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Metroid Prime 3: Corruption (100 %) (Single Segment) (Normal)

Verifier Responses

Quote from MLSTRM:
A/V is good, no cheating detected. The only flaw being the Home menu's 4 minute cameo in the middle of Elysia, but then as was explained, it was due to circumstances outside the runner's control. No inconsistency is noted across this break in gameplay.
Gameplay: Overall, only minor movement mistakes for the most part, such as getting some SSJs second try instead of first, and a couple of falls (!ifelldown) that lose a bit more time, but still not very much when considering the length of the run, and the way the camera in this game can mess you around. In total I estimate the major falls to have lost around 1-2 minutes, which in comparison with the runs length is very good for a single segment run. All the boss fights go well, and mostly have good RNG, except for Gandryda just being Gandryda. Any changes to the route that save any time are (for now at least) unfeasible in a single-segment run for the most part, and those that aren't are incredibly difficult, so I'm not expecting to see them in a SS run.
And since this is 100%, yes all items were collected.

Overall this is a great run! Congrats to Kirby! Now go practice Vault Dash.

Decision: Accept

Quote from Paraxade:
The video has some pretty bad interlacing/ghosting going on; that should probably be fixed.

Comments on the run:
0:02:00 - This is really minor, but in Samus's ship at the beginning, it saves like a second to activate the top set of buttons during the trooper's "Welcome back, Samus" speech. This is because when the button activates you can press it immediately instead of waiting for Samus to bring her hand up.
0:06:42 - The first pirate fight was very fast, well done on that.
0:09:40 - Very small amount of time lost on the Berserker Lord - you don't need to wait for him to finish his starting animation at the beginning before you can start shooting out his armor. So that's maybe a second or so lost here (he won't actually get stunned until he completes his starting animation anyway; Kirby didn't stun him until a second or two after the animation finished, however). That being said, very nice one-cycle kill here! Not a super easy trick, requires good luck.
0:15:45 - Kirby seems to have had a bit of a brain fart in Generator A, which cost 6-7 seconds. Wrong generator. Tongue
0:34:11 - The Hoppers spawn on the opposite side of the bridge from where you are. If you stay on one side they will keep spawning on the same side and you can easily keep mowing them down.
0:39:26 - You can jump up to this ledge before the cutscene starts, which would save another negligible amount of time.
0:45:01 - Could probably have morphed earlier here.
0:46:53 - Wouldn't it have been faster here to SSJ up to the first ledge up near the exit and use the grapple point from there?
0:49:22 - It's slightly faster to blow up the rock/destroy the first gel crystal using a charged Hyper Beam instead of a missile/charge shot.
0:51:00 - Ouch... bad mistake here, fell all the way down the shaft. Cost a good 10+ seconds.
0:52:00 - Good warphound/reptilicus fight.
0:56:40 - Very good Korakk fight.
1:00:08 - IIRC, this is a trick that allows you to jump over the bridge you're supposed to knock down. Kirby messed up the jump twice, then got hit by a Phazon grenade and had to exit back out of it, before just knocking down the bridge normally and not even doing the trick. This was a pretty bad mistake and wasted a lot of time.
1:03:09 - One small thing I've noticed is that when Kirby lands on a planet, he always morphs immediately. In my segmented run, I always took a few steps forward then morphed. The problem I always had with morphing immediately is it screws up the camera and then costs some time while you reorient yourself to start rolling the right way. However, if you walk forward a little then you don't get the instant morph. It's totally possible the instant morph makes up for the other time lost, so I'm not really counting this as either a positive or a negative; just something that I thought was interesting to note down.
1:17:55 - Solid Steamlord fight.
1:20:25 - Another mistake here - Kirby started going the wrong way and had to double back around to the correct zipline.
1:24:05 - Really nice single-cycle Defense Drone fight, didn't even realize that was possible.
1:37:30 - Kinda iffy Ghor fight. Not awful or anything but it could have gone better.
