runs ever submitted to SDA. It wasn't too long ago that sub-hour was the impossible dream, but now it's been crushed. Single-segment. Accept.

A/V is good. No cheating. In-game time is 0:56.

Frigate was very good. Escape was decent.

Though there are some major mistakes, considering the amount of tricks, big and small, that the runner uses, and considering how much luck there is in the run, I will give this an easy accept. The significant improvement over the current run comes from both new and updated tricks & routes, and also just much smoother execution overall. Those who have only seen the current SDA run (and if you haven't seen Miles run this game, what's wrong with you?) there are a lot of new things in this run that will certainly be a surprise to those unfamiliar with the new routes. I can definitely see the runner getting 0:55 single segment, but that would require a lot more luck and grinding out thousands and thousands of more attempts at the frigate that I'm sure he doesn't want to do for now.

At least he doesn't fall down as much as me.


A/V Quality = Good and smooth.
Decision = Easy Accept
Reason = Regardless of the multiple mistakes (Phendrana Health, Live Grove PB etc) and the plain bad luck (PB Maze); this is a run of obscenely high play quality. The single-segment route is very slick and the new tricks (Phazon Mines Spider Track climbs and the Ridley fight for example) show just how far breaking this game has come. The fact that Miles could *still* get 56 minutes after all of the mistakes and bad luck shows you just how good he is at this game. Amazing job and well done. Cheesy

Decision: Yup, accept.
Reason: A/V is good and the gameplay is great even with small mistakes here and there. Great improvement.

A/V quality is good, but the runner should have played on Metroid Prime Trilogy so that he could get it in widescreen. The only cheating is some awful out-of-bounds shit he does early in the run.

Targets went well. TEH URN FrankerZ FrankerZ FrankerZ

The first major mistake comes when he somewhat sorta screwed up the dash into the elevator on the way to PQ, and lost maybe a third of a second, which instantly makes this run horrible. So he probably should have reset there. PQ goes down in 8 missiles, though, so there's that.

Good Parasite dashes in the escape. But then we get another major mistake: Miles loses his items. This ends up costing probably like 10-15 minutes since he has to go pick them up again. Then he finishes with a 4:32 escape. That's.. well, I suppose it's acceptable, but it only beats the SDA escape record by two seconds. Very sloppy, Miles.

Miles does right dash on SJF instead of left dash. This is a big route problem, as it costs him almost an entire two seconds! This is very important in a 1.5-hour run and Miles should be ashamed to be doing it the easy way. Sure, it took him a month to do it for his segmented run, but that's no excuse for laziness.

He gets Morph Ball and then activates the cutscene that begins the beetle fight. This causes the fight music to start playing and not stop until he reaches Energy Core. Although this technically saves time, it's kinda annoying so it makes it feel like he's taking forever to get to Energy Core, so it should be counted against him anyway.

Luckily, Miles manages to scan an Eyon, Incinerator Drone, and a Barbed War Wasp. This almost makes up for a couple of his egregious mistakes earlier. But then he doesn't get the one-frame unmorph after getting Morph Ball Bombs, and he's behind again. Then he goes out of bounds to get Ice Beam, which should be an instant reject because out of bounds glitches are cheating and break the game too excessively to be allowed.

Arboretum has another awful mistake where he actually opens the gate! This is technically faster in game time, but it loses real time, and frankly who cares about game time? RTA's where it's at. He also can't do the trick to climb the room faster because the War Wasp hives are gone due to his earlier cheating. Then on Flaahgra, all the cutscenes cost more valuable realtime... frankly, he should be skipping Varia Suit.

The Chozo Ghost fight could've gone better, and honestly I don't understand why Miles might not want to reset over twenty minutes into a run after losing a couple seconds over something he has no control of even though he could still easily manage a 56. Seems a bit sloppy to me.

He watches most of the Phendrana entrance cutscene, which costs even more realtime! Makes me cringe. Then after getting Boost Ball, he retuns to Phendrana Shorelines, and the Ridley cutscene is so majestic and beautiful that I've completely forgotten about all of his major screwups so far.

