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SS low% run

Verifier Responses

Ah, Mega Man X3. I really do like this game and its strange quirks and I'm glad to see a new video submitted to the site. Let's get on with the run, shall we.

A/V is fine and the gameplay seems legit. X gains control at 0:43 and loses it at 45:21

Here are a few points of criticism and feedback of things that stood out for me;


Gets hit unintentionally as Zero, looks sloppy this early on


Shoots the Notor Banger while on a ladder which can be avoided if you do a ladder jump (is this the correct term? You walljump without grabbing the ladder at all which is slightly faster and makes you able to avoid the shots).


Vanquishing Hotareeca in 1 jump looks cool
There's a faster but slightly harder Seaforce quick kill that's roughly 2 seconds faster


Would have been benificial if he opened up with a regular buster shot against Bit.
Hell Crusher can be killed ~1.5 seconds faster with average mashing if you utilize the strategy mentioned by the runner


Smooth stage until them Crablasterz messed him up
Boss fight is not as good unfortunately. You should not be afraid to tank a hit and abuse the hit invincibility to be more aggressive as Catfish' attacks only deal 2 hit points of damage. 3 drills is optimal as far as real time goes but that's dependant on luck.



Kill the Tombort by the Hamma Hamma with Acid Burst or Spinning Blade
1 round Worm Seeker-R is tough but doable without the air dash
Bustering Tigerd is faster but he's prone to do his Ray Claw attack which obviously wastes time. However, it should still be faster to buster him for the first part of the fight and then switch to spinning blade once he's low enough to avoid the 'enrage' if you want a safe but faster strategy.


I really like this stage. The open area was dealt with nicely (an earth commander usually rams into you at least once here) and the elevator section was damn good.
Starting out the fight with a charged shot is slightly faster due to bosses having a longer invincibility after being hit by their weakness.


Perhaps you should look into a Shurikein strategy that takes less damage if you want to avoid costly health pickups during the stage
Instead of destroying the crates you could opt for destroying the two Helits with dash shots if you're having issues


Get hit by the lightning bolt at the top of the first ladder and you won't suffer from knockback
Oh wow, that small energy refill messed him up real bad which led to a really rough first section of the stage... ouch.



Buffailo: Should have finished with a Parasitic Bomb
Rhino: Should have done a charge shot after one of his invincibility moves
Catfish: Again, could have been more aggressive. Dash beneath him instead of walljumping over.
Tigerd: Buster then Spinning Blade

Defeating the Tombort with Frost Shield before Doppler would have granted him a small or big health pickup instead of grabbing the one to the left.

Can't comment on Dappler2 nor the Vile, Dappler & Sigma fights as I haven't fought them in low% myself.

Conclusion: This run is a whopping 3 minute improvement to the current ancient run up on the site which in itself should grant it an easy accept but I definitely feel that the runner could improve upon his strategies and execution if he let this run cook a little while longer. MMX speedrunning has gotten really contested as of late (although that rivarly quite hasn't reached low% X3 yet) and I'm not sure how well this run is gonna hold up when compared to other recent X runs. I really liked the tight walljumps in Beetle & Hornet's stages but parts such as Doppler1 just look really ugly. I would also like to see him incorporate ladder jumps into the run because they look sick nasty and save a noticeable amount of time throughout the game once you get 'em down. I'm accepting this run for now due to the massive improvement over the previous run but I could (and would love to) see a better result from the runner. Feel free to message me if you want feedback on your future attempts.

This is a pretty clean improvement of the old low% X3 run on the site.

There are some spots where the level of play has been greatly improved (like the elevator ascent in Gravity Beetle or the snail climb), but there are still a few hiccups in the run.  Doppler 1 had a few near misses in a row, probably because the runner's rhythm got thrown off, but it looked pretty rough.  Vile 1 was a bit slow because the runner was rushing some things.  Sigma 2 was also a little slow due to playing it safer than necessary, but when you're at the end of a good run its understandable.  I don't even know what to make of the Doppler fight, since I can't remember how this is supposed to go down in a low%.

That being said, I'm sure that this is beatable by about a minute or so, but that doesn't obfuscate the fact that this is a good run and a great improvement.  Maybe I'm a little jaded, since I just saw the X/X2/X3 300% multiplay TAS the other day, but whatever.  I hope that the runner returns to this to polish off a few small blemishes here and there, since the planning is really great, but I doubt anyone will be in a huge rush to take this record down.