1:45:45 - Kirby morphs after landing in Fiery Bryyo and immediately falls into a pool of fuel gel. This kind of thing is the reason why I always walk forward a bit before morphing Tongue
1:49:00 - He leaves Ice Bryyo without getting the Tower energy tank or the ship missile expansion. This means later he's going to need to take a really big detour back here to get it. I know Kirby's mentioned not being able to get the early energy tank in Tower consistently enough to do it in a run. I'm hesitant to say whether it's actually that difficult, considering I haven't really played Corruption in years, but to be honest I don't remember it ever having much trouble with it, and I think the amount of time it saves makes it well worth however much effort it takes to learn the trick well enough to do it in a run.
1:49:26 - What happened here? He lands on the middle ledge, stands around for a few seconds, attempts to initialize another Screw Attack but fails, and falls all the way back down the shaft. Also, for the record it's faster to just keep Screw Attacking to the next wall instead of landing on that middle ledge.
1:55:10 - Some trouble jumping on the boxes.
1:55:40 - This early missile feels really sloppy... he takes a few seconds to get into position and lining up the camera correctly for the jump, which could have been done a lot more cleanly, then fails the SSJ three times before managing to get it.
2:05:10 - Some not-so-great luck with the seeker targets in this room... that's not really his fault though. Seekers love to just randomly not work properly in this game.
2:18:00 - Good Helios fight, but then again I would've been shocked if it was bad. Tongue
2:29:40 - Not bad on the early Scrapworks Ship Missile expansion. It took a few tries, but given that that tricky's essentially random as far as I know, it's cool he managed to get it that fast.
2:33:59 - So phases 1 and 2 of the Gandrayda fight went extremely well, but phase 3 went poorly. I'm not gonna hold it against him too much because this fight's a bitch to do optimally, but it does add more room for improvement.
2:37:50 - Another "lands then immediately rolls off a cliff" moment. I'm starting to think the walking forward before morphing thing is worth it just to make sure the camera stays straight; it makes it way easier to just keep moving straight forward and prevents mishaps like this from happening.
3:19:34 - Skyway sequence went nicely overall, aside from a little trouble getting an SSJ to work properly.
3:23:35 - Really good Pirate Commander fight! This fight normally takes a ton of luck, because the commander likes to warp all over the place, but Kirby got some good luck here - he didn't teleport and stayed still for Kirby to kill him quickly, then he was able to smoothly take out the rest with the Nova Beam.
3:25:50 - Omega Ridley went nice overall. No air missiles, but those are a bitch and don't really save any time anyway, so who cares.
3:47:55 - And here's the detour back to Ice Bryyo that would have been unnecessary with the early Tower energy tank. This takes a good -four minutes- in realtime. Accounting for cutscenes and the time it would have taken to pick up the tank earlier instead, and you still have a good 2-3 minutes lost from not doing that trick.
3:58:35 - lmao, Kirby finally manages to get some use out of all these ship missiles by bombing the shit out of the Phazon Hoppers on Norion.
4:23:49 - Basically all of Phaaze went pretty well! Main improvement would be to wallcrawl to skip some of the more time-consuming parts like the Phazon Hopper fight, but that might be a tad too risky to do four hours into a SS run. Tongue
4:28:00 - Really good final boss fights. Dark Samus went well, he actually got a very fast two-cycle fight against AU Phase 1, and AU Phase 2 went fine.

The final time of the run: 3:19

I'm kinda conflicted with what to say about this run. There were some parts of the run that were undoubtedly really good, with some fantastic luck. Unfortunately I also saw a lot of things that came off to me as really sloppy. Not getting the Tower e-tank early alone cost a ton of time, there were some significant mistakes scattered around, and in between there were a lot of minor things that didn't go very well and added up a lot (there were a lot of occasions where he had some issues pulling off an SSJ, all the movement errors made by morphing immediately after landing, the couple occasions where he started going the wrong way, etc). I got the impression there were a lot of parts he didn't really practice much outside of actual SS runs.