He kills Sheegoth in one cycle, which sounds good, but I'm honestly a bit disappointed that he didn't manage to do it in zero cycles. But oh well, not a huge deal I guess. Next he goes to get Plasma Beam. Normally in a run you would have to go get Ice Beam first to do this, but since Miles cheated earlier he already has Ice Beam. He finally does something decent and does a ghetto jump to skip the spider puzzle and jump straight to Plasma, which is pretty much as close as you can get to a straight line to the door. If he had done anything else I would have to reject this run here and now.

Research Core goes poorly and Miles takes a bunch of extra damage; after the next few rooms he's down to 12 health, making him panic and pick up some energy in Control Tower that he turns out to not need. This is a gigantic mistake and made him lose close to three hours. Then to make matters worse, he picks up Thermal Visor. Thermal Visor only costs a couple seconds at most to pick up, and Metroid Prime's second phase is near impossible to 2-pool without it, but remember the metroid2002 slogan: "impossible is nothing". It's disappointing that he didn't take that to heart.

Next he takes advantage of Thardus, whose passive personality makes him let Miles just walk all over him without retaliation. He pulls off the double-cutscene in Chozo Ice Temple, thank god... I don't think I could handle seeing him lose much more real time in this run. I mean, if realtime is called "real time", then that means game time is fake time. And why would you time your run using fake time?

Then blah blah boring stuff where there are absolutely no hard or impressive tricks at all, especially not in Ruined Shrine or Frigate Crash Site, up til he gets to Life Grove and promptly messes up and misses x-ray, losing ten minutes. After another mistake in Main Quarry that luckily only costs two or three minutes, Miles takes advantage of an Elite Pirate almost as passive as Thardus (though not quite). But then he gets an awful maze - this shows that Miles is utterly incapable of controlling the RNG and it costs him a bunch of time.

He takes the slow, easy way across Metroid Quarantine A instead of doing a cool Metroid moonjump. He doesn't fall down in Fungal Hall A, which means he doesn't show off the cool ghetto jump recovery strat. Then he doesn't do the cool trick to skip to the door in Metroid Quarantine B, because "it doesn't save any time because the next room's loading and I need a PB drop from the crates" or some other stupid excuse like that. So overall terrible lower Mines, except for the Omega Pirate fight which went very smoothly with no mistakes whatsoever. The worst thing is he hasn't even scanned anything in a while, so he can't make up for any of these route mistakes.

On the way up, he accidentally triggers the Elite Pirate and has to kill it to get out, which only costs him a few seconds in game time, but it costs TONS OF REAL TIME UGGGGGH H W TW LEtj ;lJL:Sg:GJW:LGJWLG. Then I dunno how well his spider shaft climbs went because I was still reeling from how much time he lost to that Elite Pirate so I'll just assume they were awful and mark it against him.

On the way to the ship he misses the door shot in Frigate Crash Site which is another really bad mistake that lost almost a minute. Then he doesn't get the flyby skip, which flyby will no doubt be happy about but still. Now Ridley... see, this is how bosses should behave. You don't see Ridley letting Miles stand on top of him. Ridley's got some self-respect. Which makes it somewhat tragic that Miles responds to this by murdering him... geez.

Having used up all the bad RNG earlier on the power bomb maze, Miles gets good Lumigek drops, followed by fairly good luck on Metroid Prime. Now, while his phase 1 fight was pretty decent overall, in Subchamber 4 he got far too many Ice and Plasma phases and not enough Power or Wave ones. Thankfully he gets a Wave Beam finish which prevents it from being a total disaster. That's followed by a two-pool fight on the second phase - which is optimal, but I will remind you that he could have saved like a whole two seconds if he'd done this without Thermal. I'm not forgetting that and neither should you.