I got a time of about 45:18 from the time text was skipped at the start to the time Zero kills the Sigma virus and talks about it.
Audio and video are synced well. Despite a few gameplay close calls (particularly in the first Doppler stage), overall performance was pretty well done.

I'll say Accept

Audio and video look fine and I don't see any evidence of cheating.

I honestly don't have too much to add to what the runner himself noted in his comments and what verifier #1 had to say.  This is a great run of a very difficult category, and should definitely be accepted.  There are a few really close calls and sloppy moments, but overall the execution is really solid.  The elevator skips in Beetle and Hornet stages in particular are very well done!  The runner himself noted a few strategies that he didn't use, and verifier #1 mentioned others (Rhino miniboss, Catfish, and Tiger fights need improvement), so there is definitely room for improvement.  This run is a step in the right direction, though.  Hopefully the runner has plans to improve this now that the pressure of finishing a run is off!  I'm looking forward to seeing some more action on this category in the future.


Since all the other verification texts are boring, I decided to spice things up and rate the run. Not on speed. Not on merit. But style. BE FLASHY, MEGA MAN ZERO. I mean X.

Intro: Dull. X can't dodge those big hands? Fail. D-.
Blizzard Buffalo: BEST. AI. EVER. However, X doesn't. F for style.
Toxic Seahorse: Not an uber amount of rapid fire freeze shot, but you kept him cool. C-.
Bit: Meh. Bit is only 1/8th the boss Byte is. D.
Tunnel Rhino: Tunnel Rhino, don't you know me? Tunnel Rhino.... Faces a charging bull, but otherwise very cowardise. D+.
Volt Catfish: Didn't even get an exciting pattern. But hey, almost completely bustering a boss is a bit more dramatic. C.
Crush Crawfish: X CHEATS! Exploiting a poor boss' invincibility period. B.
Byte: Big bosses seem to be stupid. Bit is obviously the brains, Byte is the brawn. D-.
Neon Tiger: I gave X extra credit for the stylish mini-boss exit and the one use of Tornado Fang to pass though an enemy. Mostly uneventful, but nice work on almost perfectly getting the boss right after the invincibility period ends. C+.
Gravity Beetle: Yep, gravity is still in play. Bosses stay on the ground. Bonus points for the elevator climb. C-.
Blast Hornet: Bonus points for a stylish mini-boss exit and for the elevator climb. Good work on most of the boss dodges. B-.
Godkarmachine O Inary: Stylish dodging. However, anti-bonus points for level cowardice. B-.
Vile, I mean MYSTERIOUSMAVERICK: Boring first half. Stylish dodging on the 2nd. Bonus points for shooting to the music in the long boring vertical climb. B.
Boss Refights: A few lost style points. Catfish gained a few. Average at best. C.
Dr. Doppler: Lost style points for the lasers pre-boss. Points for no damage, but not for timing (except the last hit). C-.
Sigma: Facing a fast pattern head on, no damage? STYLISH. A-.
Kaiser Sigma: Missed a couple of shots, took a couple points of damage, but DAMN THAT DODGING. STYLISH! A.

So glad to see you've got some style. Keep working on it, kid.

Accepted for being more stylish then Mike Uyama.

Quote from mikwuyma:
Hi this is Mike Uyama and I'm glad someone finally decided to improve my decrepit 2004 low% run. Back in 2004 the run was good, but by today's standards the run is really bad.

The other verifiers (and the runner) went over the run thoroughly, and I don't have much else to add. The run is really solid aside from Doppler 1 and incredibly safe Volt Catfish fights.

The Kaiser Sigma (final sigma) fight was really good especially considering how dumb the fight is. Everything Kaiser Sigma hits you with takes off half of your health or more, and you can just barely fit a fully charged shot to hit Kaiser Sigma. I'm pretty sure the runner's fight is faster than mine despite missing more shots than me (I missed 2, he missed 3) because he played more aggressively. I will say that the runner almost died at the very end. I'm pretty sure if that missile hit him, he would have died despite only having lost two health at that point because that's how dumb the fight is.

Anyway, accept this run because it's a solid 3 minute improvement over my ancient run! I really enjoyed watching all of the new strategies that were developed over the years finally put to use in a low% run.

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Austin 'Auchgard' Caldera!
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wow congrats austin.  I am so amazed at the courage it took to do X3 low%.  Good luck on your future projects
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Has this guy made any posts on the forums?
just( •_•)>⌐■-■ ..... (⌐■_■)wing it
I don't believe so.