I think I'm ultimately going to say reject here, as much as I hate to say it, mostly because I really think Kirby could do better than this. My advice to you: take a break from grinding SS runs to grind out each section of the game individually, like a mini-segmented run. When you split up the game like that, it gets easier to focus on ways to optimize specific parts of the game, and you can more easily work out specific, consistent strategies for every room in the game. That would lead to tighter execution overall and higher consistency.

I really think you can take this down a few minutes at least, so I hope you go for it and submit another run soon. Good luck!

Also, I've asked Miles to change his script to "Kirby, go practice Tower".

Quote from Miles:
A/V: The interlacing issue has already been brought up, it seems fine aside from that.
No signs of cheating, and I think this was streamed so.

I know that Corruption absolutely sucks to run, and that this is really long... But I can't overlook the amount of mistakes:

- Lots of minor movement errors.
- A bunch of times where a trick was failed repeatedly/fell and lost a lot of time reclimbing a room/etc.
- Several instances where the runner didn't seem to be paying attention, and stood at an open door for a few seconds or went the wrong way.
- Seemed to be an overfocus on getting health drops at times, when they're almost never needed thanks to all the energy tanks and forced save station visits. (Maybe I'm overlooking a load for all of these times? I don't think I was...)
- As mentioned in the run comments, there's a few route improvements. The early Tower energy tank alone saves several minutes, and is nowhere near difficult enough to warrant leaving out.

This isn't to say that the run was all bad. Plenty of difficult tricks were pulled off quickly, and some of the boss fights were especially great.

Corruption, mainly SS, has not been optimized nearly to the extent of the first two Primes. Maybe I'm overly harsh, but I can't personally justify using this as an excuse to overlook the mistakes, so unfortunately I have to reject this. I hope the runner or someone else completes a more optimized run in the future.

A/V: Aside from the interlacing issue which the runner was notified of and is fixing, good.

Cheating: No signs of cheating.

Gameplay: Only a couple of major mistakes, but there are a bunch of minor mistakes. Its well within acceptable boundaries given the length of the run however. There is a long pause, but as the runner mentioned in his comments, it was due to an emergency.

There are tricks the runner opted out of, but as the runner explained in his commentary, they're difficult and its a long run.

There are a lot of really good parts (final bosses stand out).

As an aside, I do dislike the attitude of when something bad happens: "thats mp3 for you". Research really needs to be done into why spring balls get eaten, seekers miss so frequently, etc. But regardless this run is pretty good with current knowledge.

Final ingame time is 3:19.

Kirby, go practice a game without 50 years of load time.


Also if somebody could tell what hit Samus in Stairwell on Valhalla, I would like to know because it looks like she got hit by absolutely nothing. The camera was kinda being wonky up until she got hit.

Quote from Uilnslcoap:
It's close...really close.  There are some really high highs, but the lows are fairly common...I feel a little harsh, but I don't think it's quite good enough when it's all summed.  Too many little mistakes combined with a couple bigger ones (especially the one around the 1-hour mark).  Almost want to just let this on to give an example to future people who might be interested, but I just think the overall quality's a bit too low.

Decision: Reject

Reason: The verifiers overall didn't think the run was good enough to pass, and honestly that four minute pause is not really acceptable even if the game does use the game timer

This run will be available for a month. After that these link(s) will no longer work.
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About the few-minutes of home menu: Nate told me that I can crop it out in the final encode if it gets past verification.

I'm not entirely surprised about the reject since while there are definitely a lot of good parts to the run that will basically be impossible to compete with, there are a sizeable chunk of minor mistakes and optimizations I missed out on. While I can give the excuse of "it's metroid prime 3" and "it's a 4.5 hour run" (and to some degree, yeah it sucks), that excuse only holds up for so much. There's also quite a bit in parax's comments that I didn't know about so that's my fault for not really consulting him enough Tongue

Honestly I don't think I'm going to go back to this anymore, and I don't know anyone who would want to (besides possibly parax/mlstrm) (because screw mp3) so you won't be seeing an improvement from me anytime soon Tongue I hope someone beats it and submits it again though!  Then again, I loaded my mp3 disc yesterday so I can mess with a secret world...