So that's that. After the credits roll, the Mission Final screen reveals the final time to be 0:56, so this is the first ever sub-hour Metroid Prime run to be submitted to SDA - three minutes faster than a time that was long thought to either be impossible, or require absolute perfection. In a single segment, no less.

Overall, this run is complete shit. Accept.

Seriously, what do you expect? It's Miles. Amazing run, grats again on the 56.

audio/video quality are both good. if using steroids is considered cheating then this is a definite REJECT.

honestly though this run is very, very solid. great ibbf, ghosts actually cooperated, spider skips first try, ridley and prime fights were both very well done, and got pretty much all of the climbs that can screw you over (fcs, ore processing, phazon core, etc.) there were some minor mistakes though like research core, triggering the elite pirate fight, and a bad pb maze but nothing too big. i can see 0:55 being done in the future but honestly if this run is tolerable by miles then it is definitely worth accepting.

ACCEPT. congrats miles!

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Charles Griffin!
Thread title:  
I know there were a greater number of accepts, but did you even read the second and sixth verifier's comments? They had such absolutely compelling reasons as for why this should be rejected, and yet you accepted this anyway??  Plus the last one even pointed out my cheating! I think Flip should be fired.
I don't think SDA has any rules on drug use during speedrunning yet. A massive oversight. SDA will never be the same after this.
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Quote from Miles:
Plus the last one even pointed out my cheating!

You admit to steroid use?! Uh oh...
I The sixth verifier pointed out cheating too!
Miles didn't fall down enough. evident cheating.
It should be rejected on the grounds of not being a :52, clearly. Though seriously, congrats again Miles.
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56? Sweet. Congrats Miles!
But 56 isn't prime. Cry
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Quote from PJ:
<3 <3 <3

Quote from MarioGalaxy2433g5:
But 56 isn't prime. Cry
56!? Great now all i can think about is 56! Ill kill you you no good 56er!
Edit history:
MASTER-88: 2013-06-21 09:06:09 am
Frigate was very good. Escape was decent.

WTF decent. Are you better? Its crush current escape runs in SDA so easily.

This run not includes nothing decent. There is only awesome things and IIRC its includes 4-5 minor errors.

Then to make matters worse, he picks up Thermal Visor. Thermal Visor only costs a couple seconds at most to pick up, and Metroid Prime's second phase is near impossible to 2-pool without it, but remember the metroid2002 slogan: "impossible is nothing". It's disappointing that he didn't take that to heart.

Thats will never happen on speedruns. Im not sure is it TAS possible
Skipping thermal could happen in Miles's segmented run? Which he should get back to ASAP after submitting his 1:12 100% mp1

Also that long verification is obviously a huge joke <_<
Quote from MASTER-88:
Frigate was very good. Escape was decent.

WTF decent. Are you better? Its crush current escape runs in SDA so easily.

It does, but the current SDA escape is so outdated. Still, 4:32.xx is really good.
so pro u don't even know
Thank you for bringing this game to places thought unreachable Miles. Inspirational run.
Quote from MASTER-88:
Then to make matters worse, he picks up Thermal Visor. Thermal Visor only costs a couple seconds at most to pick up, and Metroid Prime's second phase is near impossible to 2-pool without it, but remember the metroid2002 slogan: "impossible is nothing". It's disappointing that he didn't take that to heart.

Thats will never happen on speedruns. Im not sure is it TAS possible

Yeah, it'll never happen in a speedrun as long as we have runners like Miles half-assing their runs. That's why I think he needs to step it up!
Edit history:
ShadowWraith: 2013-06-26 04:34:47 am
I agree with Big Dave. Miles definitely has a lot of room for improvement, starting with SJF left.

e: goddamned green text, how am i meant to fakepost while also being a mod.. :<
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We can fix that for you if you like.
Once again, you are amazing, Miles!
It's always a pleasure to those runs of yours, so looking forward to this one!
Edit history:
MASTER-88: 2013-06-28 07:29:00 am
What will happen current frigate escape record into site when this run got public? Thats look pretty noob if actual escape record into site is slower than escape in single segment run.