On the plus side I won't have to re-encode this again without the home menu pause and with proper interlacing Grin

EDIT: I guess I submitted this because it was way way faster than my previous personal best, I wanted to be done with this game, and I felt that again, the really good parts of the run will be near impossible to compete with (for me at least). It can be improved, both route-wise and in terms of mistakes of course.
Sometimes rejection really surprised me. I actually see this run when Kirby did it his live attempt. I personally really liked this. I was definitely give it accept. This 5 minutes pauses not seems bad. Come on guys 4.5 hours lenght i think you need drink and visit in toilet couple times. Sometimes bad runs go for accepted and sometimes really good runs go towards reject like this.

Thats really sad.  Sad

Hope see if someone put more efforts with this and we will see even better run.

The pause was due to family calling, not due to "I had to take a piss" or something dumb like that.
The two verifiers that brought up the pause were the ones that accepted the run. >_>
To me the run was kinda like... Kirby knew where to go and what to do in a broad sense, like he knew the route and all the tricks he was supposed to do, but he didn't really know the small stuff in between. Like he wasn't well practiced on general navigation, didn't have any good strats figured out for the minor rooms in between the big stuff, didn't have good setups for some of the smaller tricks. It's basically what you would end up with if 100% of your practice is just from grinding out SS attempts. If he spent some time working on that and got everything down, he could EASILY beat what he submitted here.

(I don't actually know how Kirby practiced his run, but based on what I saw that's my guess. Sorry if I'm wrong :P)
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Quote from Paraxade:
To me the run was kinda like... Kirby knew where to go and what to do in a broad sense, like he knew the route and all the tricks he was supposed to do, but he didn't really know the small stuff in between. Like he wasn't well practiced on general navigation, didn't have any good strats figured out for the minor rooms in between the big stuff, didn't have good setups for some of the smaller tricks. It's basically what you would end up with if 100% of your practice is just from grinding out SS attempts. If he spent some time working on that and got everything down, he could EASILY beat what he submitted here.

(I don't actually know how Kirby practiced his run, but based on what I saw that's my guess. Sorry if I'm wrong :P)

You're right to some degree. I haven't practiced split segments repeatedly, but I have practiced specific tricks several times (like gandrayda, berserker lord skip, basically most of the SSJs, both major and minor) and also segmented lategame/cleanup (which was definitely one of the best overall segments of this run IIRC). The rest of my practice comes from just doing full runs. It shows as the minor mistakes primarily come from midgame (elysia and PH)

While I'm a little disappointed about the rejection (because honestly I was hoping there'd be a baseline mp3 100% run up Tongue ) it's also good in the sense that I've learned a lot (primarily from reading parax's comments) and am a bit more motivated to improve it more. However... it's metroid prime 3, so whenever that time comes, I have no idea Tongue I've been putting a lot more time into mp1+2 lately and would rather get decent times in those first. Of course, it'd be even better if someone went and beat this time Wink (hinthint parax+mlstrm)
A lot of the stuff I pointed out is in my segmented run Tongue Should probably give that another watch if you decide to take this run back up.
Quote from Paraxade:
A lot of the stuff I pointed out is in my segmented run Tongue Should probably give that another watch if you decide to take this run back up.

To be honest, it's been a while since I rewatched it Tongue But... watching prime 3... ughhhhhhhhhhh (to be fair, text explanations/hints help a lot in some cases ;P)

but yeah, I would like to improve this eventually but it's not an active project anymore. Probably after I get satisfactory times in mp1+2... (but even those are on hold since I've been having too much fun with sonic advance ;A;)